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This is where you go to create the character you'll be RPing with.

Name: First name and last, please, unless they are a mythological creature such as a mermaid or siren.

Nicknames: Are there any names people have given them based on their reputation, or something to call them for short?

Status: Are they a captain, first mate, quartermaster, gypsy, mermaid...?

Ship: What ship do they sail on, or do they even sail on one?

Gender: Are they male or female?

Age: Between newborn and 90, please.

Appearance: What do they look like physically?

Clothing: What clothes are they wearing?

History: Where were they born, what was their childhood like, how did they end up where they are now?

Personality: Are they mean, nice, strict, aggresive...?

Fears: What are they most scared of?

Other: Anything you'd like to add?

5/18/2011 . Edited 7/16/2011 #1

Name: Zachary Roberts

Nicknames: Shredding Smile

Status: Captain

Ship: Sloop. The Bloody Bark.

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Appearance: six feet tall, he keeps his hair in a nice clean short cut, hazel eyes with a scar just over his left, he's physically fit and a bit muscular

Clothing: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://mrpearsons.schools.officelive.com/images/whyduh%2520crew%2520painting.jpg&imgrefurl=http://mrpearsons.schools.officelive.com/PiratesoftheSpanishMain.aspx&usg=__l00RucV4JNu1lldafB47DMSi9Q0=&h=411&w=531&sz=38&hl=en&start=0&sig2=obL11s55YzzQmpVxxysXyw&zoom=1&tbnid=KjB0OiSZW7AgIM:&tbnh=162&tbnw=196&ei=ZqvdTcHLG8O_tgeJ2pmHCg&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dreal%2Bpirates%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1280%26bih%3D699%26gbv%3D2%26tbm%3Disch&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=260&vpy=299&dur=458&hovh=197&hovw=255&tx=144&ty=84&page=1&ndsp=17&ved=1t:429,r:6,s:0&biw=1280&bih=699 The one in red.

History: He was born in Wales, and set off for Jamaica when he was old enough. Once there he was brought aboard a ship. After a series of bad events, he took over the boat with a mutiny, killing half the crew in the process. The ones who tried to jump off the boat were caught and Keelhauled. The survivors of his raids noted that he would kill his victims by ripping them apart with a sword that rips instead of slashes, with a never ending smile.

Personality: He's one of the nicest captains that his crew has had. When it comes down to business he's the most frightening creature to sail the seas. He's also helps out his crew when they are having hard times, during the voyage.

Fears: Being hanged, not having a child before he dies.

5/25/2011 #2
Approved :) Just wait until all the topics are up before RPing.
5/25/2011 #3

Ok, and thanks.

5/26/2011 #4

You still here? Or vacation?

6/16/2011 #5

Name:Mary-Ann Elizabeth Reed

Nicknames:Ann, Mary, Red Anny

Status:Captain (she's hardly with a crew and sometimes tags along with others)

Ship: No real ship; she claims to be captain of numerous ships like the Repulse and The Black Rose.



Appearance:She has dirty blonde hair, sharp green eyes, and tan skin. There's a small braid on the right side of her face full of beads and jewels. On the bottom of her left forearm there's a red bleeding heart tattoo with a sword stabbed into it, and a snake tattoo along the top of her back.

Clothing:Mary-Ann wears a white blouse with slouched shoulders, a red leather vest with brass buttons, a thick black belt with a gold buckle, tight brown pants, tall black boots, and she sometimes wears a black three-horned hat and long black coat.

History: She was born in Ireland to a minister's family and was raised in Catholicism. Her parents always her to be good, obey people older than her, and always pray to God, but she was always a free spirit and very boyish. Mary-Ann begged to be free of her "restricting parents", and finally found her way out when she stole something from her neighbour and found it exciting and thrilling. She then went into piracy, telling her parents she was going to Jamaica to find a husband when she was eighteen. Mary-Ann stayed in Port Royal for two years before she finally found a ship that would take her. She sailed with them for a year before they were attacked by Navy soldiers, but she managed to escape to Tortuga. There, she claims she became the captain of the Repulse and later The Black Rose.

Personality:Mary-Ann is very eccentric and pompous, thinking she's invincible at times. She acts like she's drunk sometimes and takes much pride in everything she does, and likes to make up stories of her life.

Fears:She only really fears dark magic.

