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"And I'll know one less if you don't let me dow- AH!" She gripped onto his shirt from the feeling in the stomach from the jump. She screwed her face in annoyance, "I hate guys with an attitude."

6/21/2011 #31

"Hee~" He set her down and looked behind them at the snakes.

6/21/2011 #32

The snakes were long gone, having been lost in Loki's fast trail.

Tori looked up at him in shock. "Fast..."

6/21/2011 #33

He grinned. "I have to be."

6/21/2011 #34

She raised an eyebrow, still sitting down. "For... what, exactly?"

6/21/2011 #35

He grinned widely. "For my job."

6/21/2011 #36

She gave him a crooked smile, "Which is, what? A marathon runner?"

6/21/2011 #37

He returned it with an even more crooked one. "Nope. It's thriving off the disgusting lust of humanity~"

He pulled her close. "Such as...." He pulled her into a kiss and groped her a few seconds after.

6/21/2011 #38

She simply gave a sharp knee to his goolies. Powerfully. "Wow, it seems we haev something in common."

She jumped up and walked off, "Now, sorry but I don't talk to pervs. Even if they did save my butt." And she ran off disappearing into the thick forest.

6/21/2011 #39

Loki grinned and held up a cloth. "Hee hee...didn't even get to show her the real example."

(The most perverted thing I could think of. He sells women's underwear to perverts. :/)

6/21/2011 #40

(0__0 ... awkward turtle.)

Tori soon sat down and set up camp, gathering sticks and making a campfire. She hated pervs with a passion. She glared into the fire. "And to think I thought he was half-decent..."

She shook her head, "So much for that." And she threw another twig into the fire, earning a crackle from the flames.

6/21/2011 #41

(Yesh. That's Loki. Cool, but perverted in every form of the word.)

Loki wiped his sweat off his forehead. "Whew. done~" He had a huge hut with a hole on the top with a fire's smoke going through. It was by a treehouse with a vine hanging down.

6/21/2011 #42

(XD Good to know.)

Tori noticed the campfire not so far from where she was, and glared and pouted. "Show off."

She stormed over to his camp and kicked sand on his fire putting it out. She glared at him. "I hate show-offs just as bad."

And she was gone again.

6/21/2011 #43

"Mmm..." Loki set her underwear by the fire. "I wonder when she'll come to get it? I'll just dry it for her before then..."

6/21/2011 #44

Tori woke up with a jolt having seen a vision in her sleep. It was very... disturbing.

She instantly checked she had her underwear...


6/21/2011 #45

"Huh. I guessed she noticed." He laughed and curled up in his bed again.

6/21/2011 #46

She was almost instantly at his camp, standing over him with a glare that could kill.

"You... you sick-minded, perverse, idiotic... SONOFABANSHEE!!!" She stood on his goolies this time, grinding her foot to give him immense pain as she grabbed her underwear back.

6/21/2011 #47

Loki blinked up at her apparently unaffected. "...Now your foot? So you're into that huh?"

(I feel more peverted just from playing him. Also, he does feel pain, he just doesn't have the ability to display it. Rather the ability not to. :P)

6/21/2011 #48

She was so angry she was twitching. She had nothing to say to that, because she felt like her head was going to explode.

Then she felt something jab across her mind, sending a painful jolt throughout her. "Gah-!"

She fell back onto her butt opposite him clutching her head. She was having a vision. "B-But... I'm awake..!"

Then her eyes glazed over, going blank and she fell back to lie on the sand.

6/21/2011 #49

"....?" Loki blinked. He walked over and picked her up. He slipped her into the bed.

6/21/2011 #50

She woke up as soon as she was set down in the bed. Her eyes were wide and she was already breaking into a sweat. She looked around then found Loki's eyes and looked into them, really scared of what she just saw. "..."

6/21/2011 #51

Loki is a postion that said he was about to walk away. He blinked. "What happened?"

6/21/2011 #52

She covered her mouth, eyes watering. "... Y-You... That's r-really you, right?"

6/21/2011 #53

"Mmm? I'm a me?" He grinned. "Sure."

6/21/2011 #54

Tori couldn't help but smile, but tried to act annoyed. "Greeeaaatttt, a pervert with a fetish for sarcasm."

6/21/2011 #55

"Actually, I'm a pervert with a fetish for girls." He winked. "And that's all♥"

6/21/2011 #56

She smiled rolling her eyes, "Well that makes it all better then."

6/21/2011 #57

He grinned. "What was that all about?"

6/21/2011 #58

Tori dropped her eyes to the ground, "Nothing."

6/21/2011 #59

"...." He pinned her against the sandy ground. "Tell me or I'll kiss you again~"

6/21/2011 #60
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