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A popular pirate town; there are many taverns and inns here, as well as drunken sailors and pirates.

7/5/2011 #1

In a sense, these were the most dangerous places, yet the best places to get money if you were a female. Gypsies used this to their advantage, female or not. It was too easy to con drunken or superstitious men. But not everything they told and did was a con. Some Gypsies were true to their charms and fortune-telling, their arts and crafts.

An olive-skinned girl was dancing out on the street, a gypsy man behind her playing a guitar-like instrument. She herself held a tambourine, shaking and clapping her hands to it as she danced. Her red skirt twirled around, her bracelets on her arms and feet clinging together to the rhythm.

7/5/2011 #2

Mary-Ann walked through Tortuga, carelessly flipping a dagger around in her hand. As she came near a group of gypsies, one playing a guitar instrument, another a tambourine, and another dancing. She stopped and watched them, the dagger still flipping in her hand, wondering if she could risk throwing it at someone who annoyed her...

7/5/2011 #3

Elka would go towards the sailors, taking care to note if they seemed safe enough, dancing around them in a flirtatious, almost seductive manner. She and the other gypsy had run out of money, and, while thievery was always an option, this was a bit easier. Both took care to be careful, taking care not to go towards anybody sober enough or drunk enough to use their weapons.

At the end of the song, the gypsies came to a stop, and the sailors seemed to walk away.

7/5/2011 #4

When the gypsies had finished their song, Mary-Ann put her dagger away, reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of eight. Flipping it around between her fingers, she smirked at the gypsies and repocketed the money, heading towards a nearby tavern.

7/5/2011 #5

The male gypsy had scowled at the woman who had shown the coin as he watched her walk away. Elka, however, had not.

"I'm going to head in. It's a bit cold out right now," she told him simply, putting her scarf back on around her head. She covered all but her eyes. He nodded, telling her to be careful. She head over to the nearest Tavern.

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7/5/2011 #7

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7/5/2011 #8

Louis walked out of the Captain's Daughter and led Will and Elka towards the docks, where a three-masted galleon was tethered.

"Here she is," Louis said to the two, smiling at the ship, Repulse. He started climbing up a plank that led from the dock to the ship. "Come on now, hurry up!"

Will clambered up the plank after Louis, turning halfway up to see if Elka was behind him.

7/10/2011 #9

Elka followed, glancing back at where she and the other gypsies had performed earlier in the morning. She mumbled something under her breath before turning bck to the two, following them onto the ship.

7/10/2011 #10

Once onboard the ship, which was very quiet as most of the men were off exploring Tortuga, Louis manuevered his way towards a small door which was situated between two sets of stairs that each led up to the wheel of the ship. He turned back to make sure Will and Elka were still behind him, and knocked on the door.

A few seconds later, the door was flung open and Terrence's tall figure appeared in the doorway. "What is it, Kingsley?" he asked his First Mate.

"I've got two people that want to join the crew," Louis proclaimed, motioning towards Will and Elka.

Terrence eyed the two of them and stepped forward. He first turned to Elka. "I want ye to know, miss, that I'm very selective of who I choose for my crew; if ye can yield a cutlass and pistol and use both then I guess ye can join the crew. No woman has ever voluntarily wanted to join it yet."

7/10/2011 #11

Elka stood her ground, not wanting to be intimidated. Fear was a guarantee she wouldn't get in, and from that thought, she blocked out any fear she had at the moment.

"I make no promises for the pistol, but I guarantee you will not be disappointed in how I can make up for it." She knew how to use a pistol, but it was a road she refused to take.

7/10/2011 #12

"You better hope so," Terrence said, rather threatingly, and went to retrieve two pistols and two cutlasses. When he came back, he handed one of each to Will and Elka.

"With the pistol, I want ye to try and hit that tree down there," Terrence explained, pointing to a palm tree that sat on the shore near the docks. "And with the cutlass, ye'll be fighting with Louis. Then, I want ye," he pointed to Elka. "To show me what else yeh can do."

7/10/2011 #13

Elka watched Will as he did what they were told, before aiming at the tree herself. SHe was -delightfully- surprised when the bullet actually hit.

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7/10/2011 #14

After Will and Elka had taken their shot at the tree, with both successfully hitting it, Terrence took the pistols and gave them cutlasses. Louis pulled out his own cutlass, and moved towards Will.

Will stepped forward, and both men began lunging attacks at each other and blocking them as well. Louis managed to cut Will's shoulder, but Will soon had Louis at yield.

"Yer good at swordfighting," Louis said to Will, as the latter moved out of the way for Elka to take her turn. "Where did ye learn to fight?"

"Me brothers and I used to swordfight with sticks when we was younger," Will said shrugging.

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When Will moved, Elka took a step forward. She waited for Louis to make the first move. While she seemed better at blocking, for a female, she was fairly good with the sword. The way she moved was a bit more foreign, definitly Gypsy. At the end, it seemed both had their blades pointing at eachothers throats.