7/5/2011 #6

Name: Elka Meav

Nicknames: Depends on who is calling her, but more stereotypical names such as Gypsy, or witch. She's more commonly referred to as the 'moon-witch'

Status: Musician, Witch

Ship: Not on a ship quite yet

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: Stands at about 5'5'' and is fairly slim. Her skin is an olive colour. Her hair is dark brown and curly, reaches just past her shoulders. A bandanna is usually in it, keeping it back and out of her face. Her eyes are also a dark brown. She also has on her right brest, a moon tattoo/marking.

Clothing: She wears a loose white blouse with a dirty, deep orange corset-like garment overtop a red skirt. The red skirt goes to a little bit above her ankles, a light brown underskirt underneath it. She wears gold hoop earrings, as well as silver and gold necklaces with small charms, as well as bracelets of the like. She doesn't wear shoes, and her clothes are fairly light. She has a red scarf usually wrapped around her waist, but also wrapped around her arms or sometimes used to cover her face. However, she will sometimes change her clothes.

History: Elka was born into a family and society of gypsies in France. However, these gypsies were accused of something else besides the thievery and cons they had been known for for so long. They were accused of Witchcraft. A few gypsies were given markings of certain symbols on them (Elka included) that when seen, those Gypsies were thought to be witches. Oddly, the markings are part of a charm. For a while, there were about 200-300 Gypsies with those markings. However, raids soon started and Gypsies were killed, often burned, and the number got to as low as less than one hundred. A new rumour started about the blood of the gypsies with those markings, and those with the markings that were caught were often killed for their blood.

When Elka was ten, a sickness hit her group of Gypsies killing many. Her mother also became ill. Those who were sick but hadn't yet died were sent to another group of Gypsies. The raids and illness coming together put great stress the the society. That's where John Frollo came in.

Despite being kind-hearted for the most part, Elka is by no means a saint. She doesn't care much for simple means of conning, but she does practice different forms of fortune tellings and magic. She went to Tortuga with a few others and Frollo, having to work as a harlot on some occasions. Those things she hated, selling her body to men she barely even knew, if that. She also shows to practice heavy-magic, most consider it 'dark' or 'evil'. She says it's simply magic, and people see it as what they want to see it as.

Personality: Elka is something, that's for sure. While generally showing to be an accepting, kind-hearted woman, she doesn't hesitate to have to act as one would expect a witch; devious and frightening. While very superstitious, she has different beliefs than those of an everyday sailor, pirate, or citizen. When confronted on her stereotype as a witch or gypsy, she will admit to them easily, and usually with a mocking smile on her face. There are times when she shows a more animalistic personality, and also a childish one. Some assume this is perhaps due to a lost childhood from all the raids and fires, or something more recent went to her head. At other time, however, Elka shows to be quite calm, taking mostly everything in stride. This makes some wonder if she puts on an act or not

Despite her changing personality, Elka does show to be loyal. She joins the pirate crew without hesitation, thinking in her mind, "I'd rather serve under a brutal captain than under a bloody tyrant." By tyrant, she means frollo. She also shows to have a deep respect for mermaids, understanding where they come from on killing humans due to having those hate her for her own status

As a female gypsy and magician, she knows quite well how to use her femenity to her advantage. She's willing to go to great lengths tp seduce men into submission if needed. She shows not to be fond of doing so when on orders, but will if it helps her in a way. From this, some superstitous folk claim her to be like a mermaid or a siren, enchanting men.

Fears: A true witch's burning, priests, true evil magic, demons

7/5/2011 . Edited 7/21/2011 #7

Approved! :)

7/5/2011 #8

Thanks! How many characters are allowed? I'm thinking of adding a few more males if I may. Also, how would you like to get this started?

7/5/2011 #9

You can have as many characters as you want, as long as you can control them. :) Start anywhere; land or water, and however you like.

7/5/2011 #10

Cool! I'm gonna go ahead and post in Tortuga, than add some more :)

7/5/2011 #11

Name: John Frollo

Nicknames: Gypsy King, (To some Gypsies) Father FLint

Status: He is a leader of a small group of Gypsy's

Ship: None, hijacks whatever he can

Gender: Male

Age: 57

Appearance: Stands at about 6'2'', and has fairly lean muscle. His skin is a very dark tan, his eyes almost black. He often wears a cruel grin or scowl.

Clothing: Depends on where he is. He most often wears a black shirt, loose black pants, a black tophat and black mask, and white gloves.

History: He changes up his story quite a bit, and it's unknown if even he remembers it. However, he stumbled across a group of gypsies having a hard time survivng, being killed off by soldiers. He quickly took lead, teaching them to steal and survive.

