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So, new to fictionpress. I was wondering if anyone could check out my Reconciliation story. Not the greatest title, but hey. I'm working on it. Any feedback is really apprecitated!

8/13/2008 #61

I just started a new story, it's called Little Girls Lost.

Its about two girls who were previously best friends. One, Leila, has started to let everything of importance in her life fall by the wayside, now she spends most of her time getting high with her ex-bestfriend's brother. Leah is seen by most, as little miss perfect. But she wants to tap into what Leila has and Garrett's there to lead her astray.


I'll definitely review back to anyone who reviews it. I usually review each chapter a story has so far, so if you need reviews I'll help you.

8/15/2008 #62

Hey sup people??? well, time for more of what I like to call... ADVERTIZING!

is that supposed to be an s instead of a z???

w/e. Ok I have a story that I am pretty much in love with, and it is called Lighthearted, and it is a young adult fantasy story. (never fear, it's not a heavy fantasy- no dragons/elves/ice queens etc. but there are vampires, mystical creatures, sirens, physics, and a really sweet romance story arc. but as I was saying.) I really like it, but it never hurts to get more reviews. chapter 5 is on the way.


and also, check out my poll and community!

8/16/2008 #63
Yasona Black

Hey y'all!

I've got a story that's has very few hits and I would absolutely love feedback on it (good or bad).

It's called Our Silence: Memoirs from a Catholic School.

Thanks a bunch!

8/22/2008 #64
Jules Catherine

I've been working on the same story all summer, although I've tried to write it numerous times before it never seemed to work out until now. I've written the first four chapters, and a prologue. I've gotten reviews and everything, but they're always like "oh my god, keep writing, I love this", which is good, but I want something a little bit more constructive, showing positives and negatives, so I can go back and edit, and make the future chapters even better. I also want ideas on what types of problems I can write about and what other things I should add to make it more interesting. Thanks for any help I can get!

8/24/2008 #65

Hi. _ Im Rachel.

Yay! Prolouges! Yeah, the first chapter's not up yet.

9/3/2008 #66
Silver Dollar

I like this forum, it gives you a chance to advertise your story. Here's my current one, its a sequel of my best story.

9/12/2008 #67
Neatly me

anyone wanna review my stories?

i honestly need your opinions, just drop a review and tell me what you think!!

9/20/2008 #68
Jules Catherine

I would love to read some of your work. I'll give you my honest opinions like I always give.

Would you mind reading something of mine?

9/21/2008 #69

Please Check out my New story Bowling? Sure what could go wrong? and Lucky girls I'm having alot of fun writing them, but still havent gotten any reviews for it :( I have hits for them but no reviews , i cant tell if people like my stories or not please tell me what you think

9/23/2008 #70

I'll read someone's story & review it constructively (pointing out the good & bad aspects of it) if they'll do the same for mine.

9/23/2008 #71
Shades Of A Tulip


By me.

Eleven chapters.

Twelve almost done.


10/1/2008 #72
Jillian Smoke

ALright i guess i can try out this 'new age' thingy! :D

My name is Samantha and I have been working on my new story called "Ellanna Lee" for a couple months now. I just recently posted it and I add new chapters as soon as they are finished going through a light editing process.

I would really love it if someone (everyone is even better! :) ) could read it and give me some reviews. I have family read it and comment but you all know how family comments always sound like "OH! It was good..." or "wonderful dear, keep at it!" Sometimes even a delayed flicker of the television remote is a answer to if they read it or not. :/

I will read and review if you do.

Looking for writing buddies too so sent me an email if you want!

10/14/2008 . Edited 10/14/2008 #73
Jules Catherine

I'd be interested in reading your story, if you'll read one of mine! I get reviews on both of them, but they're not constructive like I hoped I'd get. I need honest opinions. I don't know what genre your story is, but just in case, I should warn you, I'm not that great at reading fantasy or science fiction writing. Message/email me if you want to.

10/14/2008 #74
K. Molle

Hey I just recently started writing a story called girls can take a hit too. I'm looking for some people to review and help me improve my writing. Plus I'm also looking to review and read others peoples writing!

10/21/2008 #75

I've also started uploading my first story to this site. I'd really appreciate readers/reviewers =]

It's about a teenage band who make it into the music industry, but it isn't all they thought it would be. [contains drug use]

10/27/2008 #76

Hi there, I've got a couple of stories on this site already but the one I'm currently working on is the one I'm most interested in. Its called "Ryan's Story" and its very loosely based on a short-lived RPG I played in a while back (which itself was very loosely based on the world portrayed in BtVS). The story is series of connected self-contained stories set in the fictional Cornish seaside town of Cliffport (modelled on the real-life town of Looe). The basic plot is as follows:

Four years ago, Ryan's brother tried to ritually murder his family. Ryan survived, his parents didn't. The incident scarred the ten-year-old, physically was as mentally. Even now, he's yet to come to terms with his brother's betrayal but he knows one thing. Mark is still out there and he was never the type to leave a job unfinished. But Mark is not the only danger out there that Ryan will have to face. Cliffport has secrets of its own.

