This is a general forum where various romance-oriented roleplays are done. They don't have to be sad, but it's the core of this story. Have fun being lovey dovey here
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Who Is This Girl Anyway

An example for the war romance.

Name: Ava

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Appearance: Homo-superius. Taller than an average human woman with a larger head to accomondate a larger brain and slightly thicker around the waist, a feature further pronounced by a lack of hair. Deathly pale skin is fairly natural for a homo-superius. Heavily clothed due to lack of body hair leaving them vulnerable to cold and illness(body hair in ear and nose in a regular humans prevent infection by trapping dust particles) and carries packets of various antiseptics and antibiotics(homo-superi are prone to allergic reactions and colds/flu as humans gradually evolved to be less suited to outside conditions). Grey-blue eyes due to lack of melanin, which is responsible for their pale skin and eye colour. Brown or hazel eyes are exceedingly rare among this race, as is tanned skin.

Personality: Highly intelligent(an IQ of roughly 120(typical human IQ is around 100) and proud of her race. She is very confident about her superiority, which leads her to underestimate humans. Hatred of humans has been instilled in her from an early age, and she typically uses the various slurs designed to describe her "lessers"

Love Interest: (does not have to apply)

Backstory: Joined the military at 20 ten years into the war, when it became mandatory for all homo-superi to either become parents or join the military.

Skills, Titles, and other potential trivia: Highly intelligent with a good aim.

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Who Is This Girl Anyway

Name: Lily Thompson(maiden name)

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: Brown hair, hazel eyes, average weight. She dresses conservatively, as is generally expected in Samsonstate, and wears a small amount of makeup.

Personality: Kind, intelligent and a bit of a daydreamer, she is at heart a bit of a romantic and wants to be loved. She's not sure how to react to her marriage as she can still remember a time before the arranged marriages were going on and grew up expecting to be in love with whoever she married.

Love Interest: (does not have to apply)

Backstory: She was aged 13 when Samson Steel got into power, and was forced to leave her school at 14 because the government saw no reason to educate girls past that point. She did continue to read, and marries aged 20 as is expected by the government to someone she has a brief acquaintanceship with from school.

Skills, Titles, and other potential trivia:

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Name: Mahal Miller

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: He has black eyes and hair. His clothes are obviously as it was decided to be.

Personality: He's pretty distant by nature and keeps to himself. Even show, he has essentially has good intentions.

Backstory: He was born from a family of relatively well-known criminals. As a result, he grew up pretty isolated and alone.

Skills, Titles, and other potential trivia: Goes a bit wild when he sees blood during a fight though.

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Name: Jocelyn Anderson

Gender: female.

Age: 35


Word description in case the picture gets deleted: Jocelyn's hair is brown and falls down to her neck. It is wavy and the tips go into spikes that flare slightly outwards and to the outer sides. A strand of hair covers her right eye slightly and another smaller strand falls to her cheek near her ear. Her skin is pale and her cheekbones are noticeable. She looks like Helena Bonham Carter and is 5'4 in height. She is petite and is flat chested. She wears a red button up dress shirt that reaches her elbows, black jeans, black boots, and has a cane. This is because when her ex-husband was about to leave, he threw her to a table and the table fell onto her leg. Her leg shattered, so now she has to use the cane. She wears a black pearl bracelet on each wrist.

Personality: Quirky, hoyden, charismatic, tricky, sarcastic, and straight forward and to the point when she needs to be. She can be stubborn, smart, and is quite independent. She can be a smart aleck; can be a bit cruel, and stern. She has a cool and well-natured demeanor, she is a bit cold to people. She is determined, can show dry humor sometimes, is studious, caring, strong, tough, fierce, can be a bit carless when flustered, frustrated, or bored. She is wise and can be nice if you get to know her well, but shows it subtly. She is a hard worker and can be very opinionated, as well as intelligent in a cynical and sarcastic way. She has been known to have a quick tongue and sharp mind. She pushes people away easily, especially naïve helpful people, and is not very good with feelings.

Love Interest: (does not have to apply) none yet.

Backstory: She lived a fairly normal life as a child, usually the quiet one in classes. She didn't talk to many people in her classes because she was bent on improving her grades. She would give small talk to some children and help them, acting civil, but still kept that detachment she had. Her parents were encouraging to her, but one day it all changed. Unfortunately, her mother went missing and when they found her, she wanted a divorce and had been staying with another man. Her father, heartbroken, starved himself and died of disease shortly after, leaving Jocelyn in their mother's care.