Personality: Like his stories and his clothes, his personality also changes often. To the Gypsies, he can be very kind or very harsh. He seems to be quite persuasive with words, able to trick almost anybody into doing what he wants. However, he shows to be very malicious and sadistic, loving nothing more than to torture and kill

Fears: The Gallows (Though he'd never admit it), curses


Name: Thomas Bane

Nicknames:Admiral, Commodore, Sir, Tom, Tommy-boy

Status: Rear Admiral (Commodore 1st Class)

Ship: The Abyss

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Appearance: Stands at about 6'4'', and has pasty skin. His hair is blond, but he wears a white wig. His eyes are hazel. He has a tough, cold expression.

Clothing: Usually wears a nice black or blue jacket and pants. Often wears white gloves and carries around fancy trinkets or accessories.

History: Thomas was born as the only son to a high-class noble family filled with navy men and King's soldiers. He grew up like many other wealthy boys. When he was old enough, he joined the navy and quickly worked his way up to Rear Admiral.

Personality: Are they mean, nice, strict, aggresive...?

Fears: What are they most scared of?


Name: Edgar Harvey

Nicknames: Ed, Eddie, Captain, Old Man Harvey

Status: He had once been the Lord and Chief of the Royal Navy, but retired a few years after

Ship: Once sailed on thePegasus, a navy ship named after the mythical winged horse.

Gender: Male

Age: 69

Appearance: He stands at about 6'2'', but is more often than not hunched over. He's wrinkled, and has a gentle appearance. He has a bit of a belly. He's not obese, though. His hair is greying, and he keeps his face shaven, save a small, rugged beard. His hair is greying, but he prefers not to wear a white wig. His back hair is tied back, reaching just past his neck. He has fading blue eyes, and light skin.

Clothing: He usually wears a white shirt and vest on his top, only wearing a suit jacket when cold. He wears a pair of nice brown trousers held with suspenders, and uses a walking stick. He wears round reading glasses at times, as has a pocket watch he always carries around. Occasionally he will wear gloves and a top hat.

History: Edgar was born to an already wealthy and noble family. His family had always been quite involved with the trading in countries around the world, mostly through items of wealth and rich quality. He was given high education when he was young. However, unlike much of his family, when he reached his mid-teens, he learned to take nothing for granted.

He had become close friends with a poor working boy, who's brother died in a chimney when cleaning it out. Shocked, he helped his friend through the grief. He and and the working boy soon went to join the navy. Both reached fairly high ranks, his friend serving just under him as his right hand man.

Edgar soon married and had two sons and one daughter. His daughter married and had to move to another country, and his first son died in war. That was when Edgar decided to retire, having already made a good name for his family in the navy. His second son has started collage, and is fond of working with swords and weaponry.

Personality: Edgar is a very kind, gentle old man. Despite being part of war, he was never fond of battle. He often claims that he wanted to become a writer or a "well known-children's poet". He shows a very paternal nature to children and teens, especially those of the working class.

Despite his high status, he is shown to be very laid back, even a bit lazy at times. He thinks there is nothing wrong with selfishness, as long as you don't hurt somebody else in the process who needed not be hurt. He doesn't care much for appearance, and because of his family's name, he is able to get away with his laid-back, uncaring for outwards appearance nature.

Fears: Poison, curses, black magic, corruption

(Not yet finished)

7/5/2011 . Edited 7/8/2011 #12

Edgar is approved, since everything for him is filled out. :)

I'll look at the other two once you're finished.

7/5/2011 #13

Name:Willoughby Culverton


Status:Stowaway; thief

Ship:He sails on whatever ships he can get himself on.



Appearance:He has light brown hair and deep brown eyes. Will's face is very grubby and unshaven. He's also very tall.

Clothing:A tattered loose white shirt and dirty brown pants with the bottoms tucked into tall black boots that are full of holes, and a faded orange sash tied around his waist. Will stores a pistol in the sash, and every now and then a cutlass.

History:He was born into a poor sailor's family in England, and when he was 15 stowed away on a ship to Jamaica. He's been making a living of thievery ever since, stealing onboard ships and traveling across the Caribbean. Will hopes to join a pirate crew one day and keeps trying to find his way to Tortuga or Port Royal.

Personality:Will is generally nice, but he has a sharp tongue and can twist words easily. He's also very cocky and tries to make his sentences confusing.

Fears: Being caught and hanged or thrown in jail.

