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Will looked over Elka's shoulder at the crew member, and raised an eyebrow at him.

"Wonder what 'e's glarin' at..." he wondered.

7/11/2011 #31

"I...don't know," Elka turned to Louis. "Oi, Louis? If I may, who's that?" She asked curiously, wondering why the large african-skinned man was staring. He almost scared her, the way he looked. She was doubting she wanted to get on his bad side.

7/11/2011 #32

((I'm guessing you're referring to Zaroni?))

7/11/2011 #33

(Woopsie, yepp)

7/11/2011 #34

"Him?" Louis asked, motioning towards the dark-skinned man. "That's Ajdab Zeroni. He's almost always angry. I wouldn't want to get on his bad side; especially you, Elka."

7/11/2011 #35

"Ajdab Zeroni..." Elka repeated, watching as the glaring man turned and walked away.

"Why especially me?" That didn't sound good.

7/11/2011 #36

"Well..." Louis said, clasping his hands together. "Zeroni believes that women don't belong on ships, and that they should stay home and look after the children. He also hates gypsies because of some of you voodoo and pagan ways."

7/11/2011 #37

"Oh...." Realisation came to Elka's face, "funny...That happens almost everywhere," she sighed.

"Wait-I'm 18! I don't care what people say, I'm not having any children!" She crossed her arms.

7/11/2011 #38

"I know," Louis said, grinning. "But he means that once a woman has children that's all she is fit to do; look after them and have more."

7/11/2011 #39

Elka raised her eyebrows, her arms still crossed. She muttered something under her breath about not having children, and something else. She was something else, that's for sure.

7/11/2011 #40

"I'm sure yeh'll do fine!" Louis said, clapping Elka on the back. "Now, if yeh'd follow me, I'll show ye yer hammocks that yeh'll be sleeping in from now on... Of course, the men like to sleep in an inn when we're docked. So yeh can to."

He led them to the middle of the ship where a hatch lay on the floor. Louis lifted it up, and walked down a rickety set of stairs. Will followed, finding himself below the ship. There were a few crates and barrels stacked up in a corner, and lanterns swaying on the ceiling. There was a table bolted to the floor near the centre of the room, and it was surrounded by hammocks. Some had tattered pillows stuffed with straw, while others didn't.

"This one'll be your's, Will," Louis said, showing him a hammock near the back of the room. "And I was thinking this could be your's, Elka." he showed her a hammock in a secluded spot of the room. "Also, if yeh, want we could string up some curtains around it; don't know how much yeh'd want to sleep surrounded by this crew." He smiled at her.

7/11/2011 #41

"Yeah yeah," Elka chuckled when he clapped her on the back. When he showed them their hammocks, she gave a small nod.

"Honestly, right now, it's really that Zeroni that...well, he's frightening,"she admitted.

(We need more crew members, don't we?)

7/11/2011 #42

"He's not gonna bother ya," Louis reassured Elka. "Not while Terrence and me are around, anyway! Now, let's see about those curtains..."

He dug around the room for a bit before pulling out a huge bolt of white cloth that looked like it might be used to repair sails.

"This'll do, eh?" he asked, holding the cloth up. "Now how do we hang 'em up..."

Louis tried a few different things before managing to string a length of rope through the top of the cloth and then hanging it around Elka's hammock by nailing it into the roof.

"That's good, that's good!" he said, stepping back to look at the curtain. "There we go!"

((Hmm... yeah, we do. :I So far we only have five.))

7/11/2011 #43

"Thank you," Elka thanked.

"For that, and for helping me get here." She'd take the pirate life over being stuck in Tortuga any day.

(Hm...Should we both perhaps make a few more for now?)

7/11/2011 #44

"'Twas nothing!" Louis said, smiling at her. "But yer very welcome, anyways!"

Will had slinked over to look around the room, but was now returning to the two of them. "Nice curt'ns," he said, grinning at Elka. "So, what now?"

"Well, yeh two can head back into Tortuga." Louis said. "Like I said earlier, most of the men stay at an Inn when we're docked, so if yeh want and have the money, yeh could stay at the Barmaid's Inn tonight; they've always got rooms free."

((Well I just talked my best friend into joining this forum, so she may or may not make a crewmember. We'll just have to see. But if she doesn't, then yeah, we could make a few more crewmembers.))

7/11/2011 #45

(Woo! Man, I wished my friends were into rp'ing. Well, one is, but she doesn't like ff.net or fp.com)

Elka nodded, knowing she had to tell the other two gypsies she had been with earlier. She doubted they would really care, but it would keep her out of trouble.