She raised herself as their mother said 'she had a better family to take care of now' and basically fended for herself in their mother's household. She bought food and necessities for herself whenever she had time and money. She was given a small room and rarely spoken to, having to rely on necessities, books and the like for entertainment. Her step father was the only one that acknowledged her slightly kindly. She went to school though, but was only permitted to do so then go home shortly after. Jocelyn strived to get where she is now. Soon enough she was getting her psychology degree and working for Richmond hospital for the insane. After she got enough money to separate herself away from their mother, she bought a house of her own and kept the job.

She fell in love with a man by the name of Donnie Vakerfield after a few years into her job, but a short while after they got married, Donnie left and Jocelyn now knew how her father felt. Luckily(?) Jocelyn had her job to keep her going. Now she takes care of her mother while working in the asylum. Her father had originally run the asylum but when he died, it was brought under the care of Radolf Phullmore, a man of greed and horrible intentions. Soon, though, Phullmore got old and went into retirement, but left the asylum, which was originally supposed to go to Jocelyn, to his mini-me son, Brad Phullmore. Brad was pompous and arrogant, lustful and greedy, not to mention sickly ambitious. He turned the asylum into more of an uninspired, unhelpful place, making Jocelyn wonder whom, exactly, would send madmen into such a bleak place. Jocelyn works hard in the asylum, blood and bone, but finds that some of the patients aren't responding to the treatments. Though she hates to admit it, she suspected that someone has been tampering with the chemicals her patients are receiving.

Skills, Titles, and other potential trivia: She works in an asylum and usually takes night-shifts. If her mother dies, Jocelyn will have to sell her house to her boss, because of unpaid dept to the asylum that her mother made. When not working, though it is very rare to see her not doing so, she is seen reading or writing, either poetry or stories. An admiring ghost (or escaped patient.) has been visiting her office; leaving things and helping her patients get better. The thing that is making her patients worse is that Mr. Phullmore, bent on getting her fired and not giving her much pay, makes their sanity worse by injecting them with chemicals.

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Sorry, it's getting close to Halloween where I'm from, so I'm kinda getting all into the holiday and such. ^^;

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Do I make a thread?

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Graceful Reaper

Name: Skyler Noble

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: Black long, silky hair that is usually up in a high ponytail. The ponytail goes to her mid-back. Her eyes are a very bright emerald green. Always wears a black ripped skinny jeans, black tank top, black loose hoddie over that, black fingerless gloves, and black boots that goes mid-calf.

Personality: She is very quiet and doesn't talk to people unless necessary. Keeps to self a lot and doesn't have many friends cause of this. Never is eager to meet people. Shy, smart, and cold to certain people. When you take the time to get to know her, she is a very pleasant person. Pretty distant when you meet her at first.

Back story: She was given up as a baby. So she was sent to an orphanage. The normal rountine was wake up, school, homework, food, go to sleep. Pther children didn't like her cause she was cold and quieter than everyone. She was adopted, but she hasn't opened up to that family.

Skills, titles, and other potential trivia: She is very good at chess and fighting.

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Graceful Reaper


How do I go in?

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Pick an existing rp, make your own and I'll be in it. However you want.

It's the most unjammed when they're all one on one though.

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Graceful Reaper

I think I'll try the war rp.

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Graceful Reaper

I really wanna join in on that, but I don't know how. XD Help Please?

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Just...post your character somewhere? She's a human then right?

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Graceful Reaper

Yup! XD

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You can be a completely new addition and Apathy and I'll will join in for you.

Or you can be a fellow inprisoned human. Or on the island our other characters are escaping to.

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Graceful Reaper

Or I could be walking around a get imprisoned? Like I already am. XD

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Who Is This Girl Anyway

Name: Julia

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: Brown hair and eyes, rather plain.

Personality: Intelligent and confident, with a large capacity for love. She wants to make the best of her marriage, though she feels disillusioned by the party. She does hope to make a nice life with Keith, but doesn't truly believe she will.

Love Interest: Possibly John.

Backstory: Married Keith aged 20 as is customary. The marriage is loveless at best. She has recognised her next door neighbor as a friend from school.

