Divum Regni RP
Divum Regni, generally shortened to just Regni, is a land of magic, filled with beings of various races, humans, elves, orcs, lizardfolk, even dragons and the mysterious animalia An RP set in a world of my creation.
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Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

1. No godmodding, aka, no taking control of other's characters

2. No Cyber-jerking, aka, don't be an ass

3. No Mary-sues, aka, don't be a god

4. Obscenity is allowed but not excessively, aka, don't be a fucking rapist

5. Txt speak is only allowed in OOC comments, aka, don't be a h4X0r

6. Keep OOC comments to a minimum in the actual RP, there's a topic for random chatter

(OOC can stand for Out of Character, Out of Continuity or Out of Context)

7. This is not Dungeons and Dragons/Inheritance/Anything-similar, the magic works differently here, and don't get mad at someone for using a spell you are unfamiliar with, if I say it's fine, it's fine, but to use increasingly complex spells, you will have to ask me for the spells (you can have a limited number) and if you are worthy of them, I will put up a list of spells later, once we have some mages/wizards/whatever-you-want-to-call-them, if you have a query regarding the laws of nature/magic, ask me

8. No-one has more authority than I except the gods of the Awesomish, Chuck Norris and my crystal ball (Dragon's Eye) Edit: Zombie Bruce Lee also has a large amount of authority

9. Don't run around the pool

10. Any requests for me to share my hilarity skillz will be laughed at, I am not all that funny except a few rare cases, see Rule 9

11. These rules are subject to change at any time and any failure to obey new rules that I will not tell you about will be temporarily banned, depending on how many times you have done it, first strike, an hour, second, a day, third, a week, fourth, perma-ban, have fun

12. Have fun, or else

13. These rules must be read, to make sure you have read them, put either Fluffycakes or Flippy-Whippy in the other section of your chara sub (character submission)

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