7/5/2011 #14

Name:Terrence Sheppard

Nicknames:Black Heart


Ship: Repulse



Appearance:Terrence has shoulder length black hair pulled into a pony tail, and dark brown eyes. He's around 6'3".

Clothing:A loose white shirt with a long black coat overtop, a brown belt with a gold buckle, slightly tattered pants with the ends tucked into tall black boots, a black bandana tied around his head, and a brown leather captain's hat. He has two pistols on his belt, as well as a cutlass. Other pistols might be hidden.

History: He was born in a small town in England, and ran away when he was sixteen. He joined a pirate ship and served as a gunner on it until he was twenty-one, when the ship sank in a storm. Somehow surviving the storm, Terrence went to Tortuga and came into possesion of the ship The Swift Rescue. He sailed on it for a while when a mutiny occured and he wasmarooned on a small island. After signaling to a passing ship, he was taken aboard. The ship happened to be a Navy ship, and Terrence was thrown in jail. His old first mate, Louis Kingsley, who was always loyal to him, came to his rescue and helped him out of jail. A few months later they found a ship called the Repulse. A dockworker said its crew had been captured by the Navy, but one person managed to escape the Navy and sail the ship back to shore, but fled as soon as it was tethered. Terrence and Louis bought the Repulse, and quickly gathered a crew for it.

Personality:Terrence is ruthless to his victims, and is known never to give anyone anyone mercy. He is cruel-hearted and has a terrible temper. But once he gets drunk enough, Terrence is humourous and kind.

Fears: Being caught in a storm and sinking, and being mutinied against again.


Name:Louis Kingsley

Nicknames:The Murder's Aid

Status:First Mate

Ship: Repulse



Appearance:Louis has thin mouse brown hair that goes to the back of his neck and dark green eyes. He has a gentle smile, but it is rarely seen. He's around 5'6". There's a small beard on his chin.

Clothing: A dirty and tattered short-sleeved white shirt with an open brown vest overtop, raggy tan pants that reach just above his brown boots. He has a belt around his waist carrying a pistol and cutlass.

History: Louis was born in England, and sailed with his father until he was twenty when they were attacked by pirates. Deciding to join them rather than die, he became a gunner for the crew. After the captain was killed, Louis returned to Tortuga and ran into a man there, Terrence Sheppard, who was looking for a crew. Louis quickly became first mate and sailed with Terrence until a mutiny arose and Sheppard was marooned on an island. After hearing his old captain was in jail at a tavern in Port Royal, Louis went to his aid and they found another ship, the Repulse, and Louis became First Mate yet again.

Personality:Despite his position, Louis is rather laid back and calm. He doesn't dress like a First Mate, and certainly doesn't act like one sometimes. He's an alcoholic and always curses profoundly, but Terrence still trusts him and holds him as First Mate.

Fears:Dying at cutlass point or from the shot of a pistol.

((Anyone can join the crew of the Repulse if they want, but as you can see, the positions of captain and First Mate are taken. All other positions are open, though. :) ))

7/8/2011 #15

John Frollo is approved! :)

7/9/2011 #16

Name:Elizabeth Gallagher

Nicknames: Liz

Status: Daughter of the surgeon.

Ship: Repulse

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: She has flowing copper red hair and olive green eyes. She has a couple of freckles and a curvy figure.

Clothing:She usually wears comfortable clothes like a simple dress. But most oftenly, when she helps her father manage the injured on the ship, she wears pants and a plain dark shirt.

History:Elizabeth, despite being a captain's daughter, is quite refined. She was born in London and was sent under the care of a close relative after her mother died of childbirth. After being sent to finishing school, she decided to join her ailing father in the ship he works in. She wasn't very close to her father, but she was quite close with her brother, Harold, since they grew up together.

Personality:She is a nice person. She's shy and usually keeps to herself, but once you get to know her, she gets to talk a lot. She's a very caring person.

Fears:Death and Seagulls.

(Can I make another character after this? :D)

7/11/2011 . Edited 7/12/2011 #17

There are two pirate ships available, the Repulse and the Bloody Bark, though the person who RPs the captain of the Bloody Bark hasn't said yet whether he's going to allow people to join its crew.

Also, both captains of the ships are too young to have a 19-year-old daughter (they would have 6 and 8 when she was born). So, she can't be the daughter of a captain since I'm not going to be accepting any more pirate ships for the time being; there are too many positions that need to be filled for each.

If you like, she can be the daughter of a surgeon or carpenter or boatswain or another position on the ship (other than captain and first mate, as those are taken). But you would have to make her daughter as well.

