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Divum Regni, generally shortened to just Regni, is a land of magic, filled with beings of various races, humans, elves, orcs, lizardfolk, even dragons and the mysterious animalia An RP set in a world of my creation.
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Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

Title says it all

6/29/2011 #1




You were right the first time :D, my favorite color is clear. Hence, the screename.

I bet your favorite color is...GREEN!

7/1/2011 #2
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

no, used to be but not any more and claer isn't really a colour, but neither is my favourite colour (so that's a choice of black white and rainbow)

7/1/2011 #3


Your favorite color is...black? (IDK, most dudes like black, red, blue, or green.)

7/1/2011 #4
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

:) yes but i am not emo, I just like black, one of the fastest colours, did you now that the speed of darkness is faster than the speed of light?

7/1/2011 #5

I didn't know there was a speed of darkness...but THE SPEED OF LOVE TRUMPS ALL! (Family guy reference OTL)

Nah, lol. Currently working on a priest/cleric, btw.

7/1/2011 #6
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

Darkness is... Faster Than the Speed of love

Family Guy is good show

7/1/2011 #7

Huh, that's like saying snow is cold, or it hurts to stare straight at the sun. Of course Family Guy is a good show.

...Whoops, got distracted typing something up :)

7/1/2011 #8
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

I once stared at the sun for twenty seconds with no visible repertdyddoimd

7/1/2011 #9

I once snapped my glasses in half and fell asleep in my contacts. No sun staring for me (My poor old eyes can't take anymore...)

OMG, you said 'apologise' and 'colours'...you're not speaking AMMURIKAN, are you?

7/1/2011 #10
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

Ammurikan? I'm from Australie, but OpenOffice is naturally American so I have to manually change the language to Australian but half the time i can't be bothered so I have trouble remembering which spelling is from which country, but I think that in Ammurika it's color and apologize

7/1/2011 #11

Yup yup :P, just wondering.

Australia eh? That that...country...that's hot?

Ammurikan, the speech of us in the dirty south.

7/1/2011 #12
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

Australie is sometimes very hot, namely in Summer and i nthe middle of Australia, but in Winter, IT IS F*CKING FREEZING

7/1/2011 #13

Please, it snowed TWICE this winter. That's like a record where I'm from.

-Dang it's hard to type after you paint you nails. RAWR!-

7/1/2011 #14
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

where I'm from, there is no snow, just extremely low temperatures, extremely heavy rain and extremely powerful winds, I've almost lost my uimbrella several times and one time, it got turned inside out so badly that I couldn't fix it

7/1/2011 #15

Mmm. It was 89 degrees today. Awful, awful weather.

We get weeks of dry, and then random thunderstorms that shoot a lot of lightning everywhere (A tree once fell through my bedroom ceiling because of one of these storms)

7/1/2011 #16
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

HOLY- oh yeah you use fahreinheit over there don't you? I still have no idea how to spell that

wow, at my old school a tree once crushed a classroom, luckily it was through the night butit was still my classroom.

7/1/2011 #17

...tell you the truth, I can't rightly spell it either. Farenheit? Fahrenheit?

Huh...my school got robbed, and that's about it (They took about 13 mac books)

7/1/2011 #18
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

that sucks



still looks weird though

7/1/2011 #19

Meh, everybody else uses Celsius anyway, so I doubt it matters.

Oh, when you Google 'Infinite Swag', Justin Bieber's photo pops up. WTF world?!?!

7/1/2011 #20
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire


i once saw this thing where someone searched 'gay' in Bing and it came up with related searches which were

Lesbians, Apple Store, Justin Bieber

7/1/2011 #21

Well...Justin Bieber looks like a Lesbian (He stole the hair), so it all sorta connects somehow...

Oh apple...it's so easy to get music from them it's not even funny. Torrents+ Limewire+FUN!!!

7/1/2011 #22
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

Limewire sucks, it gave my pc a virus, now i use mp3raid

7/1/2011 #23

Ooh, a site I've never heard of. Eh, limewire is kinda iffy. If you use RAR's though, Album Hunt is a pretty good place to go.

Say, what time is is in Australie?

7/1/2011 #24
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

tis 1:11 PM

7/1/2011 #25

Lol, it's only 11:14 where I am.

Wait...1:11 in the afternoon?

7/1/2011 #26
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

that's what PM means

7/1/2011 #27

You could drown a horse with that sarcasm O.o

Lol, It's almost midnight where I am. And here I was thinking Australia was close to Americ---wait, that was going to sound really stupid! Forget that last part, lol.

7/1/2011 #28
Nepezi. Kitten Extraordinaire

no sarcasm

heh, I already knew that America was about fifteen or so hours behind Australie

7/1/2011 #29

One day...I'll look at a globe and figure out where everything's situated.

:D so....what type of music do you listen to? -poises on edge of seat, ready and willing to judge-

7/1/2011 #30
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