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The exact opposite of Enrollment office... where all the resigning happens... also where people who aren't in the rpging go to take themselves out rather than posting everywhere to say, "I won't be posting anymore..."
12/31/2007 #1
The Ferrett
Terent is... GONE! Hehe First to Register Quinn first to Resign Terent.
1/5/2008 #2
Danielle Thamasa
Natalie and Lex ran off to participate in a novel.
1/5/2008 #3
Danielle Thamasa
...and Natalie and Lex decided, after finishing their novel, to come back and play some more.
1/19/2008 #4
Because if they didn't,Tyler and Asha would have dragged thier sorry butts back.
1/19/2008 #5
Delana (i know, who the hell is THAT?!) is dunzooo...for now ish?
1/27/2008 #6
Danielle Thamasa
I remember Delana...she was from back when Riverdarb was still around.
1/27/2008 #7
Yeah. Then Riverdarb ditched and I couldn't seem to revive the poor girl...and I kinda liked her too.
1/27/2008 #8
Danielle Thamasa
Awww...that sucks.
1/27/2008 #9
I blame him, for the record XP
1/27/2008 #10
Danielle Thamasa
I would have too. I miss Riverdarb; he was fun.
1/27/2008 #11
Maybe i'll randomly pm him one day and be like "HEY YOU! Come back!" XP
1/27/2008 #12
Danielle Thamasa
That would be enjoyable...then you would have to drag Delana out of resignation.
1/27/2008 #13
That'd be simple. All I have to do is say SHE LIVES!!! and then start with her acute introvertedness again.
1/27/2008 #14
Danielle Thamasa works well.
1/27/2008 #15
After a small breakdown, Delana has returned from home and is trying to start over again...
1/28/2008 #16
The Ferrett
Seems I had a character called Bones sorry bones but you are GONE! Muhahahaha
2/10/2008 #17
oooh, I remember him!!! Woah. Dude, do you even KNOW how many characters you have now? ON ONE RP, I know all ya'll use like 3408393943 at the same time...weirdo's. :P
2/10/2008 #18
Danielle Thamasa
Hey!!! There is nothing wrong with having 5,000,000,000 characters...Geez. *Big grin* Besides, I like being a weirdo.
2/12/2008 #19
The Ferrett
As a reply! Tania, Satan, Richard, Quinn, Steven. And Nightshade the cat. ---- Romance. Sam, Emo, Bad(Casey), Good. ------- Long-whatever. Satan, Satan. ----------- Long Island Quinn, Satan, to be Jade, Jack, Jill, Dante. ---- Melting Pot. Jack- Some now abandoned one Satan - Some now abandoned supernatural one They are the current living ones Please don't ask me to list the dead or unused characters yet.
2/12/2008 #20
Danielle Thamasa


Tala, Phoebe, Jo, Coop, Natalie, Lex, Senna, Vida, Marissa, Jillian, Rian, Chayton, Brennan and Kylah---Romance

Morgan le Faye, Nascha, Lancelot ---Drama Ever After

Coop and Hayley ---Operation White Horse

Tex, Solana, Lucian, Garth, Gram ---Trancendance

Lorelai, Keahi, Shalimar, Alessa, Tristan, Layla ---Lone Island

Maeve and Faylinn ---1580 Scotland

Josselyn, Ayden, Andromeda, Sage, Anya ---Citadel of Elarope

Josh, Will, Samara, Emmeline, Lucas, Mark, Victoria, Cole, Jonathan---Speak Easy

Baylinn ---Land of Night

2/12/2008 . Edited 5/21/2008 #21
American Reject
Rin is resigning.
2/27/2008 #22
2/27/2008 #23
American Reject
Nevermind, I'm unresigning.
2/27/2008 #24
2/27/2008 #25
American Reject
Keegan and Rin are resigning. I no longer have time to frequently post on this forum, or any forum for that matter. I'd rather not be here than tick everyone off because I never reply so. . .ciao! A.R.
2/28/2008 #26
Danielle Thamasa
2/28/2008 #27
We'll miss you American Reject
2/29/2008 #28
The Ferrett
Tania is gone.
3/4/2008 #29
i am resigning from this fourm. it moves to slow for me to keep posting. good-bye
3/9/2008 #30
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