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Are you brave enough to become a pirate, and face the dangers that come with the crime of piracy? Or are you willing to make sacrifices for the great fortunes that lie ahead?
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Here are a list of general rules to help keep this RP under control:

1. Swearing is allowed; this is a pirate forum after all! Just try to keep it under control.

2. No killing or fataly harming other characters without their RPers permission.

3. No sexual content; if it comes to a scene like that just skip over it.

4. No time-skipping unless over a sexual scene. Don't go around acting like it's morning when it's still night.

5. If one of your characters dies, they can come back if the proper magic is performed. The magic must be performed by a dark magician or voodoo priest/priestess.

6. No making a god or goddess character.

7. Your characters could be pirates, Navy officers, landlubbers...

8. You characters can practice voodoo and dark magic if you like.

9. Your characters may join the crew of a ship if another RPer is the captain. Just make sure that there aren't too many people on one ship (like fifteen gunners or something). You may also make up your own ship but keep the number of ships under control and equal to the number of characters (like there are five pirate characters and three Navy characters; around 2 pirates ships and 1 Navy ship).

10. For each crew, there can only be one captain, one first mate/quartermaster, one boatswain, around eight gunners, five cabin boys, one pilot/navigator, one carpenter, one surgeon, and one cook. There can also be a few exceptions to crew members, like musicians and such.

11. Pirate lore is real in this RP, meaning that things like the kraken, mermaids, sirens, the Fountain of Youth, and sea serpents are real.

12. You characters can be mermaids, sirens, stuff that has to do with pirate lore. Not stuff like werewolves, zombies, vampires...

13. If you want to, your characters can set out for the Fountain of Youth or the End of the World. But they have to actually search; they can't just appear there.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me in the Chat topic or PM me.

That's just about it :)

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