Well, look at that. Welcome, to Limbo. A huge expanse of...well, your own subconscious. Now, whether or not you'll be getting back to the 'real world' is all up to you. Enjoy your stay, however long that will be.
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Ah, yes. The lounge. It's where anyone new to Limbo should check out first. Four wide, glass walls, peer out at a green forest. The wooden floors are new and clean. In one corner, is a large TV, a couch, and some recliners. Another corner holds a large bookshelf, and some soft chairs. A table is placed close to a doorway, that leads to an adjourning kitchen. A computer, looking new and high tech, is on top of a dark mahogany desk, which is nestled in a corner close to a fire place. A sign hangs above the door you just came through. "Welcome to the Lounge." Might as well make yourself at home, then.

6/9/2011 #1

Damian walks into the Lounge, shifting uneasily. He somehow managed to get stuck in Limbo, and, although he knew how to get back to his life, he was too much of a pussy to actualy kill himself. He sits on the couch, grabs the remote, and tries to switch the t.v. on.

7/1/2011 #2

Destry walks into the Lounge from the kitchen, and doesn't notice the person sitting on the couch until she hears the t.v. turn on. When she does finally see him, she pauses, and stares. Its not like people came to Limbo often...and if they did they always took the easy way out...and killed themselves. Destry chose to stay in Limbo, and make it her own world...and she had always hoped that once she got the Lounge up and running, people wouldnt mind staying for a bit.

"Uh...Hi?" She squeaks, then clears her throat. She smiles at the person next to he as she sits on the couch, and shyly offers her hand.

"Im Destry."

7/1/2011 #3

Damian stares at the girl, and her hand, before finally, lifting up his own to shake hers.

"I'm...Damian." He offers her a small smile, before turning back to the t.v., hoping to end the conversation. He doesnt want to talk to her...not that she doesnt seem nice. He just felt awkward, and lost. Limbo was new to him, he'd never thought much of it...until he got stuck in it. He stares at the screen blankly...He wasnt interested in watching some cartoon. Hell, he wasnt interested in being here. But he was, and unless someone decided to help him out, he was stuck here.

Thats when it hit him.

"Uh..Hey, this may sound weird, but can you shoot me or something?"

7/1/2011 #4

Destry was just about to try and start a conversation, when Damian asked her to shoot him. She paused, her mouth open, and stared at him.

Of course. He was one of the people who were to scared, to do the job themselves. She sighed, and shifted her eyes back to the t.v.

"I cant..I-you can ask me to kill you. If you want to leave so bad, then do it yourself." She stands up and walks to the door, and walks out, heading to her room.

*Leaves to Destry's Room*

Sorry, gotta go.

7/1/2011 #5

Damian sighs and run a hand through his hair as he watches her go. He hadn't expected that kind of rection fro her, he thought at the very least she tell him to piss off or something...but she stormed off. Damian sat up and rubbed his eye, then switched the t.v. off.

"Guess I better go find a room to stay in..." He muttered to himself, before getting up and walking through the door.

*Leaves to...Some other room. xD*

7/4/2011 #6
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