This is a general forum where various romance-oriented roleplays are done. They don't have to be sad, but it's the core of this story. Have fun being lovey dovey here
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"Hmm... maybe~ Then again, maybe not."

6/23/2011 #181

"Well which is it?" He grinned and lightly pecked her on the lips. "Is there something I need to do for you to figure out?"

6/23/2011 #182

"Hmm..." She scrunched her nose in a cute way, "I'm not too sure." She flicked his nose, "But nothing pervy, got it?"

6/23/2011 #183

"Mmm...No promises. But we'd have to stop when I do so I guess not." He pulled her down with him so that she was laying on his stomach face to face with him.

6/23/2011 #184

She smiled at him, "You know, you're not so easy to hate like this. All sensitive and gentle and stuff." She lay down so her head was resting on his chest, "I like it."

6/23/2011 #185

"Mmm....I'm still pervy. Guard yourself well because I'm not going to hold back♥" He laughed.

6/23/2011 #186

"Oh believe me I will." She laughed too.

6/23/2011 #187

"Mmmm...." He stroked her back and pulled her face down near his.

6/23/2011 #188

"Hm?" She looked at him, "What is it?"

6/23/2011 #189

"Mmm?" He pecked her on the lips again.

6/23/2011 #190

For the first time EVER, she kissed back.

6/23/2011 #191

"Mmm...." He held her there, gently rubbing her back and kissed her.

(Oh, what happened with Lucky?)

6/23/2011 #192

She eventually pulled back for air, "... Wow."

(Oh! /// I can reply tomorrow if you want! I kinda gotta go now. Bye!)

6/23/2011 #193

(Okay. :P I don't mind. I thought it might've been me not posting or something.)

Loki grinned. "Very nice when you don't spend your attention resisting it, isn't it?" His had had slipped up her shirt and was rubbing her bare back.

6/23/2011 #194

Tori took deep, wavering breaths. "M-Maybe..."

6/24/2011 #195

"Mmm...." He grinned and kissed her cheek.

6/24/2011 #196

Tori smiled and slid her hands up so they wound around his neck. "What about you? How do you like it when I'm not busy resisting?"

6/24/2011 #197

"Mmm...." He pulled her up a bit and began kissing her throat. "I like it quite a bit..."

6/24/2011 #198

She was about to protest that someone might walk in on them but hey, they're on a deserted island. Who will see them, the snakes?

"Th-that's good."

6/24/2011 #199

"Mmm...." He nibbled her neck tenderly. "Very good. Hope you enjoy this♥"

6/24/2011 #200

"L-Like this?" She was frozen, her mind racing of so many thoughts she couldn't pick one out from them.

6/24/2011 #201

He sucked on her slightly, intent on making a little hickey.

(So....any ideas besides them making out? :p)

6/24/2011 #202

(Nope. XP)

Tori gasped, then waited for him to finish until she felt it with her finger. "I-It's huge! It's like you're trying to mark me!"

6/24/2011 #203


He grinned. "I am." He leaned closer and whispered so that she could feel his breath. "You're mine..."

6/24/2011 #204

She shivered, not knowing what to say. All the words were stuck in her throat. "I-I..."

6/24/2011 #205

Loki grinned and decided to cut her off with another kiss. "Mmm....."

6/24/2011 #206

Tori managed to kiss back. "Mmm..."

6/24/2011 #207

"Hee...." He pushed his tongue against her lips.

(So...ehh.....they build a better shelter and settle in?)

6/24/2011 #208

(I guess so XP)

She decided to play with him and kept her mouth firmly shut, smiling into the kiss.

6/24/2011 #209

"Mmm...." He only pushed harder, holding her against himself even tighter.

6/24/2011 #210
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