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Jocelyn was working, as usual, filing and taking glances at patient profiles, deternining which to start first.

10/23/2011 #1

(So what's the story here?)

10/23/2011 #2

(hm, have you ever seen the episode Mad Love from Batman: The Animated Series? It could kind of be like that. Or a psychologist that has to deal with a creepy patient dealing with stalker-like tendencies, I suppose. The psychologist tries to figure out what said patient is infatuated with, not knowing that the answer is right in front of them. Something happens (let's say other patients/staff are suddenly dying. ) and they have to band together and come up with a solution before they're killed or something. I'm not really sure. ^^;)

10/23/2011 #3

(XD Sure! Haven't seen it, but I have a habit of reading stuff on wikipedia, so there's a general synopsis. Sounds like a job for Loki.)

10/23/2011 #4

(Do you want to do the Mad Love idea or the other one? I'm up for any! :) )

10/23/2011 #5

(I think we'll wing it. :P)

10/23/2011 #6


Jocelyn continued reading the patient reports, not exactly disinterested but not to excited either. Her cane was leaning against her chair and she drummed her fingers on her desk.

10/23/2011 #7

Her door burst open. "Get back here!"

A messy haired blond grinning boy about her age came in. "Hiya doc."

10/23/2011 #8

"May I help you?" Jocelyn barely looked up, jotting things down on a sheet of paper.

10/23/2011 #9

"Say, what's your name?" He grinned. "I'm Loki and you're cute."

10/23/2011 #10

"Doctor Anderson." was her blunt reply. "Now, what exactly are you doing in my office?" she quirked an eyebrow, brushing off the compliment.

10/23/2011 . Edited 10/23/2011 #11

"You're cute and I wanted to hit on you?" Came his equally blunt reply.

10/23/2011 #12

Jocelyn shrugged and grabbed her cane. She stood and leaned against it, using it for support. Then, she walked briskly to the door and opened it.

"And that's my cue to tell you to get out. I have work to do. Aren't you supposed to be in a cell somewhere?" She motioned with her cane for him to move towards the door, her face relatively blank.

10/23/2011 #13

"So cold~" Loki was suddenly next to her with an arm around her.

(Any suggestions on what he should do?)

10/23/2011 #14

"Don't touch me. Anyway, what are you diagnosed with?" She slapped his hand away with her cane.

(Hm, maybe her boss should assign her to deal with him? Then odd things (like killings or something) happen? )

10/23/2011 #15

(Oh. Meant behaviour-wise.)

"Mmm..not sure. Dementia or something like that. I reject conventional logic." He suddenly groped her.

10/23/2011 #16

Jocelyn glowered and slapped his hand away with her cane again, harder this time. "Don't do that again."

She glared and walked out of her office, taking long strides despite her physical disadvantage. She was intent on leading this man back to his cell, where he belonged. Hopefully, he wouldn't bother her again. Unfortunately, she would learn that that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

10/23/2011 #17

(perhaps annoy her in some way?)

10/23/2011 #18

Loki was somehow groping her very inappropriately thrice a minute as he followed along. "Hee hee~"

(Like that?)

10/23/2011 . Edited 10/23/2011 #19

Jocelyn was gettign completely annoyed. Fed up, she dug her cane into his chest, cutting off his breathing for a short while. "Stop." she growled, and continued walking to an empty cell ahead.

10/23/2011 #20

"Waa~" He didn't seem to take it seriously. "Hee hee~" He stood up casually and followed.

10/23/2011 #21

When they arrived to the cell, Jocelyn sighed in relief. "Get in now."

10/23/2011 #22

"Sure~" He cupped her chest one more time before going in.

10/23/2011 #23

The psychologist glowered and slammed the door shut, locking it. She walked away without a word, not knowing that her next assignment would be most interesting.


10/23/2011 #24

(Hang on.)

"Aren't you gonna come back and get your wallet~?" Loki waved it around flauntingly inside his cell.

10/23/2011 #25

(Oops, my bad.)

Slowly, almost reluctantly, Jocelyn walked backwards to his cell. "How in the world..." she cut herself off and said none-too graciously "Give it here."

10/23/2011 #26

(Ah? How so? Loki pulledd it out of nowhere. :P He does that.)

Loki was sitting way back in the cell waving. "I'm a king of pickpockets♪"

10/23/2011 #27

Sighing, Jocelyn opened the cell door. She went inside to get her wallet. "Honestly, give it back."

10/23/2011 #28

He gave it to her, then took the hand that took it, and pulled her in for a quick kiss.

10/23/2011 #29

The woman made a disgusted noise and pocketed her wallet, pushing him away soon after she felt it slip into her pocket. She started for the door. "Lunatics." the psychologist muttered.

10/23/2011 #30
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