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Let's see...

You could... Make some crew members for the other ships... We need some tavern workers and inkeepers... And some Navy people...

7/12/2011 #31

Nice to meet'cha TOO!!!!!

Do you happen to like cherries?

Or pirates?

7/12/2011 #32

I'll be making a few more gypsies later on, and if needed I could make a few navy or citizens.

And I happen to LUV cherries, and berries, and pirates :) My birthday this year was Pirates of the Caribbean :3

7/12/2011 #33

Jolly good then.............


im back. i like berries too!! :)

7/12/2011 #34

Do you guys mind moving to the chat topic? ^.^;

Yer clogging this one up. P:

7/12/2011 #35

Name: Rusalka

Nicknames: Russy, Salka

Status: Mermaid

Ship: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: Immortal (though she looks to be in her twenties)

Appearance: Extremely long auburn hair that covers her chest, and maple coloured eyes. Rusalka's skin is very pale, and her tail is a coral pink colour, while the fins are pinkish-orange.

Clothing: She doesn't wear clothes.

History: Rusalka has been living in the ocean for centuries. For hundreds of years, she's been luring sailors and pirates to their deaths by leading their ships to rocks or dragging them to the bottom of the sea. She's been doing that a lot more then she used to after many of sisters were murdered.

Personality: She has a strong dislike for humans who despise her kind and often doesn't hesitate to try and kill them. But if they treat like a normal person instead of some dangerous creature that must be killed, Rusalka often reconsiders killing them, though she doesn't talk to humans much, especially men, for fear of falling in love with them.

Fears: Falling in love with a human, being murdered

7/15/2011 #36
OK, two things can there be mermen, and two do merfolk have magic?
7/19/2011 #37

Yes, there can be mermen, and I wasn't really planning on giving them magic.

7/21/2011 #38
Name: Oceania Nicknames: The queen of the sea, mistress of magic, Lothesome she devil of a witch. Status: Mermaid Ship: None Gender: Female Age: looks to be in her early 30's Appearance: Oceania is drop dead gorgeous. Her long raven black hair hangs across her body. Her fair skin and lovely face have doomed many a pirate and sailor. She has black eyes, a straight nose, and a heart shaped face. Oceania has a sea green tail. Clothing: None, but Oceania adonns herself in god, pearls, and other jewelry, she wears a tiara like crown in her hair and a pearl necklace with a very large diamond in the center. Her hair is also decorated with pearls. History: Oceania was born as Angela smith, a wealthy heiress who hated all the proper lady lessons. When she was 21, she ran away from a loveless arranged Marriage and devoted herself to voodoo and dark magics. She used her new powers to become a Mermaid. Personality: Dark, seductive, malavolent. Fears: Being captured by humans, fire. Other: Can control sea monsters.
7/21/2011 #39

Approved! :)

So, she's like a mermaid queen or something?

7/21/2011 #40
yeah is that a problem?
7/22/2011 #41

No, it's fine. :)

7/27/2011 #42
Name: Patrick Anderson Nicknames: None Status: Orphan Ship: None Gender: Male Age:7 Appearance: Long shoulder length blond hair, forest green eyes, cleft chin, straight nose. Clothing: a raggy white shirt and torn brown shorts History: Patrick was a lowly street urchin. He lived in a port where everyone only cared about themselves and the poor and homeless were like dogs. Patrick stowed away on a ship, when he was caught he was thrown overboard. Personality: Kind, can be friendly annd out going. Wishes for a family Fears: Pirates, the dark, Other: Patrick doesn't judge others based on appearance or rumers.
8/1/2011 #43
Approved! :)
8/1/2011 #44

Name:Estelle Carroll



Ship:Bloody Bark

Gender:Female, hides as male


Appearance:She has a pixie like face, light skin with freckles. Her hair is a bright blond with a yellowish colour that was cut short and messy. Her eyes are a bright blue in the right, green in the left. She stands at about 5'6'', with long, slender legs and a fairly nice body. She does, however, have many whip and torture scars on her back.

Her mermaid tale is an orange, goldish colour with some green and blue speckles.

Clothing:she usually wears a white blouse with a brown vest overtop. She wears redish brownish trousers and black boots. She has two swords on her right side, a pistol on her left. Her hands are wrapped with bandages.

