This is a general forum where various romance-oriented roleplays are done. They don't have to be sad, but it's the core of this story. Have fun being lovey dovey here
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"Mmm? I work here~" He grinned.

12/20/2011 #271

"And why didn't you tell me this?"

12/20/2011 #272

"Should I have~?" He walked home with her.

12/21/2011 #273

(Okay so now I'm going to go to bed. Good night)

When they got back home she went striaght to her apartment without saying anything to him, slaming the door while she was at it.

12/21/2011 #274


"Aww~ so cold~?"

12/21/2011 #275

Once inside she got out her punching bag and changed into her workout clothes. Placing a bad drawling of Loki's face on the bag, Carolyn started mercilessly attacking the poor punching bag using every attack she had ever learned. "He's a jerk! He's perverted and selfish and egotistical and inconsiderate! He's the worst!" She screamed putting all her strength behind her attacks. After a good amount of time had pasted she finished her onslaught with one final punch.

Breathing heavy she stood there for awhile. Once she caught her breath she smiled and wiped the sweat from her forehead. "Wow, I feel a lot better now! I guess that's all I need," she laughed to herself.

12/21/2011 #276
"Haha. If you say so. Harsh though.I'd think I'm only perverted~" Loki hung from her ceiling, by her bag.
12/21/2011 #277

Slowly turning her head she glared at him. "You!"

12/22/2011 #278
12/22/2011 #279

Carolyn shook her head and turned to face him. She should have known he would come in again. Even if she told him to ask and wait for an answer first. "Ugh, get down from there! Why do you keep bothering me? Molesting me, breaking into my home and making me mad. Why? Why don't you just leave me alone?"

12/22/2011 #280
"Because it's lots of fun being with you~"
12/22/2011 #281
Her heart beat started racing and she blushed after hearing that. "There are other ways you can have fun, you know."
12/22/2011 #282
"True." He pulled her close and kissed her.


12/22/2011 #283
(okay) She didn't pull back at first, letting him kiss her for a moment before remembering that she wasn't suppose to want him to. "I didn't mean like that," she mumbled her heart beating faster and her blush growing.
12/22/2011 #284
Loki laughed. "Like it~?"
12/22/2011 #285

She answered him with a punch in the face, "Don't kiss me like it's nothing, jerk!"

12/22/2011 #286
"Ow~ Like nothing?" He groped her.
12/22/2011 #287

Knocking him back with a kick she glared at him. "And don't grope me! I've said that like ten times already! Why don't you listen to me?"

12/22/2011 #288
"Because you're soft~"
12/22/2011 #289

"I am not soft! Your not allowed to touch me like that, got it? Stuff like that is what people in relationships do, right?"

12/22/2011 #290
He pinned her to the wall in another deep kiss.
12/22/2011 #291

What? I...why is he doing this? Why does he always do the opposite of what I tell him to? Why...why do I like him so much? She thought as wrapped her arms around Loki's neck and kissed him back.

12/22/2011 #292
"Mmm..." He stopped soon after she returned it. "Well, I guess I'll leave then."

(Like dangling a string and yanking it away at the last moment. :3)

12/22/2011 #293

(lol XD)

"Wait, where do you think your going?"

12/22/2011 #294
"Mmm~? Didn't you want me to go?"
12/22/2011 #295

"I...uh...well...um..." she looked down at her feet as she blushed. She was unsure, now, of what she wanted and how to say it.

12/22/2011 #296
"..." Loki grinned and pinned his arms up on the wall by either side of her face. "Wanna make out?"
12/22/2011 #297

"I don't know! Maybe?" she said not looking up at him. Her face was still red and she was deeply confused. Part of her wanted him to never leave and to kiss him until the sun came up. While another part wanted to punch him and call him names for even asking.

12/22/2011 #298
"Mmm...well I'll be in my apartement in case you decide yes." He stepped out of her home.
12/22/2011 #299

She watched him leave in disbeilef. "I...grrr! Fine! Go ahead and leave you jerk! You think you're so cool don't you?"

12/22/2011 #300
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