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She smiled over at Zach, "Great."

4/3/2008 #1,231

"before you realize it, you will have a class of students." Julia told Zach

4/3/2008 #1,232

Gabi shrugged. "Hey, it will be the perfect way to make some cash."

4/3/2008 #1,233
Phoebe Powers

Zach chuckled. "Thanks but I usually don't charge for lessons."

4/3/2008 #1,234

"You should. You're a student, there's always a need to earn cash on the side."

4/3/2008 #1,235
Phoebe Powers

Zach shook his head. "That's when I pull out the sketchpad and start selling art."

4/3/2008 #1,236

Gabi's eyes lit up. "You're an artist?"

4/3/2008 #1,237

"You sell your sketches?" Julia asked at the same time

4/3/2008 #1,238
Phoebe Powers

"Yes I'm an artist." Zach looked at Julia. "I've had people ask me to make a sketch for them before and they've paid me for it."

4/3/2008 #1,239

Jesse raised his eyebrows. "Cool," he said, wrapping his arms around Gabi's waist from behind and resting his chin on her shoulder.

4/3/2008 #1,240

"That's really cool," Gabi said enthusiastically. She didn't have an artistic bone in her body; she made stick people look ugly. "I would love to see some of your sketches some time."

4/3/2008 #1,241
Phoebe Powers

Zach nodded. "Sure. I'll bring my stuff around sometime."

4/3/2008 #1,242

Julia looked at Gabi then back to Zach and back to Gabi again. okay she saw bad everywhere she couldnt help it.

4/3/2008 #1,243

Gabi smiled and leaned back into Jesse; not knowing the thoughts that was running through Julia's head.

But if she did, she would be quick to correct the girl, she wasn't hitting on Zach, she was merely being friendly - like always. This was Gabi after all.

4/3/2008 #1,244
Phoebe Powers

-If you guys do not mind, I am going to leave and do some of my homework and go to bed early. I have a long training session tomorrow.-

Zach looked at her and nodded. "Do you want me to go back with you?"

-Not necessary. I will see you later.-

4/3/2008 #1,245

- see you Maddie- Julia signed.

4/3/2008 #1,246

Gabi figured that Maddie was leaving (from what Zach) and waved at the girl. "It was nice meeting you."

4/3/2008 #1,247

-Catch ya around- Jesse said, giving her a friendly wave.

4/3/2008 #1,248
Phoebe Powers

Maddie nodded and waved. -Bye-

((To Dorm 51))

Zach looked around, his gaze settling on Julia. "Well, since you don't need help unpacking, is there anything else you wanted to do?"

4/3/2008 #1,249

Besides sending Marie back home and dealing with her mother, "I can't say right now. I don't know I hadn't thought past unpacking."

4/3/2008 #1,250
Phoebe Powers

"Well if you think of something, let me know."

Zach walked over and sat down on the couch. "Until then, I'll just randomly doodle." He pulled out his sketchpad, opening it up to a blank page.

4/3/2008 #1,251

Julia gave a stilted nod, already watching his pencil fly over the page.

4/3/2008 #1,252

Jesse smirked a little. "Still want to go to the mall?" he asked, lips brushing over Gabi's ear.

4/3/2008 #1,253
Phoebe Powers

After a few minutes Zach had a rough sketch that was very noticable as Jesse and Gabi, wrapped up in each other's arms.

4/3/2008 #1,254

Julia had walked up to where he sat and peered over his shoulder. She couldnt help but give a slight eye roll. *Artists* she mumbled before giving him space thinking of what she wanted to do.

4/3/2008 . Edited 4/3/2008 #1,255

Gabi shivered and turned her head slightly to look at him.

"Yeah, if you still want to go," She replied softly.

4/3/2008 #1,256

"I need clothes," he reminded her.

4/3/2008 #1,257

"Then we'll leave right now," Gabi murmured.

4/3/2008 #1,258
Phoebe Powers

Zach finished the sketch of the couple and moved on to the background, imagining a much more romantic location than a dorm building.

4/3/2008 #1,259

Julia zoned out Gabi and Jesse best she could still thinking. Something to relax her before she had to talk to her mother again. Hmmm

4/3/2008 #1,260
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