But if you really want her to be a captain's daughter, she could be the daughter of a Navy captain. We only have one Navy character so far, and he's retired, so you could make a Navy ship captain and she could be his daughter.

Sorry for the inconvieniance. :(

Oh, and you can make as many characters as you like as long as you can control them.

7/11/2011 #18

Name:Ajdab Zeroni

Nicknames:Zeroni, the Zombie


Ship:The Repulse



Appearance:Long black hair that is usually pulled back. He stands at 5'9'', but if fairly muscular.He has many scars all over his body, the most on his back from wippings of the old ship he served on. His skin is fairly dark. He also has many tribal tattoo's on his body, and many peircings

Clothing:He wears long brown pants that have red blood stains. Around his shoulder to his waist is a few chains, and he wears a ribbed brown vest. He also wears black boots.

History:Zeroni was born to African slaves, and as such, was sold as a young boy. He was rarely treated with kindness, and when he was, paid little mind of it and even took it for granted. When he turned 18, he was sold to a Navy Captain. Life on the ship was brutal, and he was often beaten. He was taught to hate many, and the teachings stuck with him. When he was 20, he escaped the Navy and fled to Tortuga, where he soon joined the Repulse.

Personality:A very cold, mean man, Zeroni is one of those guys you either have to prove you are better than him, or deal with his torture. The only way to gain his respect is out of fear. He's fairly sexist, believing the only place for a woman is in a man's house cooking and birthing children -preferably male children-. He's fairly fond of torture, and has been allowed, in the past, to torture captives for information. He shows a strong dislike towards Gypsies for their voodoo, pagan ways.

Fears:Black magic, voodoo, Davy Jones Locker, his Captain, -secretly- losing his arms (For fear he would no longer be able to protect himself or torture/kill others)

7/11/2011 #19

Approved! :)

Wow... He's going to despise Elka. Not just hate, but despise.

7/11/2011 #20
Thomas Bane is approved. :)

Hm, I'm going to have tondo some editing tomorrow. :P

7/11/2011 #21

Oh, well in that case, I'll make her the daughter of the surgeon of the ship. :)

I'll just edit her profile. :D

7/12/2011 #22

Ok, she's approved! :)

Do you want to make the surgeon yourself?

7/12/2011 #23

Name:Aloysius Morgan


Status:Innkeeper at the Barmaid's Inn




Appearance:She has a wrinkled face and dull, greying bron hair tied up in a sloppy bun. Her eyes are dark brown and she's missing a few teeth. Aloysius is also very short and plump.

Clothing:She's wearing an old white cap over her hair, a grey striped dress with a dirty apron over top and sleeves that go to her elbows.

History:Aloysius was born in Jamaica to a poor tavern owner and his wife. She was the youngest of eight children, and the only girl. When she was seventeen she got married to Benjamin Morgan, a pirate. Aloysius sailed with Benjamin until she got pregnant when she was 21. The couple then moved to Tortuga and opened up the Barmaid's Inn. The Morgans went on to have five children, all whom have since left home. A few years ago Benjamin got into an accident and gained a limp in his leg. Despite this, the couple has been looking after the Inn for years.

Personality:She's a very sawcy and vicious woman, with a terrible temper. Aloysius is always complaining about how rowdy the men that stay at the inn are, but she gets her work done fast and neatly.

Fears:The Inn burning down.


Name:Benjamin Morgan

Nicknames:Ben, Benjy, Benny, Morgan

Status: Innkeeper at the Barmaid's Inn, former gunner on the pirate ship Sally-Ann.

Ship: He used to sail on the Sally-Ann.



Appearance:He has gray hair and small black eyes. His face is scarred and battle-worn, and he walks with a limp.

Clothing:Benjamin wears a greyish-white long sleeved shirt, brown pants, black shoes, and tall white socks. He often carries around a wooden cane.

History: He was born to merchants in Caribbean, but, not wanting to be a merchant, he ran away from home and joined a pirate crew when he was 15. He sailed as a gunner on the Sally-Ann. When Benjamin was 20 he got married to a woman named Aloysius, and she sailed on the Sally-Ann with him until, when Ben was 24, Aloysius got pregnant with their first child. Benjamin left the crew of the Sally-Ann and the couple moved to Tortuga, where they opened up the Barmaid's Inn. They had four more children, all of whom have now moved away. Ben learned that the Sally-Ann had sunk in a storm from an old crewmate of his that was stopping in Tortuga to find a new ship.

