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((Annya, Ken, Quinn, and Geonff (sp?) live here and Kara basically does))
12/8/2006 . Edited 1/1/2007 #1
The Ferrett
After so much time, Quinn needed a break. He plonks his stuff down onto his bunk and looks around... well he did go to a school for a holiday, what did he expect? Anyway he leans back and closes his eyes waiting for someone to come in. [Basing my POV and initiative on rules of Castle Ironside (these things are fun)]
12/9/2006 #2
Annya walked down the hall till she found her room number. She hoped that her roomate(s) would be nice. She opened the door and set her stuff down on the couch before it spilled unto the floor and set her pet carrier next to the couch. "Is anyone here?" she asked thinking she heard a noise off in one of the 2 bedrooms.
12/10/2006 #3
The Ferrett
He hears calling. Female. Can do without them these days. I mean with the challenge ongoing and everyone sickly happy he could do without this. He gets up nonetheless. He pokes his head out into the hallway. "Whatdoyouwant." He mumbles. He's in a definite depressive mood. ((Ahhh doing some back editing. Sorry))
12/10/2006 . Edited 3/25/2007 #4
"Are you Quinn's boyfriend? I am sorry I thought I was rooming with a girl named Quinn ... I must have been giving the wrong room key...I am so sorry." she mumbled trying to turn around and get out fast in her embarrassment. However her flip-flop slid causeing her to fall awkwardly and sprained her ankle.'man this is not my day' she thought,'my boyfriend dumbs me for my best friend, my car doesn't want to crank, I get the wrong room key, and now i end up with a hot guy who probably thinks I am a s*** wearing my stupid work uniform and I have to make a fool of myself and twist my ankle.' She works at a place called Charlie's which is a branch off of Hooters. She currently is wearing a short white mini skirt with the words Charlie's Angel in blue letters across her bum and a low cut blue shirt that shows off her well endowed chest and flat stomach. This was all just too much she breaks down and tears stream down her face as she tries not to cry and make a bigger fool of herself.
12/11/2006 #5
The Ferrett
Arrrg. Women. She's crying and he is so tempted to reach down and comfort her but he bearly knows her, also she thinks he's a girl?! He gives into his urges and places his arms protectively around her. "What's wrong? Cry it out as you'll feel better. Are you hurt?" Damn. He's froathing at the mouth with words, but she is cute. She calms down. "Now are you alright?"
12/11/2006 #6
"Yes thanks. I really have had the worst day ever!" she leans against him tears still streaming down her face. "My boyfriend dumped me for my best friend, my car broke down, I appearently got the wrong room key, I have to work at Charlie's, and now I think I sprained my ankel." she crys a little more then relizes that she doesn't even know him. "I am so sorry for crying and being such a complete s***. I don't even know your name." she said dashing the last few tears from her face with a shaking hand.
12/12/2006 #7
The Ferrett
He smiles at her, knowing days like that. " Name's Quinn. I'll help you up if you want. By the way who is Charlie? Anyway, today won't last forever, little one."
12/13/2006 #8
"There must have been a typo on my paper they said that you were a girl, sorry." at that she actually laughed. "Charlie's is the place I work for. Like Charlie's Angels the movie. Do you mind rooming with a girl?"
12/13/2006 #9
The Ferrett
"Not in the least, just warn me when potentionally non-PG rated things are going to happen if you know what I mean."
12/13/2006 #10
She looks at him in confusion. "If you mean me bringing guys here you are safe from that. After what my currently ex did I highly doubt I will trust anyone that way again."
12/14/2006 #11
"Yo, dudes!"
12/14/2006 #12
Annya jumps not expecting anyone else to come in. "Who are you?" she asks.
12/14/2006 #13
The Ferrett
Quinn looks up from the prone lady to the cocky boy.

"Mmmmm. Hi. Can youi help me get her up, she hurt herself."

12/14/2006 #14
Uh, sure. The name's Geoff.
12/15/2006 #15
They pick her up and put her on the sofa. "Thanks." she whispers. "Geoff, are you another of our roomates?"

(( i think that there should be no more than 4 to a section of the dorm.))

12/15/2006 #16
"Yeah," Geoff said.
12/15/2006 #17
"Well I am Annya and this is Quinn." she said thinking'am i going to be the only girl here?' she sighed mentally 'oh well, at least they are cute'.
12/15/2006 #18
The Ferrett
"Soooo. What brings you here, Mr Cocky." Quinn says leaning against a wall. "I was sent here on a break but if this is just another job to get you two tegether then I'm leaving."
12/15/2006 #19
"Nope, I'm just here becasue I'm here," Geoff responded.
12/15/2006 #20
"What are you both talking about? What do you mean get us together?" Annya asks wishing she had some ice for her ankle but not wanting to be a pain and have them get her things.
12/15/2006 #21
The Ferrett
Quinn takes a seat and starts to tell them about the challenge about how he was a physical representation of Joe's subconcious, of his job to get Love and Death together and of his role as an interferer. By the end they look shocked. "And that's when I decided I needed a break. I thought they may have given you guys to me as a new job."
12/15/2006 #22
Annya looks at him like he has gone nuts. " So I am assuming that I am death and he's love." she trys to keep a stright face but ends up laughing a little. "Sorry. But after the day I've had I highly doubt even you could get me to like someone."
12/15/2006 #23
The Ferrett
"Nooo. Weren't you listening?" He sighs ((it's a recount of the LP - the stort he comes from)) "My job Was to get Love and Death together before the end of the challenge or my soul would go kaputt. I'm here so obviously I suceeded. Wasn't easy mind you but it was loony to say the least."
12/15/2006 #24
"Why would you think we were your next assignment? I mean really this is college. Besides I just met both of you." she said.
12/16/2006 #25
"Yeah, and if you got to know my personality, you'd know that the term love doesn't suit me all that well," Geoff added. "Put me in a room full of chicks and expecting me to get a date is not a good idea."
12/16/2006 #26
Annya looks at him thinking, 'he's cute and has been nice so far. I wonder why he says that' . "Why do you say that? You seem nice enough to me."
12/16/2006 #27
(mumbles incoherently)
12/18/2006 #28
She gives him a confused look. "Did you say something?"
12/18/2006 #29
Enigmatic Night
Decides to be a random visitor for the day, and find the unfortunate owner of the blue car, parked on the side of the road that she crashed into. Knocks before poking her head in. "Hullo? Um... anyone in here own a blue car parked outside?"
12/19/2006 #30
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