History:Estelle was born to a low class family, and always had to work even as a child. Her best friend and herself would often go to the sea shore and play in the coral reefs. As they grew older, both girls were sold for money to wealthy men. In attempt to escape, they once again went to the sea, trying to escape in a small boat. A storm hit, and both were pulled underwater. Saved by a mermaid, both were offered the chance to become one. Her friend agreed, and Estelle did as well. Years later, however, she was captured by the very men she had tried to escape from. Though her friend and the mermaid escaped, Estelle was taken to Tortuga, where she was forced to work as a harlot. Having been raised in a manner to learn to make, clean, and use swords, Estelle cut her hair and disguised herself as a boy, stowing away on a Pirate Ship.

Personality:Estelle has two personalities. One as a boy, one as a girl. As a girl, she becomes much more catious and careful, knowing there are men who would want to take advantage of her. She has a more gentle personality, and a bit teasing if that. As a boy, she's much more headstrong and free-spirited. She never backs away from a battle, and is always ready to pull a crazy stunt. She's a bit insane in the head due to abuse of the men who 'own' her.

Fears:The men who own her

Other:She has been known to poison people using foxglove, hence her nickname

8/5/2011 . Edited 8/5/2011 #45
What is her best friend's name, or are going to make another mermaid?
8/6/2011 #46

Name: George Parkins

Status: (Can he work somewhere, like a blacksmith's shop, or something like that?)

Ship: none

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Appearance: A tall young man with grey eyes and chocolate brown hair. He is usually described as a handsome young man.

Clothing: He likes wearing a comfortable shirts of different shades and loose trousers.

History: He doesn't like the idea of going on ships because it brings back sad memories. He doesn't normally come in contact with his family, but tries to keep good ties.

Personality: He's a very polite person but tends to get violent when provoked. He has a very short temper and can easily get angry. He's very generous but doesn't like it when people are rude to him.

Fears: The sea.


Name: Peter Gallagher

Nicknames: Pete

Status: Surgeon

Ship: Repulse

Gender: Male

Age: 54

Appearance: He has copper red hair and a few locks of graying hair. He also has olive green eyes. His age is quite evident in his facial features and he looks weary.

Clothing: He doesn't like to dress up too much. But he normally wears dark clothing, despite popular belief that surgoens wear white.

History: He's the father of Elizabeth Gallagher. He used to be a cheerful man but when his wife died, he began to change.

Personality: A very quite person. He doesn't talk too much especially about his past.

Fears: Loosing his loved ones.

8/9/2011 #47
All three are accepted! :)
8/20/2011 #48

I'm usually against having multiple female characters, but this girl came in a dream about this rp. I will admit, this character actually scares me a bit

Name:Alma Meav

Nicknames: Sun's Witch (As aopposide to Elka being known as 'Moon's Witch')

Status:Originally a gypsy, now a thief and murderer

Ship:The Abyss



Appearance:She looks a lot like Elka, only older. However, her eyes are a dark blue, and her face is more thin and square than oval. She is also taller, and has a more point body than curvy.

Clothing:Her clothes are all black and red. She wears a long dress that is ripped at the bottom, and keeps her mouth and head covered with a black scarf for the most part. She also wears a black-sun ring.

History:Alma was born to a Gypsy man and woman. When she was about five, her father was killed by a naval soldier. That was when her mother became pregnant from that very soldier with Elka. As the two grew up, they did everything together. However, when they started to both show a magic talent in witchcraft, their usages of it was very different. Alma seemed to enjoy using it to hurt others and gain for herself, while Elka's was more of a I'll-go-to-nature-but-you-must-take-the-consequences. Their relationship changed, and they grew to love eachother so much, that in a sense, they hated the other. Alma left soon after Frollo came. She became known as the Sun's Witch, and most of her magic is strongest during the day or when the sun is out. She manipulated the crew on The Abyss to let her go onboard, searching for her sister.

Personality:Like Elka, Alma is very deranged and mad in the head. However, unlike Elka's childlike madness, she has a more adulterated and mature madness. She likes to put pure fear in others, and tortures and kills without reason. She's fairly cruel and in a simple word: evil. She has an odd obsession with Elka. She claims to love Elka, so much that she wants to torture her little sister and kill her. However, she refuses to let anybody else harm her sister.

