The NeverEnding Battle
This is the battle between good and evil. Choose your side and detroy your enemies! What will you accomplish?
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Unpredictable Convictions
Kapira needs to know everyone's weaknesses and worst nightmares. It's part of her powers. So, please help out and post all the characters' worst nightmares and weaknesses.
7/13/2011 #1
Unpredictable Convictions
Blaire Ashewood: Losing her voice, Malcolm getting hurt or dying, and dying prematurely
7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #2
Unpredictable Convictions
Kapira Nightlock: She's fear and pain itself. The only fear she has is of tigers and she has no dreams or nightmares.
7/13/2011 #3
Malcolm: Mila dying and Blaire getting hurt.
7/13/2011 #4
Unpredictable Convictions
And The twins?
7/13/2011 #5

Oh, yeah. Mila dying, Blaire getting hurt, and the Twins triumphing

7/13/2011 #6
Unpredictable Convictions
NO!!! What arethe twins afraid of?
7/13/2011 #7

Ohhhhhhhhhh. Um, Malcolm killing them...?

7/13/2011 #8
Unpredictable Convictions
7/13/2011 #9

I don't know.

7/13/2011 #10
Unpredictable Convictions
Fascinating. You don't know your own characters.
7/13/2011 #11

Oh, shut up. I just don't want to say their fear because then Kapira will become QUEEN OF ALL THINGS EVIL AND HELL, and she'll kill them all iwth a swipe of her finger.

7/13/2011 #12
Unpredictable Convictions
Not true I can't kill without permission.
7/13/2011 #13

Point taken. Fine.

Alex: Rachel's death or her joining Malcolm.

Rachel: Alex's death or him joining Malcolm.

7/13/2011 #14
Unpredictable Convictions
Do they have the same thought process? But whatever. Thanks for sharing
7/13/2011 #15
Just South of Sanity

Phoebe, you have to remember though, Kapira won't know the heroes' weaknesses yet, as she hasn't touched them.

7/13/2011 #16
Unpredictable Convictions

I know. She has to touch them, but when she does, she ttends to use the, as soon as possible. so, please share

7/13/2011 #17

Hi Elise!

7/13/2011 #18
Unpredictable Convictions


7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #19
Just South of Sanity


And I'm still trying to decide on their fears. Segno doesn't really fear much; his loved ones are dead, he's emo so he doesn't fear death... I guess just reliving his parents' deaths or them being dissapointed in who he has become...

7/13/2011 #20
Unpredictable Convictions

okay. and Eve?

7/13/2011 #21

Oh, Malcolm has luposlipaphobia and Rachel has anatidaephobia.

((Luposilpaphobia: The fear of being pursued by timber wolves around a kitchen table whilst wearing socks on a newly waxed floor.

Anatidaephobia: The fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.))

7/13/2011 #22
Unpredictable Convictions

fascinating. kapira definitely doesn't have hadephobia hahah it's the fear of hell

7/13/2011 #23

Maybe ouranophobia, fear of Heaven. Or Zeusophobia, fear of God or gods.

7/13/2011 #24
Unpredictable Convictions

nah she really is only scared of tigers but whatever

7/13/2011 #25
Just South of Sanity

So Eve can make Malcolm, Rachel, AND Kapira's fears come true... *grins evily* Good to know.

Eve, I guess, is afraid of losing her family, especially her little brother because he is too young to die.

7/13/2011 #26
Unpredictable Convictions

understood. hey do you mind having segno say something at the hq? and i reccommend that you read up.

7/13/2011 #27


7/13/2011 #28
Unpredictable Convictions

what is that?

7/13/2011 #29
Just South of Sanity

BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! I already read, I'm just not sure what to say. And I don't know how much Segno likes Kapira. I mean, she doesn't like kids? That's like the complete opposite of him. Also, I think she's a little too mood-swingish. You should try to make at least SOME parts of her personality constant. Just a suggestion.

7/13/2011 #30
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