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This is the battle between good and evil. Choose your side and detroy your enemies! What will you accomplish?
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(Please read up on the forum's newspaper before continuing...or you may become confused....)

Dear fellow rebellions,

Are you sick of hearing of this LAKE and how they always seem like they have the upper hand?

Then join us! It is simple. All we ask is for your suport in the fight against LAKE. Actual battling is not required but is highly recomended.

But, before you sign this, note it isn't binding like LAKE's is. There is no pressure with leaving us, it is just frowned upon. You won't end up being framed for a major bank robbery or end up in a high security prison like our co-leader, Elise, when she left them.

Also, since this orginization is about benifiting the people, we have decided to make it a democracy. There is currently no name for this other than "The Rebellion". After signing, You will recieve a PM (Private Message). You may then vote upon or nominate a name of your liking.

Join today in the fight against LAKE!!

~Two Galapagian allies

8/5/2011 #1
Unpredictable Convictions
Phoebe ***

Pen name: sohotout

8/5/2011 #2

Chloe ***

Pen name: Hunter Armstrong

8/5/2011 #3

Krista ***

Pen name: Doopp

8/5/2011 #4
Just South of Sanity

Pen name: Elise755

8/5/2011 #5
Unpredictable Convictions
8/5/2011 . Edited 8/5/2011 #6
Just South of Sanity

I didn't get my PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/5/2011 #7
Unpredictable Convictions
Shes not on right now.
8/5/2011 #8
Just South of Sanity

I know that!!!!!

8/5/2011 #9
Unpredictable Convictions
8/5/2011 #10


Pen name: Greenie123

8/5/2011 #11

This is where we are having our argument. (yes I am on my old account). Any opinions we need to get straightened out? Seriously Jake?

12/23/2011 #12
Okay, what do I change?
12/23/2011 #13

Okay. And this goes for everyone. We need to have limits. That was pretty cheap with healing thing. I like James, he is dynamic and interesting, but you are making him way too powerful. I thing I am going to limit the shapeshifter powers for everyone. And healing powers.

12/23/2011 #14
Just South of Sanity
Good times...
12/23/2011 #15
So what ARE the limits?
12/23/2011 #16
Unpredictable Convictions

how about, if your charrie is a shifter, then they can shift into only animals or something specific. I mean, human-to-dust speck-to-elephant is a little extreme

12/23/2011 #17
I thought that was funny. And yes. There will need to be a limit. Any suggestions.
12/23/2011 #18
Unpredictable Convictions

HOw about an example.

If you're a shifter, you can shift from human, to wolf, to tiger... get my drift? all the animals are roughly the same size

12/23/2011 #19

Well, then they couldn't become human, could they? Tigers aren't human-shaped.

12/23/2011 #20
Unpredictable Convictions

i meant... whatever

12/23/2011 #21
Phoebe, I just checked back. I didn't see anything wrong other then what we had established earlier. WHERE did this editing occur?
12/23/2011 #22
Unpredictable Convictions
Meant in the RP but fuhgeddaboutit
12/23/2011 #23

Really, Phoebe? Is it that much effort to actually spell correctly?

12/23/2011 #24
Unpredictable Convictions
I felt like writing it like that. On. Purpose.
12/23/2011 #25


12/23/2011 #26
Unpredictable Convictions
Don't you know those gangsters? "Fuggehddaboutit..."
12/23/2011 #27
Just South of Sanity
I'm a gangsta! And a ninja! And THE weasel! And Michael Jackson!
12/23/2011 #28

Yeah, but doing it online is just annoying.

12/23/2011 #29
Unpredictable Convictions
You're just mad because you can't make James invincible.
12/23/2011 #30
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