Fears:Plamen (the man who took care of her and Elka), Frollo, Hell, the Night

Other:Uhhhh....Not at the moment, I don't think

8/20/2011 #49

Approved! :)

Wow, she's kind of creepy. o.O

8/20/2011 #50

Tee hee, can't wait to truly get her in :)

8/20/2011 #51

Name:James Barlow



Ship:The Abyss



Appearance:James has short black hair, but he often covers it with a white powdered wig, and dark brown eyes. He's a very tall man, standing around 6'5".

Clothing:He almost always wears his red British Navy uniform.

History:James was born to a wealthy Naval officer's family in London, England. He often played by the city docks, and became friends with a poor girl whose father was a drunk. As he got older, James realized he was in love with the girl. But his family wouldn't hear of him marrying an urchin, so he was sent to join the Navy and sail with his father. He's still in love with his childhood friend, but when he returned home for the first time he found she had disappeared.

Personality:James is very kind and caring, but he's always very strict. He likes everything to be done to its best. Despite this, he has a great sense of humour and loves making people laugh.

Fears:Being wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit, learning that the girl he loves is dead



Name:Abigail Peterburough

Nicknames:Abby, Gail, Nicholas Henny


Ship:Calypso's Star

Gender:Female, but she disquses herself as a Male


Appearance:As a girl, Abby has long dirty blonde hair that's usually put in a scruffy braid and bright, sparkling green eyes. As a boy, she put her har in a style so it looks short, and her eyes begin to look almost lifeless.

Clothing:She usually wears dirty dresses that are too small for her as a girl. As a boy, she wears a loose-fitting white shirt, brown vest, brown trousers that go just beneath her knees, and black boots. She also wears a wide black belt with a pistol and cutlass on it, and a dark red bandana with a small tricorn hat.

History:Abigail was born in London, England, to a poor family. Her father was a drunk, so her mother made all the family's money by cleaning houses. To escape her world, Abby would often go down to the docks. There, she met and became friends with a wealthy boy named James. As she grew older, Abigail fell in love with James. But one day, James told her he had to join the Navy and was gone the next time Abigail went down to the docks. Heartbroken, she stayed home, helping her mother. Then her father came home drunk once and announced he had sold Abby for money. Not wishing to be owned, Abby ran away and ended up in Tortuga, where she disguised herself as a man and joined the pirate crew of Calypso's Star.

Personality:As a girl, Abby is loud and speaks her mind, bossing people around and critisicing them. As a boy, she's cold-hearted and cruel, rarely speaking to anyone and getting the job done quickly and perfectly.

Fears:Being discovered to be a girl

Other:Everyone thinks she's a boy named Nicholas Henny; virtually no one knows she's actually a girl named Abigail Peterburough.

8/21/2011 #52

Name: Eric Grey

Nickname: Grey (He only goes by Grey)

Status: First mate

Ship: Calypso's Star

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Appearance: Grey towers over everybody on the ship, including the Captain. He is quite muscular and has no trouble keeping control of troublesome crew. His hair is light brown and scruffy and his face has bits of stubble. Grey's eyes are grey, fitting to his nickname. His nose is lumpy and broken in several places and he has burn marks on his arms and cheek. A distinguishing feature is his tattoo of a blood soaked mermaid on his left bicep (gross right?).

Clothing: Grey usually wears a dirty torn shirt (the original colour is unknown), a pair of black peasants trousers, and tall leather boots. He has a gold skull medallion he stole from a rich lord.

History: Grey was born into piracy. His father was a pirate, and his mother was just some barmaid. When he was seventeen he joined the pirate Crew The Vipers nest, and became Black Becky's most loyal supporter. He followed her wherever she pillaged, and went on to become her first mate on Calypso's Star. Grey has a fierce sort of friendship with Becky.

Personality: Extremely loyal to his Captain, orderly, stern, ruthless and has no desire to do anything with his life that does not include piracy.

Fears: Mermaids, and death.

Other: He killed his father.

9/5/2011 #53

Approved! :)

9/5/2011 #54

Oops. I meant to put that Grey was a Quartermaster.

9/5/2011 #55





9/5/2011 #56

Anybody still alive?

8/22/2014 #57
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