This is a general forum where various romance-oriented roleplays are done. They don't have to be sad, but it's the core of this story. Have fun being lovey dovey here
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"Sorry. Can't find it."

10/29/2011 #91
The Porcelain Maiden

"Looks like you'll have to wear that for the day, Joi." Aila said, rocking on her heels.

10/29/2011 #92

Joi looked down. "But...."

10/29/2011 #93
The Porcelain Maiden

"Sorry. These idiots will try to find your clothes." Aila said, giving a pointed glare to the drama club. She patted Joi's shoulder sympathetically.

10/29/2011 #94

Joi smiled back. At least she isn't laughing.

10/29/2011 #95
The Porcelain Maiden

Aila smiled.

10/30/2011 #96

He smiled back lightly.

Much later, he got his clothes back.

10/30/2011 #97
The Porcelain Maiden

Aila was walking out of class.

10/30/2011 #98

Joi followed after quickly changing.

10/30/2011 #99
The Porcelain Maiden

"So, get any compliments on your dress?"

10/30/2011 #100

He blushed and looked down. "....A few boys asked me out..."

10/30/2011 #101
The Porcelain Maiden

Aila laughed. "Of course they didn't know it was you, right?"

10/30/2011 #102

"..." He shook his head. "When I tried to tell them, they thought I was a new student, Joy..."

10/30/2011 #103
The Porcelain Maiden

Aila continued laughing. "Tee hee~, hilarious!" she managed between laughs.

10/30/2011 #104

Joi was deep red. "...."

10/30/2011 #105
The Porcelain Maiden

Aila grinned. "Let's go now?"

10/30/2011 #106

"...." He nodded.

10/30/2011 #107
The Porcelain Maiden

"let's go then!"

10/30/2011 #108

He nodded and walked out with her.

10/30/2011 #109
The Porcelain Maiden

"So, anything else intersting happen today, besides the dress?"

10/30/2011 #110

Joi blushed and shook his head.

10/30/2011 #111
The Porcelain Maiden

Aila grinned. "oh well~"

10/30/2011 #112

Joi blushed.

(So how is this confession gonna go?)

10/30/2011 #113
The Porcelain Maiden

I guess the way it goes in your story?)

Aila continued walkign, humming idly.

10/30/2011 #114

(Hmm. Well the special part of this rp is that your Aila is different from mine. Anything different she can do?)

"Ah. How's your homework for tomorrow?"

10/30/2011 #115
The Porcelain Maiden

(hmmmm, I'm not sure. Any ideas?)

Aila shrugged. "I'm getting there."

10/30/2011 #116
(:P Nah. Just go with your instinct on this one.) "IF your'e sure." They arrived at her house.
10/30/2011 #117
The Porcelain Maiden
Aila nodded.
10/31/2011 #118

Joi smiled.

10/31/2011 #119
The Porcelain Maiden

Aila rocked on her heels. "Well, best be continuing that homework." she shrugged half-heartedly.

11/1/2011 #120
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