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"If you say so~" He groped her.

12/18/2011 #31

Carolyn blushed a deep red and punched him in the face, "Pervert!"

12/18/2011 #32

He laughed and fell down again. "Iyan~"

12/18/2011 #33

"Ugh! Next time just ask if you want to hang out with me, okay?" Carolyn yelled at him and stomped out of his apartment.

12/18/2011 #34

"Mm....sure." He held up a bra. 'Hee hee. Sneaky me."

(Thoughts on him?)

12/18/2011 #35

(I love him!)

When Carolyn got back to her apartment she made sure to lock the door. Don't want perverted bumps to sneak in, she thought to herself. She was to busy worrying about what she would do for dinner to notice her bra was gone.

12/18/2011 #36

(XD Why?)

Loki put it in a compartment on the ceiling and stretched. "Mmm...dinner time."

12/18/2011 #37

(He's mischievous, perverted and thief. He's my best friends 1 person!)

Carolyn placed all the money she had left on her table. "Okay, I have enough for dinner tonight but not for the rest of the week and I don't get paid until next week. So maybe if I go shopping I can buy enough food to last me until then," she muttered to herself.

12/18/2011 #38

(Ah? Best friend's one person?)

The smell of food wafted from Loki's room.

12/18/2011 #39

(I'm sorry my best friends in one person)

Just as Carolyn was leaving her apartment to go shopping she smelled something delicious. "What is that wonderful smell? Where is it coming from?" she sighed in content, following her nose to the source.

12/18/2011 #40

(OH! XD)

Loki poked his head out. "Would you like to join me for dinner~?"

12/18/2011 #41

She nodded, "Yes, please!"

12/18/2011 #42
He laughed. "Come on in then."
12/18/2011 #43

"So what are you making, it smells amazing!" Carolyn asked walking in and breathing in the scent of the food.

12/18/2011 #44

There was a whole table-full of fancy cuisine.

12/18/2011 #45

Carolyn looked dumbfounded as she stared wide-eyed at the table. "Did you make this? This is amazing! Your like the king of cooking!" she said staring at him with new found admiration.

12/18/2011 #46

He laughed. "I'm good at a lot of things."

12/18/2011 #47

"Really? I'm only good at things like athletics and martial arts. You know, physical stuff. But this is really cool, can I really eat it?"

12/18/2011 #48

"Go ahead. It's not bought with legal money anyway." He laughed ominously.

12/18/2011 #49

By the time he said this Carolyn had already filled a plate with food and started eating. She paused and looked at him,"What do you mean it's not bought with legal money? How else would you get this?"

12/18/2011 #50

"With illegal money~?"

12/18/2011 #51

Carolyn looked at her food then back at Loki, then back at her food. She was afraid to ask another question and unsure if she should eat the food. She sat there for awhile just debating on what to do.

12/18/2011 #52

Loki ate it enjoyably.

12/18/2011 #53

Her stomach rumbled and she bit her lip. "No!" she said finally standing up, "I'm not desperate enough, just yet. If I'm going to eat it will be by legal means!"

12/18/2011 #54

"Well I bought it legally. I just stole the money." He opened a tray, showing a delicious looking chicken.

12/18/2011 #55

Her stomach rumbled again louder this time. She blushed embarrassed by the sound but stubbornly refused to eat anything, "But you stole the money to get it. You shouldn't steal. If you get caught, you could go to jail!"

12/18/2011 #56

"I've been stealing all my life."

12/18/2011 #57

Carolyn frowned at this,"But that doesn't mean you'll never get caught! What if something where to happen to you?"

12/18/2011 #58

"Then I get caught." He grinned. "Jail, whatever."

12/18/2011 #59

"Whatever!?" Carolyn shout. She was mad at how little he seemed to care about himself but she sighed knowing there was probably little use in yelling at him about it. "Fine, don't care," she said still mad but sitting down and continuing to eat, "But tomorrow, dinner's on me and it'll be completely legal."

12/18/2011 #60
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