The NeverEnding Battle
This is the battle between good and evil. Choose your side and detroy your enemies! What will you accomplish?
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The basement of an old apartment building. It is the meeting place of a select few of villains who are intivted in. Who knows what they will plot next and on who?

5/22/2011 #1

Mr. Whiskers sat on Cornelious's lap, his good eye glancing at the newcomer before him. "So. What do you have to offer? Your resume is quuite promising, but what makes you puuurrrfect for our little orginization?" Mr. Whiskers spoke to the figure through Cornelious, eyeing him curiously.

5/22/2011 #2
Just South of Sanity

Segno watched the strange cat sitting on the other man's lap. It seemed to be focusing on him, watching his every move. "I have almost no restraints. I'll hurt almost anyone and do almost anything. My motives are my own, but let's just say I do not like heroes. And," he added,"I can do this." Making a slight motion with his hand, he made the shadows move, having them loom menacingly over the man and his cat before pushing them back to their regular places. He raised an eyebrow.

5/23/2011 #3

Mr. Whiskers was happy, but not surprised by the imense talent that the newbie showed him. He had potential. "You are hired. Welome to CATS. I am very pleased with you talents, they will be of great use and can get you far." He made Cornelious give one of his evil grins (though it wasn't nearly as good as his). "Thank you. Shall I show you to your new home and family?" He gestured to the concreate wall behind him.

5/26/2011 #4
Just South of Sanity

Segno's mouth twitched upwards into a tiny smile that somehow made him look even more sinister. "You won't be disapointed," he said. He nodded uncertainly at the question, wondering what Cornelious meant by gesturing at the solid wall of concrete.

5/27/2011 #5

"Excellent." Mr. Whiskers jumped off Cornelious's lap and onto his desk. He used his paw to push a small button on the desk. The concrete wall opened to reveal a large hallway. " You may preceed to CAT, they are expecting you."

5/27/2011 #6
Just South of Sanity

Segno felt a little uncertain, but he knew enough to hide it. He could not afford to show weakness, so he nodded to the man and his cat and walked slowly through the opening in the wall.

((Hey, by the way, do the other villains know Cornelius is controlled by Mr. Whiskers?))

5/29/2011 . Edited 5/31/2011 #7
Cornelious followed his new companion down the poorly lit hallway. He held Mr. Whiskers, who glanced at Segno with curiosity. He was already making out demonic plans in his head. They soon arrived at the end of the hallway. A large steel door stood in their way. Mr. Whiskers sent a thought which Cornelious spoke aloud. "well? First obstacle: use what ever you got to get through that door." Mr. Whiskers stared intrigued at what Segno would do.
5/29/2011 #8
Just South of Sanity

Segno closed his eyes. This part of his power was hard to do; he had to be completely calm. After a few moments, he seemed to melt until he was seemingly gone. In his place was a dark silhouette of a man, flat on the ground. The shadow lost no time in flowing under the door. On the other side, he turned back into a human, waiting for Cornelious and Mr. Whiskers.

5/31/2011 #9

Cornnlioos pshed a button on the wall and the door opened. He gave a little clap for Segno. "well done. that was impressive. Welcome to CAT." He motioned to the large lobby room ahead of them.

((We should probably switch to CAT Headquarters. Is that ok with you?))

6/1/2011 #10
Just South of Sanity
((Okay sounds good!))
6/1/2011 #11

((Cool meet me there.))

6/2/2011 #12
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