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Whatever about the roleplay.

5/24/2011 #1

Okay so here are some possible ideas that we (or anyone really)could use for our role play. Some are ideas I got from TV tropes.

1.) Bachelor Auction- It could be fun, Loki (or even Carolyn, she would get tricked into participating in something like that if it was to help people)have been signed up for a bachelor(or bachelorette) auction for charity and to stop anyone else from taking Loki (or Carolyn)on a date Carolyn(or Loki) bet on them and they are forced to go on a date.

2.) Vacation- They go on a vacation that brings them closer together. They could get lost during the trip (but that's kind of like getting stranded, so maybe not)and have to work together to find their way back. Or just go on some epic adventure together.

3.) The Rescue- Loki saves Carolyn for something. It could be a stalker, a bad date with some loser guy or from certain death. If he saves her life and he gets hurt she'll could take care of him or visit him constantly while he's in the hospital.

4.) Sick Day- Speaking of taking care of them, we could also have one of them get sick and the other have to take care of them. Craziness ensues

5.) Jealous?- Be it just to get on her nerves or totally innocent (doubt it)Loki makes Carolyn jealous. He could start hanging out with/dating a girl that he meet, an ex girlfriend could show up or he could even start ignoring her and stop hanging out with her. This will piss her off and force her express her feelings for him a bit more.

6.) The Beach- every show/story has one. We should, too.

7.) Meet the family- Carolyn is a little princess in her mother's eyes. She might not be to happy with the company she's keeping. Either that or Carolyn meets Loki's sister.

8.) Happy Birthday- They have an all out birthday party extravaganza and things get crazy!

Those are all the ideas I have for now. You can mix and match them or play with them until you like the idea. But tell me if you like any of them.

12/27/2011 #2

XD Believe it or not, I've already used at least 3 of those before.

1 doesn't seem likely since it's a lot of effort to do something we could simply arrange with another not-date.

I like stranded, but it's a bit of a long plot. Maybe we could put up a stranded rp, do it there as if they were stranded as a second rp, and we could just insert it whenever we make it actually happen?

For 3...sure. :P I like certain death. Or some harasser. Maybe multiple times.

Jealous? Sure. I'd probably make it innocent actually. Loki finds someone who looks like her sister. Kel probably. :P

A beach? Sure. XD Maybe later though. When they're together perhaps? ;p

Ahh...meet the family. What if she uses Loki to get out of an arranged marriage? Or to finally prove her mother wrong about her?

Or just party. With drunkness. WOO!

12/27/2011 #3

I'll make the stranded topic later after they make it offical. And I like all your idea especially the drunkness. The question now is which one do you want to do first?

12/27/2011 #4

Hmm....I'm thinking they end up with a make out session tonight. The next day, whichever warms her up to him more. Just sorta build up the affection first. :P

12/27/2011 #5

Okay first he'll save her from a harrasser. Then he'll make her jealous, save her again and they'll have the birthday party. It'll be best to have him save her from an arranged marriage then to save her life right before they make it offcial.

12/27/2011 #6

Hmm...won't an arranged marriage be more fun if he's a fake fiance?

Oh, and I PMed you.

12/27/2011 #7

What do you mean? Loki as the fake fiance or whoever her mom wants her to marry (lets call him Bob for now.)

12/27/2011 #8

It would feel more awkward if she wasn't attached to Loki when it happens than when she is right?

12/27/2011 #9

Well she would be at that point. The only thing that would be holding her back from her telling him she loved him would be her being unsure if he felt the same. Right now, though, she is more unsure of how she feels for him. She think she likes him but isn't completely sure or doesn't know how much she likes him or why she likes him. By the time her mom tries to marry her off, she'll know how she feels.

12/27/2011 #10

Ah. Won't it be more fun to make it so that she isn't sure at that point though? That's what I'm asking.

12/27/2011 #11

Okay then we'll do that before or after he makes her jealous.

12/27/2011 #12


12/27/2011 #13
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