"Well, see you two later," she said before heading out.

7/11/2011 #46

((I've been asking her to join for a while. ^.^ She only just agreed.))

"Bye, Louis," Will said, before following Elka. He walked back down the plank off the ship, and looked around at Tortuga.

It was nearly afternoon; maybe he could find a stall or something and nick some food from it. With that thought in mind, he set off.

7/11/2011 #47

(Haha, mine just think rp'ing is stupid. Granted they've never tried. A lot of them sadly aren't that creative though :p )

It took a bit to find them, but Elka soon found the men she had been with earlier.

"Well? Did you get anything?" The elder one asked. His french accented voice held a cold tone to it.

"Afraid not, Father Frollo" Elka said softly, staring down. She flinched when the man yelled in shock and disbelief.

"This is the easiest place in the world to con people! These drunken sailors and pirates would do anything to spend time with a woman, and you know that!" He reached out, taking a hard grip on her arm.

(Frollo gone be scary)

7/11/2011 . Edited 7/11/2011 #48
((That sucks. I doubt any of my friends even know about FF.net and FP.com except my best friend.))

Will had just found a stall selling bread and apples and was thinking of a way to get some for "free" when he heard yelling. Peering down the street he saw a man yelling at a woman and gripping yer arm. Wondering what was going on, he was shocked when he realized the woman was Elka. He silently debated over whether or not he should interfere, but finally decided to just move closer in case things got any worse. As he neared the two, he realized the man was angry because Elka hadn't managed to steal anything.

"'Ey!" he called at the man. "Wha' are you yellin' at 'er for!"

((Yes he isssss. :O))

7/11/2011 #49

(Lucky enough ^^ Hopefully I'll find somebody soon roung the area I live. Oh, yea, asked a question in chat)

Frollo and Elka both looked over, seeing Will. Elka yanked her arm away from Frollo and hissed something in another language. It was likely her native tongue, as she definitly held a less familiar accent when speaking english.

"It is nothing," she told will simply, looking back at Frollo. He glared, none-too happy about her joining the pirates without consulting him.

7/11/2011 #50
((Did you see my answers?))

"Hmph," Will grunted, eyeing Frollo suspiciously. "Okay." he turned to Elka. "You alrigh'?" he asked her.

7/11/2011 #51

(Yepp ^^)

Elka nodded, watching as Frollo stormed off.

"I am fine, he is just quite unhappy," Elka turned to Will. She rubbed her arm where Frollo had gripped it.

7/11/2011 #52
"'Oo was tha' anyway?" Will asked, looking where Frollo had disappeared. "'E doesn' seem very... pleasan'."
7/11/2011 #53

"Father Frollo, more commonly known as the Gypsy King. He came and helped my people during raids on where we were staying. Most of us are thankful for him, but I don't always trust him. It is his beliefs that are what people think of us; as thieves, harlot's, and witches." Elka explained.

7/11/2011 #54
Will frowned. "One person from one group does something, and then everyone believes tha' 'ole group is like 'im." he shook his head and sighed. "Well I was just about to... take some lunch." Will motioned toasted the stall. "Care to join me?"
7/11/2011 #55

Elka smiled wide and looked up at Will, "I would like that very much." She followed him over, taking a coin out of her sleeve.

"The witch bit, it's not a complete lie. We do have magic, but it's not black magic," she told him.

7/11/2011 #56
Will strolled back over to the stall and seeing that the price of bread and an apple was only 2 pieces of eight, decided ye migh as well pay. He pulled the money out of a small pouch hidden beneath his belt.

"Really?" he asked, taking an apple and some bread and handing the woman behind the stall his money. "What kind magic?"

7/11/2011 #57

After getting her food as well, Elka walked over to a few seats and sat beside him.

"Give me your hand," she demanded, a twinkle of light in her eyes as she looked up at him.

7/11/2011 #58
"Um... All righ'..." Will said, switching the apple in his right hand over to his left and holding he former in front Elka.
7/11/2011 #59

Elka took his hand, straightening it out and running her soft fingers over his palm. She started at the longest line.

"A long, wavy life line. You live a life of travel. But, there is a break, see, which means a change in your life style. This line here," she ran her fingers over more, "that's the heart line. A bit harder to read, mind you, but you do have it. You give love a chance, you just might get what you want," she smiled.

"This line here, is your health line. Quite healthy and strong. One can expect great things from you." She paused, noting another broken line, "fate line. An interesting one at that. Never seen another like it. I'd be guessing on saying your fate has yet to show itself."

7/11/2011 #60
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