This is a general forum where various romance-oriented roleplays are done. They don't have to be sad, but it's the core of this story. Have fun being lovey dovey here
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(XD Was the hickey still there? Wow.)

"Whate -mm- ever you want- mmm..."

6/25/2011 #451

He sucked on her neck a bit. "Alright then..." He scooped her up and carried her into the hut.

(It is now. XD)

6/25/2011 #452


She was carried to the hut, blushing bright red.

6/25/2011 #453

Loki laid her on the bed. "Alright. I'll let you watch me touch you this time♥"

6/25/2011 #454

Suddenly really nervous that they were in a bed, in a bedroom, in a hut, on an island, alone, her voice wavered, "O-Okay..."

6/25/2011 #455

Loki didn't help the fact by straddling her with is perverse grin. He grabbed her breasts again.

6/25/2011 #456

"AH-!" She silenced herself, still embarassed.

6/25/2011 #457

"Look, look, look..." Loki grinned and motioned at his hands. He rubbed her roughly like before.

6/25/2011 #458

(Look, look, look? XD)

She opened one eye, blushing a sunburnt tomato.

(Imagine how red that is! XD)

6/25/2011 #459

(He's making her watch it. He's teasing her so much. :P)

"You're so cute...." He pinched them slightly and pulled on them gently.

6/25/2011 #460

(XP That's mean, even for Loki!)

"S-Shut up... A-AH!"

6/25/2011 #461

"Mmm...." Loki grinned at her face. "Do you like this? Too rough? Not rough enough? Tell me how you're feeling♥"

6/25/2011 #462

"I-I like it l-like this..." She looked away closing her eyes again. If her mother could see her now...


6/25/2011 #463

(What is it? :D)

Loki grinned. "Good...." He pushed into her lips with a deep kiss, pushing his tongue against hers. "Mmmm!"

6/25/2011 #464

"MmmMmm..." She kissed back, dancing tongues once again. She softly grabbed his head by the hair and pulled his head closer to deepen the kiss, wounding her fingers through his messy blonde hair.

(Nothing, I just always wanted to write that phrase. X3)

6/25/2011 #465


He complied gleefully. Suddenly, his fingers slipped through the holes in the knitting of the vines as he fondled her.

6/25/2011 #466

She gasped in the kiss. "Ah-!" Because of the gasp her her chest rose from the air inside her lungs.

6/25/2011 #467

Loki grinned at this and squeezed at the opportunity. "You feel so good..." He began rubbing her bare chest erotically.

6/25/2011 #468

(o///o She has a bra on you know! XDDDD)

"L-Loki..." She felt so embarassed, so... what's the word?

6/25/2011 #469

(XD Oh well. Loki took it off when she was unconscious? I wouldn't put it past him. Guess I didn't think about that. Glad I still don't know this from a realistic perspective. :p)

Loki pulled back so she could breath. "Yes...?" His movements got rougher.

6/25/2011 #470


"A-Ah! N-Not so rough Loki..." Now that she thought of it, this bed was like a mountain of pillows and duvets. Where did he get all of this from?

6/25/2011 #471

His movements got a bit gentler. "Is this better...?"

(She's never gonna tell him to stop, is she? :p)

6/25/2011 #472

(She might. XP If he gets carried away.)

"Uh huh..." She relaxed and almost sunk into the bed's duvets.

6/25/2011 #473

(He's already fondling her through her shirt. What would count as being carried away?)

"Mmm...." He pinched the nubs lightly again and pulled.

6/25/2011 #474

(Hm, I am not actually sure XDDD)

"Ah- Loki!!" She got pulled back up again, which annoyed her a bit.

(Seriously, this is the best I could come up with.)

6/25/2011 #475

(:/ Well...Meh. We'll know I guess...?)

Loki grinned and suddenly stopped, letting go of her and laying down beside her.

6/25/2011 #476

(I guess...)

She sighed and relaxed again, fixing her top. "Wait... what was that for again?" she asked, making a giant pillow from the puffy duvets.

6/25/2011 #477

"Hmm? What was what for?" Loki grinned.

6/25/2011 #478

She giggled, "The whole thing we did just now. The 'servicing'." She looked at him smiling innocently, "I forgot."

6/25/2011 #479

He grinned. "Aww....I wanted to ask you how you felt about it. Don't tell me you don't remember...?" He asked teasingly.

6/25/2011 #480
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