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Gabi frowned in confusion, tilting her head to the side. "Jesse, what are you doing?"

4/7/2008 #1,531

He grinned sideways at her but other than that kept his attention on the trafic and whatever the person was saying. Finally, he hung up. "Well, that solved that. Where's this old school of yours again?"

4/7/2008 #1,532

"It's like a 10 hour drive west from here, it's why I'm taking a flight instead of driving - saves time."

She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously. "Why? What did you just do?"

4/7/2008 #1,533

"I just called my friend Raul. He's the one who suggested this school to me. He and his brother both went here, and now they're the proud owner of thier own private jet-taxi. They agreed to ship us both out wherever you want to go, as long as it isn't too far."

4/7/2008 #1,534

Gabi paused and stared at him, completely dumb-founded. "Come again?"

4/7/2008 #1,535

"If you want there is a private jet waiting to fly us out to your old school," he reiterated, "Or you, if you prefer."

4/7/2008 #1,536

She blinked once more.

"I'm sorry, my brain isn't processing this...A private jet... Take me -or us- ... Back to my old school?"

4/8/2008 #1,537

"Si," he said, laughing a little. "But if you prefer, we could alway take the regular plane."

4/8/2008 #1,538

"Well, I did already pay for my ticket..." She looked at him, and raised an eyebrow. "What's with this 'we' business?"

4/8/2008 #1,539

"You could always refund your ticket, and I just thought maybe you'd want some willing to carry bags. But if you don't want me to come and want to take your intended flight that's fine too. I just thought maybe you'd also want a chance to adore your kitty on the flight back rather than have it stored with the baggage."

4/8/2008 #1,540

"Yeah, but I don't know if I can still refund my ticket...and my dad will kill me if I spent money that I can't get back."

She leaned over to kiss his cheek. "Not that I don't want you to come, babe, I just think I may get a little distracted having you around...But if you want to come, I can try to get a refund and then we can bum a ride from your friend."

4/8/2008 #1,541

"Cool," he said cheerfully. "We're here." He pulled into the closest parking space he could find from the terminal--you know, somewhere around Y?

4/8/2008 #1,542

"Thank you." Gabi smiled at him and hopped out of the car.

((...We need an Airport thread, lol. Or maybe we should just take them to Out of Town?))

4/8/2008 #1,543

((OOT works. YOu start))

4/8/2008 #1,544
Phoebe Powers

((From Rooftop))

Zach escorted Julia to the dorm and stood by the door waiting for Julia to unlock it.

4/8/2008 #1,545

Julia put her key in the lock and... it was unlocked.

"that's strange I always lock doors." She was 100% certain she locked it. Of course, Robin could have come home or they could have a new roommate.

She eyed the door warily.

4/8/2008 #1,546
Phoebe Powers

Zach looked at her. "Maybe one of your dormmates is here."

4/8/2008 #1,547

Julia nodded and walked in to the dorm. She jumped as she caught sight of the person sitting on the couch.

"Julia, I've been waiting for you to come home." Phillip rose from the chair.

4/8/2008 #1,548
Phoebe Powers

"Oh," Zach said. "It's you."

4/8/2008 #1,549

Phillip sneered at Zach in disgust, moving towards Julia "you brought him home.' he said his voice dangerously low.

He turned to Zach, "you made me bleed on my suit. if you leave right now, i won't press charges."

4/8/2008 #1,550
Phoebe Powers

Zach chuckled. "That the best you can do, Phillip?"

4/8/2008 #1,551

((Ewww, what a pansy...Phillip, not Zach.))

4/8/2008 #1,552

Phillip's eyes widened at Zach's familiar use of his name. He hadn't volunteered it and the only way he would know it was from Julia and he doubted Julia would have said anything about him unless she and the riff raff were...

He ignored Zach and instead narrowed his gaze on Julia moving very close to her.

"You wouldn't sleep with me but you spread your legs for this nobody." He looked at her condescendingly, "You put on that icy act but you are no different from your mother."

4/8/2008 #1,553
Phoebe Powers

Zach growled. "Do not speak about her like that." He grabbed Phillip pulled him back and, for good measure, since the punch at the carnival hadn't been much of anything, punched him in the face, most likely breaking his nose.

"Got enough blood on your suit now?" he asked. "I think the color suits you."

4/8/2008 #1,554

Phillip held his nose "F*** I think you broke my nose. You are a dead man."

He glanced at Julia, "when you get tired of playing games, you know where to find me."

He placed his head up, trying to avoid getting as much blood on his clothes as possible, before storming out of the dorm

4/8/2008 #1,555

He bumped into Robin on her way in. "Ohhh! Sorry!" she cried, then seeing him, burst out, "How did you injure your hunky face?" she cried in dismay.

4/8/2008 #1,556

Julia stood shell shocked. Her stance upright, her chin inched upwards, she stood tall which only made the hint of tears in her eyes more out of place.

4/8/2008 #1,557
Phoebe Powers

Zach looked over at Julia and cupped her chin in his hand. "Hey," he spoke gently. "Are you all right?"

4/8/2008 #1,558

He bumped into Robin on her way in. "Ohhh! Sorry!" she cried, then seeing him, burst out, "How did you injure your hunky face?" she cried in dismay.


Phillip snarled at her. The fact that she could notice his face in the dark meant it was bad. He was going to destroy that lowlife "Get OUt of my way"

4/8/2008 #1,559

Instead, Robin took his arm and litterally dragged him to the kitchen, pushing him down in a chair and wiping his face with a damp rag. "Wow, you have good bicepts. Don't tilt your head back; that makes it worse."

4/8/2008 #1,560
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