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Divum Regni, generally shortened to just Regni, is a land of magic, filled with beings of various races, humans, elves, orcs, lizardfolk, even dragons and the mysterious animalia An RP set in a world of my creation.
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:D, do you know what my favorite color is? My favorite food? My favorite singer?


Thought not :P, and should we move this to the chat thread? I feel like I'm spamming.

7/1/2011 #31
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

to the ca ttopic it is, and I get the feeling your favourite colour is... clear, nah jk, is it red?

7/1/2011 #32
Grimrr Halfpaw

Zomg, I think I'll join, but if I don't respond it's either because I forgot or...yeah. xD Anyways, here you go:

Name: Fortule

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Troll

Description: (I'll get inspiration from World of Warcraft) Has Bluish-Green skin, and is tall and lanky. He has corded muscles that are visible, but he is rather feeble. He has five fingers on each hand, but only has four toes on each foot. His hair is white and falls down past his shoulders a little ways, and is normally tucked behind his pointed ears. His nose is quite prominant, as it is in trolls (I hope this is according to your world, if not just tell me and I'll adjust). He wears simple cloth robes that are brown, and wears a orange/yellow, hooded cloak that seems like autumn leaves.

Personality: (Haven't come up with a name yet so I'll refer to him as "he and him") He is quiet and very uncomfortable around people (aka, other races) This is due to the fact that he has spent many years in the wild, performing simple shamandry with his brother. When forced to socialize, he normally talks from a third person point of view, and avoids eye contact. He is quite lonely, and will push people away, although all he really wants is attention and companionship.

Class: Shaman

(Can Shaman's have spells(?))

Weapons: A staff carved with a mountain lions head on it. The staff is off ebony and in great condition. He also has totems in which he uses. (Can you please explain exactly how shamans work, please xD?)

Life Choice: Education. He was wondering the forest after (Insert backhistory here which I will explain later) and came across the city, in which he learned about "The place that will help advance in Shamandry"

(Doesn't really have any ideas on a career yet)

Strength: 4/10 will be suitable

Economic Class: Low, as in doesn't have any money O.O

Extra Info: (STILL HAVEN'T COME UP WITH A NAME!) He had a brother in which he wondered the forests/mountains with. They learned shamandry from an old shaman that had lived out in the wilderness. Eventually that shaman died, leaving the brothers to wonder around by themselves and practice from the old notes the shaman left them. His brother died of (this is the backstory!) a mountain lion (*gasp*) leaving (insert name I haven't come up with yet) grief-stricken. He then started wandering around. *His staff gives him nightmares once in a while, but keeps it because it was his brother's*


Oh, and it looks like the two of you people have advanced pretty far ahead, so I will try to catch up. :D

7/6/2011 . Edited 7/6/2011 #33
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

good, and yeah my troll is pretty similar to WoW Trolls

good (lack of) name

and the shamans, well i kinda drew inspiration from WoW for them as well, totems and rituals are the shaman's bread and butter, also dances, but that kinda falls under rituals don't it? but rituals aren't long-winded ceremonies, they're just certain things that activate an effect, for example, a rain dance to weaken a fire creature would be a ritual, hope that clears it up kinda

7/6/2011 #34
Grimrr Halfpaw

Oh! Okay, okay, okay, okay! That makes sense! So like a quick dance/chant activates certain things to happen! Okay, that helps! Can't wait to start roleplaying ^_^

Edit: Oh and can I change Education to Career? I was thinking like, local Shaman or problem solver?

7/6/2011 . Edited 7/6/2011 #35
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

alright, you can get a job, in fact, I don't even know why i bothered to put that in there, cuz school is boring, okay, for anyone else who intends to join, you no longer need to put Education/Career, I'll just delete it from the big char sheet

7/7/2011 #36

... No school, huh?

7/7/2011 #37
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

I don't like school and I'm trying to forget it for two weeks

7/7/2011 #38

So...I do moderately well, but I hate it too. There always one teacher who doesn't like me...

7/7/2011 #39
Grimrr Halfpaw

I like school relatively. I'd like it better if they got rid of all the crappy teachers :O

7/7/2011 #40
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

I do okay but I still don't like it

7/7/2011 #41

IDK. This year marked my first time getting ISS (In school suspension) and I've got to say I was pretty proud of it. Eh, teachers suck, though.

7/7/2011 #42
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

i wouldn't mind getting suspened, except for the fact that I would also be grounded for twice as long

7/7/2011 #43

Lol, my mom has this weirdly defiant streak, and she hated the teacher so I didn't get in trouble at all. Any other teacher though...-shivers-

7/7/2011 #44
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

u kucky

7/7/2011 #45

Eh-he, not really. Most of the time she's freakin annoying.

7/7/2011 #46
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

most mothers are

7/7/2011 #47

Yesh. But I suppose she's the only one I've got (Actually only parent, single mothers FTW WOOT!), so I suppose I have to love her... -resigned sigh-

7/7/2011 #48
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

amen to that sistah

7/7/2011 #49


Sorry. I always think it's weird when when white people call me 'Sistah.' It just makes me laugh :)

7/7/2011 #50
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

well i always say amen to that brutha/sistah when I agree with something, or when me and the other person have the same thing, but i don't think I've ever gotten to say brutha

7/7/2011 #51

Lol, you should try it one day. Might get a weird look, but oh well.

...RAH, 37 emails in my inbox.

7/7/2011 #52
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

when I got to the computer I had 84


7/7/2011 #53


ONE DAY indeed.

7/7/2011 #54
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

once I won't be spoken of by everyone i my school within a day and possinbly kicked off the bus by my bitchy bus-driver

7/7/2011 #55

My bus driver was a bitch as well, but that's probably because she has to cart around a bunch of teenagers all day.

Lol, would everyone really speak of you?

7/7/2011 #56
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

if i yelled out vagina yes, because there are people on my bus who like to talk, or gossip if you will, and if I yelled out vagina, (theye know me) it would spread like wildfire

and my driver is a bitch for no reason, she only drives teenagers around in the morning and thursday and wednesday afternoons

7/7/2011 #57

OK. So we play the 'Penis' game, where everyone starts to yell penis as loudly as we can (Alt version is vagina) You should try to start a game of that, other would be doing it with you.

Stupid bus drivers...

7/7/2011 #58
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

reminds me of a thing i saw where you can get suspened at school by saying penis and getting louder and louder, in class nonetheless

7/7/2011 #59

I guess. Our teachers don't suspend you unless you fight or curse them out...yep, our school is a bit bad.

7/7/2011 #60
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