That same day, he got pulled into the middle of a fight and his right knee was shattered, leaving him with a limp the rest of his life.

Personality:He's a happy person, who cares about those who are close to him. But, like his wife, he was a horrible temper and is almost always yelling at someone for something they did.


7/12/2011 #24

Name:Jeremy Gould


Status:Crew Member, Gunner

Ship:The Repulse



Appearance:One of the shorter men, he stands only at about 5'6''. However, he makes up for his height in bulk. He has dirty blond hair that reaches his chin and dark blue eyes. His skin is slightly tanned, and often burnt. He has a long jagged scar along his right arm.

Clothing:He wears brown breechers and a white shirt. Over his shirt is a brown vest. He wears black boots as well. He wears a belt that holds a pistol on each side, and a sword on his left.

History:Jeremy was born to a barmaid who had a one-night affair with a sailor. He was raised in Tortuga, which quickly taught him to fight and shoot. He had a fairly good relationship with his mother, and grew up fairly good for a child of low-class and poverty. When he turned 17, he joined his first pirate ship. He kept switching ships when things happened or went wrong. He soon joined the Repulse as part of the crew, but not a high status.

Personality:He's a fairly polite man, taking joy in the simple things of life. Though an eccelent fighter, he prefers dueling for fun and games more than actual life-or-death. He's fairly laid back and doesn't often argue with others.

Fears:Something happening to his mother, meeting his father


Name:Wesley Watson


Status:Crewman, navigator




Appearance:Tall and lanky, he has straggily light brown hair that reaches half-way past his ears and just over his eyes. He has one hazel eye, and his other eye was lost in a shipwreck. He has tan, oily skin and rotten teeth.

Clothing:He wears a loose, greying, button shirt and brown breachers. He has one pistol on hid left side, a sword on his right.

History:Wesley doesn't talk much on his past. It is assumed he was a sailor before joining the pirate crew. There had been a bad wreck during a storm, destroying his ship.

Personality:He's probably one of the most superstitious men on the ship, but is a fairly kind man. He's a bit paranoid, and from that, will avoid certain things -unles on orders from Louis or Kingsley)

Fears:Most superstitions

7/12/2011 #25

Both approved! :)

7/12/2011 #26

Name: Becky Matter

Nickname: Black Becky

Status: Captain

Ship: Calypso's Star

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Appearance: 6'5", an intimidating height. She is skinny, but has a strong build. Becky has long luxurious raven black hair that reaches the middle of her back. Her eyes are a light grey color. She has pale skin, despite all the time she spends under the sun. Becky has a beautiful face, but it is pockmarked with scars from various fights.

Clothing: Becky wears a quilted jacket with black satin lining, a midnight colored paisley printed vest, off-the-shoulder shirt with ruffle trim, a belt with elaborate black brass buckle, black pants and a pirate hat with an over-sized tan feather. Becky also has an obsidian necklace that hangs by a simple gold chain around her neck.

History: Becky used to be a proper london girl raised in a rich family until she was blamed for the murder of her father. She was forced to stay on the run for several years until she arrived in Tortuga. There, she joined a pirate crew on a ship called The Viper's nest. She eventually became Captain (she led the mutiny of course) and abandoned her crew for taking treasure from her stash. She pillaged the ship Calypso's Star with her one loyal crew mate, the first mate, and took it for her own. Becky once captured a navy ship and killed the entire crew, then set the ship ablaze while a dockside town watched in horror.

Personality: Becky was once carefree, but she became bitter and hard after she was chased out of her home and wrongly accused (mind you, she DID kill her sister). She has a great sense of humour and can always cheer the crew up in the darkest of times. She is unbelievably brave and foolish. Be careful though, she has violent mood swings and will chop the heads off some unlucky folk. She also enjoys nothing more than pillaging treasure and recapturing her wealth.

Fears: Losing her gold, being hanged for piracy, and mermaids.

7/12/2011 #27


Hurray!! You joined!!

Hmm, let's see... How many pirate characters do we have so far? *disappears to count*

*comes back* 11. So... yeah, we can have a third pirate ship.

But no more until we have more characters.

Anyways, she's approved! :)

7/12/2011 #28

YES I KNOW!!!! Finally, right?

You should get like an APPROVED stamp................

ignore my stupid comment.

What else can i do on here, my dear friend?

7/12/2011 #29

Do we need anymore crew members? I can maybe make a few more, but I'm really running out of ideas, I doubt i can handle much more :p

And Crazyfunbean, Nice to meet'cha!

7/12/2011 #30
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