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Half an hour later...


12/27/2011 #391

"You jerk!"

12/27/2011 #392


12/27/2011 #393

"The bet was only a kiss! I agreed to only kissing you on the lips because you said that it would be equal to not bothering me anymore. That was more than just a kiss!"

12/27/2011 #394

"What was it~?"

12/27/2011 #395

"Ugh! I'm going home! I have work tomrrow!" she yelled at him not answering his question as she got up and left.

12/27/2011 #396

"Good night~"

12/27/2011 #397

~Next Day~

After eating breakfast with Loki, Carolyn got dressed for work. "I'm leaving, Loki. Have a good day," she told him before she left.

12/27/2011 #398

"You too~"

He went and began his own routine of sneaking her very generous tips.

12/27/2011 #399

She was a little less stunned by the tips this time but was still lost on why this was happening to her. By the end of the day she had again racked up a huge amount of money in tips. Sighing to herself she left the restaurant and walked to the grocery store to buy food. What she didn't notice was the strange man that was a regular customer at the restaurant that was following her.

12/27/2011 #400

"....?" Loki apparently had, however.

12/27/2011 #401

As she turned a corner she finally noticed the man walking towards her. At this she moved faster hurrying to the store.Maybe it's just my imagination. Maybe I'm not being followed,she thought to herself. But when she saw he was still following her she ran. She turned corner after corner trying to shake the stalker until she meet a dead end.Oh no...Not good! Not good at all!She turned and faced her stalker, "Stay back! You hear me? What do you want anyways?"

The stalker didn't say anything at first but moved closer towards her, "I've been watching you ever since you started working there. You always have the prettiest smile on your face. Other people call you an ice queen or heartless but I understand you. Your just a beautiful rose that wants to be loved and cared for just like anyone else. I understand. I love you, my pretty Carolyn."

(Wow, I creeped myself out. I hope that's a good thing. Anyways I'm going to bed. Good night.)

12/27/2011 #402

Loki peeked down at them from the rooftops.

12/27/2011 #403

She backed away from the man as he got closer to her until she could no longer. "What do mean you understand me? You don't know me!" Carolyn was nervous and afraid. All of the headlines and news stories about girls being kidnapped, murdered or worse ran through her mind. No, I can't think like that. I'll be fine I just need to stay calm and get away from this creep, she thought nervously. "I'm not a flower. I'm really how people say I am. I'm an extremely violent person."

The stalker stopped walking and smiled at this. "Now there's no need to lie to me, lovely Carolyn. I know that's just an act. You're just shy. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. You'll be very happy with me. Only I truly love you. You belong to only me."

12/28/2011 #404
"Heh. Somewhat cliche~"
12/28/2011 #405

Carolyn punched the man sending him flying back a few feet and crashing to floor. "I told you. You don't know me!" With that she ran past him only to be stopped by three other guys blocking her exist, one of them, carrying rope and a blindfold.

"I toldyou don't be afraid. If you come quietly everthing will be fine," said the guy behind her as he coughed and struggled to get of the floor.

12/28/2011 #406
"Ooo...how fun." Loki crawled closer.
12/28/2011 #407

She backed away cautiously from the guys blocking the exit right into the first stalker. Finally of the floor, he hit her on the back of her head knocking her out. "Careful! You'll damage her!" cried one of the stalkers as another tied her up. "It should be fine. I only hit her hard enough to leave her unconscious," said the first as her stroked her cheek . "Sorry but you'll have to sleep for now, my love. We can't you fighting back, now can we?"

12/28/2011 #408
"Hee hee. Interesting~" Loki stalked behind them.
12/28/2011 #409

(He can save her when ever you feel like it)

Once she was tied up two of them left to go get their van to sneak her into.

12/28/2011 #410
(I know. :3 Waiting for a dramatic moment.)

Loki followed them.

12/28/2011 #411

As they brought the van over they loaded her into it and got in. The four men took her to a perviously abandoned building on the outskirst of the city and placed her in a room filled with pictures of her.

"What now? Do we wait until she wakes up or continue? Who goes first?" one of them asked anxiously. "We'll wait until she wakes up, it'll be better that way. Then I'll go," said another, the first stalker and the leader of the group. This caused an argument amongst the men.

12/28/2011 #412
Loki snuck along the ceiling and waited for her to wake up.
12/28/2011 #413

As the men got louder, they woke her up. As she open her eyes she noticed the pictures hanging on the walls. She didn't at first realise it but when she noticed they where all of her she was stunned and a bit scared.

12/29/2011 #414
Loki watched her reaction.
12/29/2011 #415

"Hey look! She's up!" said one of the men when noticing she was wake. "Good then we can start." The leader walkked towards her smiling a wicked smile at her. "Now don't be afraid, my lovely rose, we're just going to have some fun with you that's all. You'll enjoy it, too, sooner or later."

Carolyn was terrified. She tried moving away but couldn't really due to the ropes. She couldn't yell either due to a cloth tied around her mouth to keep her from screaming. No! This can't be happening! Help! Someone, please!

12/29/2011 #416
Loki hung down from the window behind the men. He winked and made a shushing motion with his index finger.
12/29/2011 #417

As soon as she saw Loki her face went from terrified and fearful to suprised and confused. Wait what? Loki? What is he doing here? Is going to rescue me?

"First let's start by taking off that gag. It's okay if you scream now. No one can hear you out here but us," the leader said removing the cloth from her mouth unaware of Loki's presence.

12/29/2011 #418
The lights suddenly cut off.

"W-what the-?"

"Hai~" Loki whispered with a grin behind them in the pitch darkness.

12/29/2011 #419

"What? W-who...?"

"This is bad! What's happening?"

"I don't know! Where we followed?"

"This was not the plan it! It was suppose to be fool proof!"

As the four men grew worried, Carolyn relaxed and sighed. Well, at least I don't have to worry as much now.

12/29/2011 #420
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