Skills, Titles, and other potential trivia:

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Name: Keith

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: Brown hair and blue eyes.

Personality: Has more or less given up on living a happy life. He's just trying to make the best of what he has now.

Love interest: Mary

Backstory: Married Julia as ordered, but is attracted to Mary from next door.

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Who Is This Girl Anyway

Name: Mary

Gender: Female

Age: 20


Personality: Very little mind of her own. A goodie two-shoes, the thought of even slight disobedience has never even entered her head. Despite this, she isn't a nasty person, just ideallistic and overly-trusting of the Party. She gets on well enough with her husband, but makes no real effort to be affectionate to him. Her marriage is her party duty, no more, no less.

Love Interest: Possibly Keith.

Backstory: Married John.

Skills, Titles, and other potential trivia:

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Name: John

Gender: Male

Appearance: Short brunnette hair with handsome face.

Personality: Very boring and plain. Doesn't have any particular interest, motivation, or energy.

Love interest: Possibily Julia.

Backstory: Married Mary

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Name: Carolyn Noble

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: ( ) Carolyn has long brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a hoodie jacket with a black tank top blue jeans and sneakers.

Personality: She is a very caring person who will always put others needs before herself and will help anyone who needs it. But she is also an aggressive person who hates being underestimated and people judging others. She is a little distant due to the fact that most people she gets close to are frighten away by her aggression. She can be competitive and a bit protective, too.

Love Interest: ???

Backstory: Carolyn's father died when she was 10 and her mother raised Carolyn and her younger brother on her own. Wanting a cute little girl, Carolyn was always seen and treated as one growing up. She often got attention for her cuteness and was bullied by girls who were jealous of her. It wasn't until her first year of middle school that she started standing up for herself and showing people she was more of a tomboy. She then learned various forms of martial arts and athletics. Carolyn becoming very skilled at both. While this new attitude left her with less friends then she had before and dark rumors about her she preferred to be how she truly was. After high school Carolyn went to a college in a big city on a scholarship and moved into a near by apartment. She works part time as a waitress in a restaurant.

Skills, Titles, and other potentail trivia: Often, she is seen as mean to people who know her a little and weak to people who have seen her but don't know her. She is extremely strong and hates being called cute.

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Who Is This Girl Anyway

Name: Suzy

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Soft, light brown hair that she often pulls in front of her face when she's nervous. She has a kind, quiet face with fairly plain features, but with long eyelashes and warm brown eyes. She doesn't like having her body on display, and generally wears jeans with long sleeved T-shirts, though she will occasionally chance a dress.

Personality: Shy and bookish, but very loyal and loving. She feels very strongly and if she falls in love will fall completely and whole-heartedly.

Love Interest: None yet.

Backstory: Lives with her grandmother as her parents are both in the navy.

Skills, Titles, and other potential trivia:

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(Please excuse me if I'm doing this posting thing wrong. I'm new to the site, as you can see. c: )

Name: Ningyō (The Japanese word for doll.)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Platinum Blonde Straight Long Hair. Blue, doll like eyes. Wears lots of aristocrat and fancy clothing. Mysterious. She looks like a doll, due to her silent nature, the lack of emotion or expression on her part, and the glossy, inanimate look in her eyes. She looks much younger than 16.

Personality: Quiet, wise, and closed-off. You can't really tell what she's thinking. Although she doesn't show it, Ningyō is a nervous person and tends to worry a lot about her friends and acquaintances. Tends to develop bonds with people quickly. She's a bit clumsy and childish at times, and isn't aware of how to take care of herself.

Love Interest: None right now.

Backstory: Nobody really knows what happened to Ningyō. A group of people found her in the trunk of a car, gagged and passed out. She doesn't talk about her past and sneakily changes the subject when people ask. There is suspicion that even she doesn't know about her past.

Skills, Titles, and other potential trivia: Ningyō has the talent of observation. She tends to learn almost everything about a person by watching them for a short period of time. She's insightful and seems to fully grasp the workings of the human mind. She can see the good in people and frequently uses that phrase. "Because I can see the good in you." or something along those lines. Despite her wise nature and observational skills, Ningyō is oddly slow about the most basic of facts and everyday activities. To this day she doesn't understand the concept of 'credit cards.'

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My. I left this alone for a long time. All accepted.

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