Elka had a small, mischevious smile on her face. Because of raids, most Gypsies knew how to handle a sword.

7/10/2011 #16

((That sucks. D:))

Louis moved his sword from Elka's throat, and grinned. "Yer better at that then I thought ye would be," he admitted, moving over to where Will stood and returning his sword to its scabbard.

"Now," Terrence said, walking towards Elka. "What else can you do, love?"

7/10/2011 #17

"I'm a musician, an entertainer. I've also been taught illusions, charms, which so many foolishly believe to be 'god-like' magic," Elka chuckled. She fiddled with a bell on her waist. It was a reason her kind were feared and hated, many thought they were devil-worshippers. It was rubbish, though. Just simple illusions.

7/10/2011 #18

"Really?" Terrence said, eyeing Elka with interest. "What kind of 'illusions'?" She could be usefull... he thought to himself, pleased. Trick the bloody Navy, that's what I need!

7/10/2011 #19

Elka opened her mouth before shutting it. It would have more effect if she showed them. She reached into her sleeve, before quickly throwing something to the floor. A black powder seemed to explode around them. However, as soon as it had come, it had gone. However, true to her kinds illusions, she seemed to have vanished.

"Over here, gentlemen," she was sitting on the other side of the deck, laughter playing in her eyes.

"We use the illusions mostly for escapes, but we use them for deciet and distractions as well."

7/10/2011 #20

The three men spun around to see Elka sitting on the other side of the ship.

"Whoa," Will cried, gaping at her. "How'd ye do tha'?!"

Terrence leaned in towards Louis and whispered, "I like her..."

Louis grinned. "And the boy?" he asked.

"He's good with a cutlass and his aim isn't so bad either," Terrence said thoughtfully. "Not to mention we need a new gunner, since Kellermin is stuck on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, probably dead..."

"Great," Louis said. "I'll go get the articles."

"And the skull, Kingsley!" Terrence cried after his First Mate, who was retreating into the captain's cabin. "The one on me desk, with the crack in the head!"

7/10/2011 #21

"Magic," Elka laughed at Will's cry, walking back over.

"So, is that a yes, or a no?" Elka asked, going back over. She wiped the black powder off of her hands.

7/10/2011 #22

"Aye," Terrence said, nodding to Elka as Louis returned carrying a tattered and yellow piece of parchment, black quill, ink, and a skull with a long crack going from the temple over the top of the head to the forehead. "Thank you, Louis," Terrence said, taking the items.

"Now these," he continued, holding up the piece of parchment and then laying it flat on a nearby barrel. "Are the Captain's Articles. They're the rules of the ship. They were drawn up by me and are expected to be fulfilled, with serious punishments for those who don't. And this," he held up the skull. "Is, obviously, a skull. I've no idea whose skull it is; it was sitting belowdecks when I bought the ship." He put the skull beside the parchment.

"Want I want the two of yeh to do is read the articles, sign the back of 'em, and then swear an oath of allegiance to this ship an' crew over the skull." Terrence ordered.

Will stepped forward and began reading the Articles.

7/10/2011 #23

Elka peered at the Articles from behind Will. "I feel short," she muttered as she read it. Once she finished reading, she took the quill and signed without hesitation. The rules seemed simple enough. She looked at the skull, which, admittidly, creeped her out a little. There was just a skull when he bought the ship? It was spooky.

7/10/2011 #24

After he had read the Articles, Will too signed the back of the parchment. He noticed there were other names scrawled out, and a few had been crossed out. He suspected these were people that had been killed, died, or left the crew.

Next, Terrence told them the oath and Will placed his hand on top of the skull. He tried not to look at the skull as he repeated the oath Terrence has just said.

7/10/2011 #25

After Will repeated the oath, Elka did the same. This was all turning to be quite interesting. She took her hand off the skull once she finished.

She looked over as she saw other men from the crew come onto the ship.

7/10/2011 . Edited 7/11/2011 #26

"There," Terrence said once both had finished. He picked up the parchment, quill, ink, and skull and handed them to Louis, who took them back to the captain's cabin.

"Now, Elka, you're going to be a muscician, correct?" Terrence asked, looking at the two of them.

7/11/2011 #27

Elka nodded, gesturing to the stringed instrument she had lain at her feet. The tambourine she had played earlier in the day was tied to her scarf on her waist.

"If that's what you wish," she agreed.

7/11/2011 #28

"It would be nice to have some music onboard," Terrence said, smiling slightly at her. "Will, you're going to be gunner, all right?"

Will nodded.

"Excelent!" Terrence said as Louis returned. "We'll be setting sail for Reine du Ville tomorrow." With that said, he turned away from them and marched into his cabin.

7/11/2011 #29

Elka smiled as she watched Terrence go to his cabin. She noticed one of the crew look over at her and Will, glaring intensily.

"Well, that's comforting," she muttered quietly.

7/11/2011 #30
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