Well, look at that. Welcome, to Limbo. A huge expanse of...well, your own subconscious. Now, whether or not you'll be getting back to the 'real world' is all up to you. Enjoy your stay, however long that will be.
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That's right, characters! You can have as many as you like, but let me know if you have any more than two.

Anyways, I want the basic info. Anything else, you can add on.

Name: (We wanna know what to call ya!)

Age: ( It would be nice to know how old you are!)

Race: (You can be human, or some sort of supernatural creature. Anything is welcome! Seriously, you can be a koy fish for all I care.)

Gifts: (Let us know if you have any awesome things you ccan do. Like, if you can read minds, or control fire. You know, the cool things xD)

Apperance: (Like, hair color, eye color, clothing, any thing else you want to add.)

Personality: (Whats your character like?)

Bio: (Let us know a bit about your life (Before Limbo) and all that jazz)

After that, any thing else you might want to add!

You will more than likely be approved, I promise.

6/9/2011 #1

Here we go!

Name: Destry Lynne Adams

Age: 21

Race: She's a Phoenix... That's right, the fire bird thing. She has two forms, her human form, and her bird of fire form. And, as the legend goes, she catches on fire, and is re-born from her ashes. Its painful, if you must know. It happens once a month, and she absolutely hates it. She's often veeery grumpy 'round her 'time o' the month'.Gifts:Well, she can control fire. She can be a bird. A bird of fire. She can also read minds, if she tries hard enough.

Appearance: While in her human forms, she's about five feet, four (AND A HALF!) inches. She has bright red hair, that literally looks like fire. It has natural highlights of orange and gold. It curls and 'crackles' down to about mid back. Her bangs hang in her 'burning' amber eyes. She's normally dresses in dark skinny jeans, which are decked out in zippers and chains. She wears bright graphic tee's, chunky belts, and her favorite pair of Converse. Although its normally covered by a shirt, on her back, is a large tattoo of Phoenix wings. She has two piercings in her ears, a Monroe, and belly button piercing.

Personality: She's shy and quiet, but only until she's around people she's comfortable with. Then, she's very hyper, and talkative. She's very kind, and avoids conflict, for the most part. She will stand up for herself, her friends, and things she believes in, but only when she feels its necessary. She's not so confident, but, she'll fake it when she thinks its needed. If she's angry, her fiery attitude takes a bit more than water to cool her down.

Bio: At a young age, her mother left, and she was raised by her father, and older brother, until she was 12. On her 12th birthday, she accidentally set her house on fire, killing her brother and father. Her mother's sister then took her in, raising her and teacher her to control her 'powers', until she left. Destry somehow managed to get herself stuck in Limbo, and has been there since.

Weaknesses: Water...Obviously. She also tends to let her emotions get the best of her. Anything from her past can be used against her. Oh, and don't forget chocolate. But, that's every girls weakness, no?

Likes: Soap Operas, animals, music, reading, writing, cooking, and heat.

Dislikes: Teenybopper boy bands, rain, cold weather, being forced into things, and being unable to make up her mind. Oh, and don't forget the time of the month, when she suddenly combusts, and has to sit there, on fire, until she's a pile of ashes. THEN, since that's not enough, she has to 'remake' herself, from a small pile of ashes. NOT FUN.

6/9/2011 . Edited 7/1/2011 #2

Errm, so how about this?

Name: Damian Reed

Age: 22

Race: Human

Gifts: None, he's normal and stuff

Apperance: Short, black hair. Bright, blue gray eyes. He's tall, about six feet, five inches. He wears dark jeans, and a white tee-shirt. Has a tribal like tattoo, that stretches from his stomach, up his chest, and onto his left shoulder.

Personality: Not many people know him, he always manages to make sure he slips into the background. He prefers it that way, although, he does sometime think about trying to stand out a little. He's actually very friendly, but only once he opens up to someone. He's protective of the people who he does care about, and will do anything to help them. He's smart, kinda sarcastic, and can be annoying if he wants to be.

Bio: There isnt anything really signifigant of his life, he was born, grew up, and set off to 'find his own way'. He landed himself in Limbo, when he tried to be an Inception copycat. All he really wants to do is get back to his old life, no matter how boring it was.

Anything else you might wanna know, you can just ask..It may take some time, but he'll eventually open up...Maybe.

7/1/2011 #3

Awesome! Approved!

7/1/2011 #4

Great! Thanks!

7/1/2011 #5
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