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"Mmm?" Loki had a sly grin. "Someone I know~?"

(The first one that warned her about a pervert?)

6/29/2011 #151
"I don't know, I met him right before meeting you" Crystal huffed. "He warned me about you." (Yes, sandals boy)
6/29/2011 #152

Loki laughed. "Ah....Jirou! He's nearby too?"

6/29/2011 #153

"Jirou? You know his name?" Crystal looked confused and tilted her head.

6/29/2011 #154

Loki grinned. "We grew up together." He pushed her down in another kiss. A deep one.

6/29/2011 #155

Crystal let him kiss her for a few moment and then turned away. "I told you to stop doing that" She blushed as she pulled herself out from under him. "Then could you please contact him to see if he has a place to sleep? He was out pretty late"

6/29/2011 #156

"Ah, him? He'll be fine. He's pretty well off in terms of money." Loki grinned and kissed her neck.

6/29/2011 #157

Crystal blushed again. "I-I told you to stop" Crystal murmered words of rejection but stayed still and let him do as he pleased. "But then why did he look like a homeless man?"

6/29/2011 #158

"Ah. He's got his own little ideas. Mmm..." He sucked on her neck a little, intent on making a mark.

6/29/2011 #159


"O-of what... if it's private that's fine. I'm still going" She pulled away, avoiding having a mark on her neck, and stood up. "I have to go shopping anyways though"

7/5/2011 #160


"I'll go with you~" He hopped to his feet.

7/5/2011 #161

((It's been a week.. :( ))

"Fine, but don't do anything weird. Remember, you're just here to sleep. JUST, sleep" Crystal sighed and opened the door. "Hurry"

7/5/2011 #162

(Ah, it's alright. I'm just glad you're back. You seem busy anyway.)

"Mmm...." He walked out with her.

7/5/2011 #163

((Summer = Switch school hours to academy hours. :( Really sorry. ))

Crystal smiled, glad he was being normal. "Yay~~ I get to go buy food!" She happily went down the stairs and waited for Loki at the door, holding it open. "Come ooooon~"

7/5/2011 #164

(:p It's okay, I have it too.)

Loki peeked in from outside. "Yeah, let's go~"

7/5/2011 #165

(9AM-3PM on mon and fri.. 9AM - 7PM tue-thur, i might die of boredom...)

"Oh wow, you're sneaky" Crystal blinked confused but followed after him happily anyways. "Where do you usually shop?"

7/5/2011 #166

( Say...are we friends?)

"Mmm...I steal." He answered shamelessly.

7/5/2011 #167

(( I believe we are ;D ))

"....That's not good. When you stay with me, no stealing ok?" Crystal frowned at him. "I'm going to buy for you"

7/5/2011 #168

(:D I'll wait a bit before asking for your email.)

"Aww...I'm not gonna make you pay for me. I'll make my own money." He kissed her cheek.

7/5/2011 #169

((I can give it to you if you'd like, I don't use it much.. ))

"Of course I will, it's my duty as a host" She smiled at him. "Plus, you said you steal"

7/5/2011 #170

(It's okay. Maybe another day. ^_^)

He hugged her. "I won't steal if you ask me not to~♥"

7/5/2011 #171

Crystal pulled away quickly. "S-stop! And I did tell you, no stealing!"

((If you say so... ))

7/5/2011 #172

(Meh, I'm a pervert right now. You shouldn't go associate with perverts so easily. :p)

"Mmm...I know. I won't. But kiss me first..." He pinned her to the wall in a stronger kiss.

7/5/2011 #173

(( Haha, nice way to introduce yourself. Well, there are a lot of perverts I guess, you're the nicest one I've met. I'll give you that. xD ))

"MM!" Crystal ducked and dashed out from underneath him. "I-I said don't do anything weird!"

7/5/2011 #174

(YAY! How so?)

"Ah...? How was that weird? I was just gonna clean some of that food off your cheek. I saw some~♥"

7/5/2011 #175

(( You just are. ^^ You've been nice to me))

Crystal blushed. "I can use a napkin"

7/5/2011 #176

(Aww...I wanted a compliment? How do other perverts treat you? :3)

"But it's more fun this way right? Didn't it feel good?"

7/5/2011 #177

((Pwahaha, pervtedly? You treat my like a person and not an object? Let's go with that. :) ))

"...We have to shop" Crystal huffed and hurried her way to the grocery store.

7/5/2011 #178

(Hmm. *gropes* What about now? :P)

"Why don't you relax? I'll do it~"

7/5/2011 #179

((Maybe it doesn't work because it's over the internet. xD))

"No it's ok. I have a budget to keep" Crystal smiled. "I'll do it. I always do"

7/5/2011 #180
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