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Who Is This Girl Anyway

(This is an idea for an rp I had which I may end up writing into a story. Basically, there's two sides to the guerilla war after a new relation to humans emerged- homo superius on Side A, who want to segregate or possibly enslave the homo sapiens. Side B want them killed. The border is shaking and changing from week to week, depending on who's winning. There is a resistance working on Side B territory to undermine the homo superi. The same applies vice versa. Pick your side and start when ready.)

9/19/2011 #1

(okay, so who's gonna be in this? And what are Homo superius?)

9/19/2011 #2
Who Is This Girl Anyway

(They're sort of like humans but evolved to be stronger and more intelligent. They look different- for example, a lot of them are bald or have very little hair, they're generally taller, and they have larger heads, to name a few differences. I'm going to make a character in the morning. :))

9/19/2011 #3

(Hmm...How much more stronger and intelligent? Okay.)

9/19/2011 #4
Who Is This Girl Anyway

(Considerably. I'd say their average will be maybe 15% above ours?)

9/19/2011 #5

(Wow. Still sounds like homo sapiens can still beat them though.)

9/19/2011 #6
Who Is This Girl Anyway

(I didn't want them overpowered or there'd be no point to the humans fighting. They'd have weaknesses as well- for example, they'll be more prone to cold conditions)

9/19/2011 #7

(Huh....okay. I'll have to think on this...)

9/19/2011 #8
Who Is This Girl Anyway

(I'll go into detail on my character sheet. :))

9/19/2011 #9

(Well, so far I have an in-charge aloof character and a sneaky perverted trickster. Which one do you think would be more suitable?)

9/19/2011 #10
Who Is This Girl Anyway

(Use both if you like. See what happens)

9/20/2011 #11

(In that case, go ahead and start. The trickster would've been locked up in their prison equivelent and the capable guy is probably part of the resistance. I'm looking forward to the latter and Ava having a logic battle. :3)

9/20/2011 #12
Who Is This Girl Anyway


Ava can be on the side of the superi. Also going to create a human female, maybe a POW.)

Ava wiped her brow as she leaned back against a tree, looking out from the hill towards the town. Riddled with scum. She'd have no trouble going down there with her rifle when the time came.

9/20/2011 #13


Jirou walked up the hill, immersed in his book. "..."

9/20/2011 #14
Who Is This Girl Anyway

(Prisoner of war. Is Jirou human or HS?)

9/20/2011 #15

(Human. HS stands for...? ^^")

9/20/2011 #16
Who Is This Girl Anyway

(Homo superius. I'm lazy. XD)

9/20/2011 #17

(XP So Jirou meets Ava?)

9/20/2011 #18
Who Is This Girl Anyway


Ava looked about and caught sight of a human. What was he doing on their territory?

9/20/2011 #19

"...." He didn't seem to notice her, more involved in his book than his surroundings.

9/20/2011 #20
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Ava grabbed a length of rope.

9/20/2011 #21

"....." He paused and looked up around. "Hmm..."

9/20/2011 #22
Who Is This Girl Anyway

In a swift motion, Ava threw the rope over his head and held it tight against his neck.

"What are you doing here?" he had to be a spy, she was sure of it.

9/23/2011 #23

"ACK! Wh..." He glared over at her. "What are you doing here?" He asked back.

9/23/2011 #24
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Ava took her moment to restrain him and began to drag him away. What was the dirty scum doing there?

9/23/2011 #25

He didn't struggle. "...So you're attacking my town?"

9/23/2011 #26
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Ava continued leading him to the camp, stopping only to tie his hands. She didn't have to talk to him.

9/23/2011 #27

"...Then I suppose the band guarding us are dead? Unless yours is just a small one meant to sneak in and slaughter us."

9/23/2011 #28
Who Is This Girl Anyway

They approached the camp. Once inside, Ava pulled him into a tent and sat him down in a chair.

9/23/2011 #29

".........." Jirou looked around blankly.

9/23/2011 #30
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