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"Alright. A friend huh?"

"Hi, I'm Loki. I molested her and she thought I stole her panties last night."


(You can control her too.)

12/18/2011 . Edited 12/18/2011 #91

"Loki! You do not molest me!" Carolyn yelled blushing a tomato red, "You shouldn't say stuff like that! People will get the wrong idea!"

12/18/2011 #92
He laughed while her co-workers stared at her amazed. Someone with her?
12/18/2011 #93

"Ugh! Can I just get my table, please."

12/18/2011 #94
"R-right." They were taken to a table.
12/18/2011 #95

Carolyn sighed starting to regret coming,"So how was your day, Loki?"

12/18/2011 #96
"I emptied a few wallets." He opened the menu. "What do you recommend~?"
12/18/2011 #97

(Hey I'm going to bed , pick this up later?)

Carolyn looked at the menu, "The soups pretty good and so is the pasta. The chicken isn't bad either, that's what I'm getting."

12/18/2011 #98
(Of course. :3) "I'll get the pasta then." He grinned.
12/18/2011 #99

Just then a waitress came to the table looking cautiously at the two of them, "Um, I'll be your server tonight. Is...is there anything I can get you?"

"I'll have the chicken and a glass of water, please," Carolyn said simply. She knew the girl was probably terrified of her and she wouldn't make it worse by making the waitress be there longer than she needed to.

12/19/2011 #100

"I'll take the pasta here." Loki grinned.

12/19/2011 #101

"Oh, okay! I'll have that out as soon as possible," the girl said quickly writing down the orders then fleeing the table.

Carolyn sighed as the waitress left feeling guilty for scaring her so much. It was like she wanted to be feared. She just was and the rumors didn't help.

12/19/2011 #102

"I take it you're the reason for the haste~?"

12/19/2011 #103

Carolyn blushed slightly, "Uh, yeah. You see I can be a little violent at times so everyone's always afriad I'll hurt them or something."

12/19/2011 #104

Loki laughed. "A little violent huh? Why?"

12/19/2011 #105

"Well it's not always on purpose! And in my defense that one guy snuck up on me and the others had it coming! Most of what they say about me isn't even true but people always believe them."

12/19/2011 . Edited 12/19/2011 #106

"What do they say about you~?"

12/19/2011 #107

"I haven't heard all of them, but I thiink one was something about me being in the mafia or something. And another was that I was in jail for murder. I've never come anywhere close to killing someone, let alone done it for a living!"

12/19/2011 #108

Loki laughed at her comments.

12/19/2011 #109

Carolyn smiled a bit, "And there was this one about me being a fugitive from a foreign country who committed thousands of crimes but escaped after being sentenced to death. "

12/19/2011 #110


12/19/2011 #111

"Oh? You've heard worse?"

12/19/2011 #112

"Mmm." Food arrived.

12/19/2011 #113

The waitress gave both of them what they asked for and quickly walked away.

Carolyn looked up suprised that the food was already here. "I just wish they weren't so scared," she said and began eating.

12/19/2011 #114

"Why not? It gives you power." Loki began as well.

12/19/2011 #115

"I don't want power. I just... oh nevermind, it's not important."

12/19/2011 #116

"Tell me."

12/19/2011 #117

"It's really lame and sappy. Not to mention embarrassing."

12/19/2011 #118

"Pfft. I laugh no matter what."

12/19/2011 #119

"I want to be happy and fall in love. I want work at a nice place that pays well, get married and have kids," Carolyn said looking away and blushing.

12/19/2011 #120
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