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Looks like any other dorm. Room for 6 people; decent sized single bedrooms and a co-ed bathroom. Large main room.

Have fun!

3/5/2008 . Edited 5/15/2008 #1
Gabi had got her stuff from Delana's dorm and was dragging her suitcase into her new living arrangements. 46A. This should be fun. "Hello?" She opened up the door and looked inside to find no one there. She shrugged, oh well. Making a quick note that she still had to get the rest of her stuff from her old dorm, she went to go pick a room.
3/5/2008 #2
Jesse walked into his new dorm carrying only a single suitcase. That crazy ** from his last school had stolen the rest of his crap. He lifted his eyebrows, finding the door unlocked. Going inside, he looked around before collapsing on the couch with a sigh, resting his head on the back of the couch to stare at the ceiling. "I hate planes."
3/5/2008 #3
"Funny, so does everyone else who's not in first class," Gabi called out down the hallway, not at all fazed that someone had entered the dorm.
3/5/2008 #4
He turned, startled. "I [i]was[/i] in first class!" he called back.
3/5/2008 #5
"Then don't complain, you get foot rests and pretty flight attendants making sure your champagne glass is filled!" Was her immediate reply.
3/5/2008 . Edited 3/5/2008 #6
He snorted. "Three words: turbulance, and air sickness."
3/5/2008 #7
Gabi chuckled lightly and came out of her room, to see who the new person was. "Better then crashing and burning alive. And you still got the big comfy seat," She grinned at the hot guy, brown eyes dancing.
3/5/2008 #8
"Well that's true," Jesse said, smiling back at her. Note to self; see how hot new roomie feels about friends-with-benefits. Rising, he held out his hand. "I'm Jesse," he said, southern lilt as strong as ever, giving the Spanish pronounciation of his name even more flavor.
3/5/2008 #9
She smirked at him, as her eyes openly checked him out - as always, not caring what the other person thought. "Gabriela," She said huskily, rolling her r's slightly as she took his hand.
3/5/2008 #10
He smirked. "Nice to meet you," he said, raising an eyebrow slightly. "Just warning you ahead of time: I don't have a lot of stuff with me yet, so I'll be going around with as little on as I can get away with until I can get more clothes." Not exactly shy, is he?
3/5/2008 #11
"Pleasure's all mine," She replied lightly. Smirking once more, she tilted her head to the side, "Mind giving me a general time of when these shows will be happening? I think I'd like to watch."
3/5/2008 #12
"As soon as I take a shower," he said, giving her a roguish grin and going back for his suitcase.
3/5/2008 #13
"Wow, a shower scene? Well, lucky me. Is flash photography allowed?" She asked innocently.
3/5/2008 #14
"Maybe later," he said easily. "SO...which room is mine?"
3/5/2008 #15
She shrugged. "We're the only ones here. Take your pick," She replied.
3/5/2008 #16
"Alright...which one's your's?"
3/5/2008 #17
Gabi smirked. "The one at the end of the hallway... My door's usually open too."
3/5/2008 #18
He paused to think about that, then shook his head, a small smile on his face as he carried his case to the room across from hers.
3/5/2008 #19
She watched Jesse take his suitcase to his new suitcase to his room and she leaned against the wall, chuckling softly. "Any particular reason why you chose the room across from me?" Gabi asked, amused.
3/5/2008 #20
"I like girls with open-door-policies," he called back.
3/5/2008 #21
"Does the same rule apply with you or am I going to have to be sneaky?"
3/5/2008 #22
"Does it really matter until I find a decent clothing store?" he called back, pulling out his shower stuff.
3/5/2008 #23
She smirked. "Hmmm... That's true! Looks like I don't have to try and be subtle then!" Haha, Gabi. Subtle. Good one.
3/5/2008 #24
"Looks like," he said, coming out in a towel. "Now where are the showers? I [i]hate[/i] the smell of plane."
3/5/2008 #25
"There's only one shower," She pointed to where it is. "Co-ed bathroom." She sighed, "Looks like I'll have to wait until you're done."
3/5/2008 . Edited 3/5/2008 #26
He grinned. "Why?"
3/5/2008 #27
She pretended to be affronted. "Do you expect me to share a shower with you?" Not like she would mind at all, a small smirk playing on her lips.
3/5/2008 #28
He shook his head with mock regret. "Not after only knowing me for five minutes. Rain check then," he said, going into the bathroom.
3/5/2008 #29
"Or we can get to know each other some more," Gabi suggested lightly, inspecting her nails as Jesse headed to the bathroom, a smirk still on her face.
3/5/2008 #30
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