This is a general forum where various romance-oriented roleplays are done. They don't have to be sad, but it's the core of this story. Have fun being lovey dovey here
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Who Is This Girl Anyway

I'm having difficulty writing up the dialogue more than anything else.

I'm trying to make it quite tense, maybe quite sad as they've been friends for years and there's been genuine affection there.

9/10/2011 #31


Let's see what dialouge you have then.

9/10/2011 #32
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Basically none for that scene. I've got as far as Moira going outside and seeing him. Hence why I could do with some help. You don't have to if you don't want to.

9/10/2011 #33

No, it's good. I'll make the topic.

Describe his personality for me?

9/10/2011 #34
Who Is This Girl Anyway

A good person at heart and joking when they first met, but becoming more cynical about the class system. He's easily led, and was with the group partly because he didn't know how to back out. He and Moira are both quite headstrong.

9/10/2011 #35

Hmm...okay. Then describe the attitude you want him to have?

I can sorta-ish do bitter, distant, unrepentant, or that sorta thing where he wants to go ahead and follow his feelings honestly and tries to get her to be with him?

Oh, and I have a sort of story on my own. Maybe we can talk about it as we set the dialouge? Either way, I made the topic.

9/10/2011 #36
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Conflicted. He valued his friendship with Moira, but he's also dissatisfied with how his class are being treated and can't see any other way to act out.

Sort of in between those two, I think. I haven't decided whether he's in love with her or not, although I may have him get irritated when he discovers that she's engaged to James. Then again, it could be jealousy, or it could be because James had everything Trev never did and he's bitter towards him over that.

Sure. What's yours about?

9/10/2011 #37

It's the core of me making this forum.

It's unrequited love story in every sense of the word. Pretty simple really. I'll give the details as we talk. You go ahead and start the scene. ^^

9/10/2011 #38
Who Is This Girl Anyway

OK. :)

9/10/2011 #39
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Going to bed now. Nightie night. :)

9/15/2011 #40


9/15/2011 #41
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Hi. :)

9/17/2011 #42


9/17/2011 #43
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Sorry, my internet went off randomly the other night. I'm back now. :)

9/18/2011 #44

Yay! But I'm a bit busy today. ^^"

Ah. Joi's essentially gonna randomly confess tonight. Just saying so you can plan her reacton.

9/18/2011 #45
Who Is This Girl Anyway

OK. :)

9/19/2011 #46
Who Is This Girl Anyway

May be throwing a little surprise into the rp, btw. ;P

How are you?

9/19/2011 #47

Me? Nothing comes to mind. :P

Go ahead.

9/19/2011 #48
Who Is This Girl Anyway

OK. How old are you again? *don't want to start swearing if you're only 12 lol*

9/19/2011 #49


17. And you?

Either way I'm fine with any level of content really. Thank the internet for that.

9/19/2011 #50
Who Is This Girl Anyway

17. When's your birthday?

Just as well. I tend to censor myself a bit more if I know I'm chatting to someone younger. Probably because I have nieces and nephews. XD

9/19/2011 #51

June 7. :P

XP I know. Although not around my little sister, around some other family friends, yeah.

Sometimes it's just funnier to cuss when it's timed well.

9/19/2011 . Edited 9/19/2011 #52
Who Is This Girl Anyway

4th May. I'm a little bit older. :)

9/19/2011 #53


Oh well. :3

9/19/2011 #54
Who Is This Girl Anyway


9/19/2011 #55

Was that the surprise?

9/19/2011 #56
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Yes. Thought I'd make Joi suffer a bit more. :P

9/19/2011 #57


Say, did I ever mention psychotic Joi or id?

9/19/2011 #58
Who Is This Girl Anyway


9/19/2011 #59


The Id is the part the the human mind that goes after what that person "wants". Food, water, social activity, sex. All that. (and other parts sorta refine it to make people rational.) Essentially, if Joi's pushed past a certain point of attraction/sexual frusteration, a more selfish "self" will come out. Probably hasn't happened yet in the rp.

Psychotic Joi is a more dangerous version. This one is basically Joi being protective. He gets much more violent and cruel-though he disappears and turns back into his teddy-bear self under Aila's influence.

9/19/2011 #60
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