The NeverEnding Battle
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Unpredictable Convictions
"It's like this Malcolm. I can't die, and even if you shoot me with that gun, I'll make your worst nightmares come to life." to make a point she turned into a smiling Alex holding a gun and then a bloodied Blaire with blank staring eyes. "I have psychometry. I have the ability to make nightmares or worst fears cometo life. If you're nice to me, I can make your dreams come true. Also, I can alter my appearance." She changed yet again into the face of Lindy. "do you get it now? I'll explain later when I get off my shift which ends in about 15 minutes. I'll bring you your lunch and then we'll talk later at Ashewood Manor." Blaire remained silent during the entire exchange. Then she nodded her head in agreement. "we'll meet you there. Do you need the address?" Lindy shook her head with a smile. She jerked her head towards Malcolm. "He told me everything I wanted and needed to know. "
7/5/2011 #181

Alex watched her go with a heavy feeling in his heart. Blaire's comment really got to her... not being human? So what? Angel wasn't human. Alex deliberated before hurrying after her to find her crying outside. He came up behind her. "What's wrong?"

7/5/2011 #182

"Hey!" Malcolm protested. "I never gave you permission to go find my secrets!" He wondered if she knew about his deepest secrets... his daughter? No, she couldn't know about his daughter. If she did... he couldn't let Blaire know.

7/5/2011 #183

Angel felt Alex come through the door and she immediately started wiping the tears off her face. "Nothing," she said with a blank expression. She noticed her self staring into the oblivion. She pin pointed the direction and found it was where the sky met with trees. It was unusually quiet and she hated it when places seemed abandoned.

7/5/2011 #184
Unpredictable Convictions
Kapira smiled as she walked away. What did Malcolm want to hide his daughter from Blaire? He seemed afraid of what she would think... But it was no matter. She brought back the food with not anoter food. Blaire seeing that Malcolm was pretty shaken up, patted his shoulder. "are you okay?"
7/5/2011 #185

Alex put his arm around her. "Do you remeber what we were doing before they interupted?" he asked softly, looking into her eyes.

7/5/2011 . Edited 7/5/2011 #186

"I'm fine." Malcolm took a deep breath to calm himself. For some reason, his nerves were jangly today. Maybe it was what had happened last night. He bit into a donut and looked up at Lindy. "Can you change into anyone?"

7/5/2011 #187
Hearing malcom's thoughts, Sophia also wondered why he did not want to tell blaire's about his daughter. She decided to keep this information to herself incase the time should come for her to use it against him.
7/5/2011 #188
Unpredictable Convictions
"Pretty much. And I really don't look like this. I cannalso create other faces for myself. In fact, if I wanted, I can change all of your appearances. But I choose not to. Now, if you excuse me, I have to finish my shift." she dropped the bill onto the table and walked away. Over her shoulder she called, "see you there."
7/5/2011 #189

((Just so you mind-readers know, Malcolm isn't married. And he's in a relationship (kinda) with Blaire. So do you now get why he doesn't want her to know?))

7/5/2011 #190

Malcolm watched her walk away with unease. He didn't like her powers, they scared him.

7/5/2011 #191
((ok that's what I thought))
7/5/2011 #192

(someone post, please?)

7/5/2011 #193

Angel turned her head around to find Alex's right there. "There are so many things you don't know about me," she said and pulled him in for a kiss.

7/5/2011 #194
Unpredictable Convictions

The three villains finished eating and paid the check. Blaire looked around, but didnt see Lindy anywhere. Blaire was slightly uneasy, malcolm seemed slightly afraid of the girl, and when Blaire tried to get a read on Lindy, she couldnt. It was like she was shielded from everything. She looked at malcolm. "I'm driving." ((Switch to VHQ))

7/5/2011 #195

Alex had to resist smiling, knowing that would disrupt the kiss. He wrapped his arms around her, thinking, Well, I guess this is offically a date now.

7/5/2011 #196

Angel read his mind, she just had to know what he was thinking and said, "You got that right." She wrapped her arms around his waist and held him closer. "Thanks for the comfort," and then started to go back in to gather up the group.

7/5/2011 . Edited 7/5/2011 #197

"Woah, wait." Alex held her back. "What do you mean, 'you got that right'?" She can't read minds, can she? he thought. Angel? Are you reading my mind? Hello?

7/5/2011 #198

"Of course not.." she said sarcastically. She laughed. "I hope this doesn't change your decision about me?" She asked in the most innocent voice.

7/5/2011 #199

He stared, then shook his head. "Of course not." He walked in with her and slipped his hand into hers. Not that it was that good now that they'd kissed twice, but it still was something.

((Should I display his thoughts more, if Angel reads his mind?))

7/6/2011 #200

(Umm i dnt care, u can if u want to)

They walked towards the group. Angel looked at the table that was once, but no more, occupied by the three villains. There was a look of relieve on her face.

7/6/2011 . Edited 7/6/2011 #201

Phew, they're gone, Alex thought. He smiled and said, "Where'd the evils go?"

7/6/2011 #202

"Back to their lair i suppose." Angel said with a laugh.

7/6/2011 #203

Thank god. Alex lead Angel back to their table. "So... what do you want to talk about?" His eyes twinkled mischeviously.

7/6/2011 #204

"About you. If you don't mind?" Angel said. Her eyes became greener and brighter in response to his. "What's your history Alex?"

7/6/2011 #205

Alex suddenly became serious. "I'm an alien robot from Mars." He said it so believably Angel no doubt would belive him. Then he burst out laughing. "Just kidding. I'm kind of a government experiment gone wrong. They made me in the hopes of making a super-soldier, but I escaped. I have a sister, too. Rachel. She's with Pearl right now. But why didn't you just read my mind and find out?"

7/6/2011 #206

"I don't like stealing information about your past. I like it when people tell me things because they trust me rather then not to trust me because i could get the information anyway. I have trained with the other Angels and conquered my power. I could read you only when i choose to." Angel thought. "Well at least you're away from that hell hole. I bet it hurt, figuring the kind of technology we have this generation. Sorry."

7/6/2011 #207

Alex rubbed his arm. "Hell yeah. Injections, work-outs, memorizing... Like a painful school, actually." He smiled slightly. "But they did this weird thing, so know a whole lot of random stuff. And I can use kung-fu and karate perfectly. And this." He pulled his sleeve back and flexed his muscle. It looked unreal, how large it was.

7/6/2011 #208
Just South of Sanity
About 15 minutes after the villains had left, Segno took out his cell phone and looked at it. He frowned, pretending he had received a text message. "I have to go," he said. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow." Knowing that there were mind readers among the group, Segno concentrated on the memory of his parents, so anyone hearing his thoughts would think they were still alive, waiting for him. It wasn't that hard; he wished with all his heart that they were still alive. He walked out of the coffee shop.
7/6/2011 #209
The Whistler watched him leave. "Still don' trus' tha' guy," he muttered. ((I'm thinking of killing off the Whistler. Objections?))
7/6/2011 #210
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