The NeverEnding Battle
This is the battle between good and evil. Choose your side and detroy your enemies! What will you accomplish?
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Dylan jumped down from seemingly nowhere. And fell flat on his face. "Ew..." He got up. "Hi Tiesa and friend."

9/30/2011 #1,441
Unpredictable Convictions

"Meet said mentally disturbed person, Dylan James."

9/30/2011 #1,442

Dylan looked at the girl. "You look like a firefly. Oh and hi."

9/30/2011 #1,443

"Ye--" Akyra started then let out a blood curling scream, flailing and almost falling off the bench as the random dude appeared out of thin air. Orbs of light exploded around the very easily scared girl as her scream echoed throughout the park.

9/30/2011 #1,444

Alex appeared. "Hello!"

9/30/2011 #1,445

Dylan looked at her panicked. He climbed into the mouth of a chameleon, hiding.

9/30/2011 #1,446
Unpredictable Convictions

Tiesa laughed and shoved Dylan out of the way. She held her hand out to Akyra. "I'm Tiesa Troen. You are?"

9/30/2011 #1,447

"Hi there," Alex said, extending his hand to the new man. "I'm Alex."

9/30/2011 #1,448
Unpredictable Convictions

((it's a chick))

Tiesa rolled her eyes. "Go to your girlfriend. Leave us alone and head back to base, you genetically modified butcher."

9/30/2011 #1,449

(Man? . . . .)

"Uh-Uh. Hi! I'm Akyra!" Her normally high pitched squeaky voice was even more high pitched and squeaky as she slowly shook someone's hand.

9/30/2011 #1,450

((Its a chick smarty))

Dyaln climbed out of the mouth. "Why did you scream at me?"

9/30/2011 #1,451

((You said 'dude'. So sorry.))

Alex shoved Tiesa a couple yards. Yes, yards.

9/30/2011 #1,452

((I get it. It's a chick. Okay?))

9/30/2011 #1,453
Unpredictable Convictions

Tiesa ran back and shoved him a few feet back. "Not all of us are jacked up liek you, Alex."

9/30/2011 #1,454

Alex laughed. "Yeah. I forgot you're a weakling. Sorry."

9/30/2011 #1,455

(*was referring to Dylan.)

"I'm sorry!" Akyra apologized, looking curiously at Dylan.(How tall is he?) "You just scared me is all."

9/30/2011 #1,456

"Wow now. Its nice to meet you." He held out his hand after wiping of the chameleon spittle.

((Decently tall.))

9/30/2011 . Edited 9/30/2011 #1,457
Unpredictable Convictions

Tiesa punched him gently in the jaw. "I wasn't made to become a super soldier. Just a super interrogator, you idiot."

9/30/2011 #1,458

Alex kicked her lightly (lightly for him, that is) in the ankle. "So?"

9/30/2011 #1,459

(How did he fit into a chameleons mouth???)

"Nice to meet you too!" Akyra smiled and shook his hand.

9/30/2011 #1,460
Unpredictable Convictions

Tiesa hissed in pain. "There's a point to it. I wasn't made to become insanely strong, fast, that kind of crap." She punched him in the stomach as hard as she could.

9/30/2011 #1,461

((He pretty much does as he pleases, in this case, very large chameleon.))

"Ignore them. I'll heal them later. Maybe after I fix this leg," He stared down unhappily at his still crooked leg. "Anyway. Wana come back to base?"

9/30/2011 #1,462
Unpredictable Convictions

"I have the key," Tiesa said.

9/30/2011 #1,463

Alex winced slightly. "Hm. Well, that was pretty good. A bit of practice and you might be sufficent."

9/30/2011 #1,464
Unpredictable Convictions

"It's not fair," she complained. "I'm not made for combat. I was made to prevent them from happening. Or to plan them out so they work out in our favor."

9/30/2011 #1,465

"I was designed to kill my enemies." Alex shrugged. "Together, we could stop combat and kill people!"

9/30/2011 #1,466

"Or I can kill you both now and shut you up." Dylan threatened. "Do you see what I have done to the clones?"

9/30/2011 #1,467
Unpredictable Convictions

"Kendell would kill you if you killed me," Tiesa countered Dylan's threat.

9/30/2011 #1,468

"And Angel would help if you killed me," Alex added.

9/30/2011 #1,469

"I'd kill my brother too. Be better off without that lousy pain in the..." Dylan grumbled.

9/30/2011 #1,470
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