There seven stories in the series so far, starting with "The_Incident" (a PG 13 version is available here for those uncomfortable with sexually explicit themes). The others in the series are:

RS02 "The Accident"

RS03 "The Jewel"

RS04 "The Runaway"

RS05 "The Deepling"

RS06 "The Troll"

RS07 "The Memory"

Any comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

11/2/2008 #77
Kristen Wallen

Hi, I'm Kristen but call me Kris please. I'm writing a story. It's called I Hate My Life! It's on my profile obviously! It's about a girl named Christine that has low-self esteem and crappy parents that treat her like dirt! Please read! It's really funny, If I do say so myself!

11/12/2008 #78
Angela Annette

Hello all!

Just wanted to drop by and check out some of the stories, you all have written. I hope you will return the favor.

I've posted the first 3 chapters of my completed novel, though the chapters are fairly long, I would love some feedback.

I will return the favor.

Thanks... :)

12/1/2008 #79

I recommend AngelaMichelle's story. I've read the first three chapters and I'm waiting for the next chapter. I just started a new story called Suburban Urgency. It would be great to get some more review and I'm happy to return the favor.

Summary: No one expects to live in a mansion with two 7 year olds under their care at age 18. Things like that just dont happen, but thats reality for Ainsley. With all her responsibilities, reckless, annoying, too attractive Logan isnt what she needs. Not at all.

12/1/2008 #80
Alaska Strange

hello everyone! I would really apprieciate it if anyone would read the first chapter of my story, "Never Surrender, My Love."

There will be more soon, but this is what I have so far. Review and tell me what you think!

12/7/2008 #81
Angela Annette

Serenity Jacobs, doesn't know it yet, but her life's destiny lies in two things:

1. A box given to her as a gift from her now deceased grandmother...What will happen when she unlocks the box?

2. The mysterious exchange student Khon who attends her school-also her obsessive love interest...How does Khon play a part in this?

Just here for some reviews--I re-posted my first chapter (took it down to do some editing.) So it's back up again, waiting for reviews...

Anyhow, I've left reviews for a few peeps. One of my Favorites is Amandaj2531-she is an awesome writer, I HIGHLY recommed reading her work. I'm a fan. Haha...

12/15/2008 #82
Kristen Wallen

Hey, will anyone read the story I already advertised? It's called I Hate My Life. I will read anyone's story who reads mine. Much Love!!!!

12/17/2008 #83

Hey there ! I'm Vermillion-Skies ! I'm a new author with big dreams for my beloved story (don't we all ? lol) I really feel like I need some constructive critisim. People are like "okay yeah that's good cool" and I'm just like ...uhm? I need some specific reviewers. Ya know the type...the ones that actually TELL you how to get better! Lol. I'd be glad to help anybody else if they could help me with this one task....

Well there it is folks it's named Phobia.

12/18/2008 #84
Jules Catherine

I'll read it, Vermillion-Rose! And I'll give you constructive criticism. I can't stand when people just say positive things and ignore what could be worked on.

12/19/2008 #85

Can some one read my stories and tell me what you think?

The Lucky Girls:Kylie and Bowling? Sure what could go wrong.

12/21/2008 #86

More shameless advertising for you. My story Pictures in the Sky hasn't had any reviews yet, but I would like to know what people think of it: Old line, I know, but I will read and review anybody who reads and reviews me.

1/9/2009 #87

Hmm... might have been a good idea to say something about the fic.

After suffering at violent hands back home, seventeen year old Imogen flees to her birthplace, the mysterious woodland of Fraggle. There she finds that Fraggle didn't just leave a mark on her birth certificate. It's about to leave a mark on her whole life.

I only have one chapter, but I'd like to know what I'm doing right/wrong before I continue.

1/9/2009 #88

Yeah so I'm writing a story and

I'm not sure if anyone really likes it a lot.

I have big plans for this story.

I thinks it's really cool so please check it out, here's a brief summary:

Emilie had a beautiful voice. Everyone told her that. But she always had such a negative outlook on every little thing that soon everyone hated her. Because of that she rebelled and became a complete punk. Further pushing herself down the rabbit hole. She practically flunked out of high school and after that she could never keep a job. Just as she's about to give up she gets an invitation to join a band. At first she denies but the little boy that gave her the offer was really sneaky and hid a letter in her purse. After the band audition she becomes their roommate, but once the sun goes down and the moon shows it's silver face. Emilie's roommates turn into a bunch of demons! She soon finds that earth isn't a peaceful place anymore or maybe it never was but, it's actually the battleground for angels and demons.

Emilie soon finds out a secret about herself that might turn the balance of this all out war.

This story contains tons of screamo and rock band references.

It's focused on a romance.

And SO much more.

1/11/2009 #89
Shades Of A Tulip

Allrighteeyyyy. I've got two people.

One is my lovely Claudette, which is being reposted now. I have up to chapter 8 up at the moment.

One b*** stepmother plus an alcoholic dad plus two, not-so-good friends plus a cute, sell out and you get one screwy life... right?

The next is Beach!

It was what I thought would be "The Most Boring Summer Ever"... how wrong was I?

1/13/2009 #90
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