This is a general forum where various romance-oriented roleplays are done. They don't have to be sad, but it's the core of this story. Have fun being lovey dovey here
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"A-Attractive?! Me?!" She blushed and looked away, "I-I don't think so..."

6/25/2011 #421

"Well, let's find a good place on this island to set up a new camp. Better settle in before I accidentally give you a baby." He grinned and looked around.

6/25/2011 #422


And she fainted.

6/25/2011 #423



She woke up in a hammock. She was in a new hut.

(XD What happened?)

6/25/2011 #424

(XD The idea of him giving her a baby made her faint from blush-overload.)

She looked around, "Wha...?"

The thoughts of what made her faint made her blush again. "..."

6/25/2011 #425


Loki came in. "You're up? Great. Tell me what you think." He walked out.

6/25/2011 #426

Tori followed him, "Think of what?" She hadn't realised she was in a different hut.

6/25/2011 #427

They were on the mountain in the center of the island. They were halfway up it on a small plateau. "Like it?"

Loki grinned. "A nice view and safety from predators. I'm still working on the elevator though."

6/25/2011 #428

Tori couldn't hide her grin. She glomped him, "LOKI THIS IS AMAZING!! I LOVE IT!" She opened her eyes and looked into his eyes, "I love... THE IDEA OF AN ELEVATOR!"

6/25/2011 #429

He grinned. "Me too. Still figuring out how but...." He kissed her.

6/25/2011 #430

She kissed back, enjoying their kisses even more everytime, if that was even possible. When they pulled back she asked, "But...?" She grinned.

6/25/2011 #431

"But that's for another time. Do you want to eat, or continue where we left off?" He grinned back.

6/25/2011 #432

She smiled and was about to lean in to continue when her stomach growled. "Gurrrr..."

She blushed, "Uhhh..."

6/25/2011 #433

He laughed. "Food it is." He walked behind the hut to a fire with roasting snakes and one set of...ribs?

6/25/2011 #434

"Ribs? Where did you get the ribs from?"

6/25/2011 #435

He grinned. "Thanks for taking care of the tiger for me, by the way."

6/25/2011 #436

She smirked, "No problem. You seemed to enjoy how I looked so..." She pecked his lips, "Anytime."

6/25/2011 #437

"Mmm...." He grabbed some and ate.

6/25/2011 #438

She took some for herself and ate too, and she ate 3 servings. Surviving on an island with a hot boyfriend sure does take it out of a girl.

6/25/2011 #439

"Mmm...You know, you never told me about yourself before we met." He munched cheerfully.

(I guess the lack of societal rules also attirbutes to us being perverted.)

6/25/2011 #440

(XD I guess so.)

"Ahh..." She patted her slim stomach, full, and smiled, "What do you want to know?"

6/25/2011 #441

He grinned perversely. "You should know♥"

6/25/2011 #442

Tori didn't catch on, "Know what?"

6/25/2011 #443

"You of course!" He laughed and kissed her.

6/25/2011 #444

Tori still didn't get it, but giggled into the kiss and kissed back.

6/25/2011 #445

"Mmm...." He sighed into her lips. "Ready to continue where we left off again?"

(She didn't get it? Too full or something? XD)

6/25/2011 #446

(XD Probably.)

She grinned, "Maybe~ Then again, maybe not~"

6/25/2011 #447

"Mmm...I'm leaning towards maybe?" He kissed her neck. "How shall I convince you~?"

6/25/2011 #448

She sucked in air, "I don't know. How shall you convince me?"

6/25/2011 #449

"Hmm....Should I just carry you to the bed and start? Or perhaps giving you a taste of it here?" He grinned and nibbled on her hickey.

6/25/2011 #450
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