This is a general forum where various romance-oriented roleplays are done. They don't have to be sad, but it's the core of this story. Have fun being lovey dovey here
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"Oh, you'll be in for a treat now that you're here with me~"

12/26/2011 #331
"I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that I willingly invited you to hang out with me. Or the fact that I've unleashed a pervert and thief on to an unsuspecting crowd."
12/27/2011 #332

"Probably the first." He grinned.

12/27/2011 #333
Carolyn sighed and shook her head. "Wonderful. Come on let's go see if we can win a prize or something first," she said grabbing his wrist and pulling him towards a booth that had a bean bag throwing game.
12/27/2011 #334

"Hmm." Loki laughed. "Nope. That one's a scam. Go with the ping-pong one over there."

12/27/2011 #335
She stopped and looked at the booth then at him. "What do you mean it's a scam? How can you tell?"
12/27/2011 #336

"No one can out-sneaky me."

12/27/2011 #337
(Holy carrot cake! I just saw some of the worse music videos ever! 0_0) She shrugged and walked over to the ping-pong booth instead "Fine but you have to win me the prize."
12/27/2011 #338


Loki grinned.

Moments later...

He gave her several large stuffed animals.

12/27/2011 #339
She frowned and looked at him. "You know, I just wanted like one. As a souvenir. I don't need this many!"
12/27/2011 #340

"Hee hee." Loki grinned. "No one can out-sneaky me~"

12/27/2011 #341
Shaking her head again Carolyn passed out the stuffed animals to people walking by, keeping only a giant stuff tiger and a giant stuff shark for herself. " Now that we've tried out the games, lets hit the rides."
12/27/2011 #342


12/27/2011 #343
The first ride they went to was one that strapped riders in and took them in the air before dropping them then shoting them up in the air again. Carolyn smiled "Looks like fun. Want to go on it?"
12/27/2011 #344

"Heheh. Ladies first."

12/27/2011 #345
She stepped up to the ride and was strapped in.
12/27/2011 #346

It started.

12/27/2011 #347
(If you want you can do a timeskip.) The rided went up and down a few times making her laugh and scream. Once it was over she grinned, "That was fun, let's go on a another!"
12/27/2011 #348


"That's the last of the tickets. Who's hungry?" Loki grinned.

12/27/2011 #349
"I know I am. I didn't think riding so many rides would make me this hungry!"
12/27/2011 #350

"To a restaurant~"


"Order whatever you want. Lobster or steak. Or both with salad too."

12/27/2011 #351

"I don't really need anything so extravagant. I'll just get some pasta. You don't need to spend a lot on me. It's not a date, remember?"

12/27/2011 #352

"Go ahead. It's fun flaunting money." He grinned.

12/27/2011 #353

She frowned at him but didn't bother arguing. When the waiter came she ordered a pasta and a soda.

12/27/2011 #354

"So...how's your homework coming along?" Loki sipped his drink.

12/27/2011 #355

"Oh yeah. Ah, well....I was going to that when I got home."

12/27/2011 #356

"Hee hee. It'll be easier with the lecture fresh in your mind."

(Dinner. gtg :3)

12/27/2011 . Edited 12/27/2011 #357


"Yeah I know but I promised you this. It'd be easier to finish my homework if you didn't keep messing with me all the time," she added staring straight at him as she eat some of her pasta.

12/27/2011 #358

"Hee hee. Well I'll make up for it by helping."

12/27/2011 #359

She pouted, "I don't need help."

12/27/2011 #360
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