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"I can hear you~" Loki snickered fron outside the door.

(XD So Mom comes now? Does she pretend Loki's her boyfriend or does Loki "inspire" her?)

1/30/2012 #661

(yes but what do you mean by inspire?)

She blushed as she shouted back at him,"Shut up! No you can't! You hear nothing. Nothing!" She kicked her door, careful not to break it and went to bed.

*time skip*

After awhile of living near Loki, Carolyn was use to his perverted behavior. While she was growing more and more flustered by him she, expected him now to be perverted. She had become accustomed to her new life and wasn't expecting it to change. So when she woke up one morning she expected it was business as usual.

As Carolyn got out of bed she stretched and yawned. "Loki? You here?" she called out unsure if he was here this time or not. She had just recently given him a key because she preferred that he used the door instead of breaking in like she knew he did.

1/30/2012 #662
"Mhmm~" He hugged her from behind and nipped her ear. "Right here~♥"
1/30/2012 #663

She screamed and whipped around fast. "What? I...what are you doing?"

1/30/2012 #664
"Mmm...saying good morning~?" He kissed her.
1/30/2012 #665

She blushed fiercely and pushed him away, "Don't just kiss people, you idiot! It's way to early for that!"

1/30/2012 #666
"Mmm...if you say so." He fondled her body.
1/30/2012 #667

"Stop that!" she yelled at him as kicked him.

1/30/2012 #668
He let go. "I made breakfast."
1/30/2012 #669

"Um uh okay. Thanks," she said awkwardly still blushing as she went to go eat.

1/30/2012 #670
Loki sat across from her and ate too.
1/30/2012 #671

When they finished eating Carolyn put up the plates, "Alright now get out I have to get dressed and no, you can't watch!"

1/30/2012 #672
"I'm still gonna peek." He grinned and walked out.
1/30/2012 #673

She blushed, "Pervert!" As she got dressed she wondered what she would do. Since she didn't need to worry so much about money because of tips she had received she was working less. While it left her with more time to worry about school it also left her with a lot more extra time.I should call mom and see how they're doing. I haven't talked with her in awhile I hope everything is going okay,she thought as she dried off from her shower and put on a t-shirt and jeans. She also put on Loki's necklace that he handed to her but she never got around to giving back. She had been wearing it a lot lately and guessed if he wanted it back he would say so or take it.

1/30/2012 #674
Loki picked up his own phone that he had hooked up to listen in on hers with.


1/30/2012 #675

(I actually thought he would just sneak into her apartment so he could also watch her)

She called the house phone but instead of her mother it was her brother that picked up.

"You wanted to speak with mom? She's not here. She left awhile ago, I'm suprised she's not there by know," Her brother told her.

Carolyn paused and started to get very nervous, "Wait, what do you mean she's not there by now? Where did she say she was going?"

"To your apartment."

Carolyn dropped the phone. She stood there in shock for awhile as what was happening slowly processed in her head. Here? She's coming here? But... but why? I'm not prepared! I'm not ready! I through out all my cute stuff and gave what she sent me to Loki! I'm not ready! What's she going to think? What's she going to do? Oh no, oh no, oh no! Carolyn screamed so loud that even her brother could hear her.

"Sorry Carol, I couldn't stop her," her brother said as he hung up the phone even though he knew she couldn't hear him.

1/30/2012 #676

Loki was laughing in his room.

1/30/2012 #677

Quickly Carolyn began cleaning up the apartment and making it as cute as she could while she freaked out over her mom. "I-I don't have enough time! She could be here at any second! What am I going to do? Oh no! Why is even happening? Last time I talked to her I told her everything was fine!"

1/30/2012 #678
Loki knocked.
1/30/2012 #679

Carolyn jumped and shrieked when she heard the knock at the door. She stared at the door as if it was a frightening alien thing for a moment but after quickly dressing in the dressed that she still had, which was the cutest thing she owned, she answered the door with a big forced smile, "H-hello Mother. How are- Loki?"

1/30/2012 #680
"Hi. Cute look~"
1/30/2012 #681

She grabbed him and pulled him inside the apartment, "Hey this isn't the time! My mom's going to be here any minute! You've got to help me."

1/30/2012 #682

"Mmm? Certainly. How so~?"

1/30/2012 #683

"Help me find cute things like stuff animals and flowers to decorate with. Also do you still have that box of stuff I gave you? That could be useful."

1/30/2012 #684

"Mm...certainly." Loki left to gather some stuff.

1/30/2012 #685

Carolyn went back to franticly trying to make her home more cute.

1/30/2012 #686

Loki came back almost too quickly with a bunch of cute things. "What does your mom have to do with you being curte?"

(So what'll happen?)

1/30/2012 #687

(well I was thinking her mom walking in at a bad time and her mom getting mad at Loki)

"Well you see my mom has always wanted me to be cute and stuff and she's expecting my apartment and myself to look cute. I just want her to be happy, so I'm making everything cute,"she told him as she decorated to the best of her ability. Once she was done she collapsed onto the couch, "Ugh thank you. I think that's enough cute things.

1/30/2012 #688
(Heheh. And then? What about her reaction to her mom I mean? Arranged marriage or finally rebels?)

Loki started decorating. "You should stop caring about your mom. What's the point of doing these things you hate if you don't want to? Tell your mom you don't wanna be cute and leave it at that."

1/30/2012 #689
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