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Danielle Thamasa
Serrah may not be allowed to...but she does it anyway.

"And how do you expect to do that?" Jo asked, looking at him before she ate some more of her food.

3/23/2008 #31
We'll have to fix that. Thank you awesome mod powers!!

Matt shrugged. "I'm working on it right now...But I'll figure it out." He poked his tongue out at her.

3/23/2008 #32
Danielle Thamasa
Don't abuse your mod power.

Jo looked at him. "It isn't really polite to stick your tongue out at the dinner table," she commented lightly.

3/23/2008 #33
I don't! I rarely use them anyway!

Matt shrugged. "That's true. But we're in a Japanese restaurant. It could be one of their customs to stick out their tongue to show that they enjoy their food."

3/23/2008 #34
Danielle Thamasa
Good for you. You're a good mod.

Jo shook her head. "I don't think that would be a custom anyone would have."

3/23/2008 #35
Yes...Yes, I know. Tee hee!

Matt shrugged, "Yeah. But it makes a convincing enough argument, doesn't it?"

3/23/2008 #36
Danielle Thamasa
Jo shook her head. "Maybe to someone else it would. To me, it wasn't all that convincing."
3/23/2008 #37
"Thats because I never got to finish!" He exclaimed quietly, before taking a bite of his shrimp tempura.
3/23/2008 #38
Danielle Thamasa
Jo rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say, Matt. Whatever you say."
3/23/2008 #39
He was tempted to stick his tongue out at her once more, but he nodded his head instead, before continuing to eat.
3/23/2008 #40
Danielle Thamasa
Jo smiled and went back to eating.
3/23/2008 #41
Matt soon finished eating and put down his chopsticks, patiently waiting for Jo to be finished.
3/23/2008 #42
Danielle Thamasa
Jo finished eating a couple minutes later and looked at Matt. "That was really good."
3/23/2008 #43
Matt smiled at her. "I'm glad you liked it...Would you like dessert too?"
3/23/2008 #44
Danielle Thamasa
"Dessert?" she asked. "What kind do they have?"
3/23/2008 #45
Matt shrugged. "I don't know, I've never had any...Ask for the dessert menu."
3/23/2008 #46
Danielle Thamasa
Jo raised an eyebrow. "I should ask?"
3/23/2008 #47
Matt shrugged, before he waved the waiter over. "May we have the dessert menu please?"
3/23/2008 #48
Danielle Thamasa
There you go Matty (That's the only time this author will do that.) On a date, the guy should do the asking for dessert menu, etc., etc.

Jo smiled. "I don't know how much more I can eat though. That meal was very filling."

3/23/2008 #49
It's Matt, goddammit, Matt!

Pfft...If she wants dessert, she can ask for the menu, it won't kill her. (The author is also under this firm belief.)

"You don't have to get anything if you don't want to. Just look and see."

3/23/2008 #50
Danielle Thamasa
Hey, it was a one time only thing.

He suggested dessert first, therefore he should ask.

"We'll just see what they have."

3/23/2008 #51

"Guess so."

The waiter returned with the dessert menu and Matt handed it off to Jo.

3/23/2008 #52
Danielle Thamasa
Jo looked at it for a few moments then handed it to Matt. "I could split something with you if you wanted anything."
3/23/2008 #53
Matt shook his head, "No, it's alright. I'm full."
3/23/2008 #54
Danielle Thamasa
"All right," Jo answered, nodding. "So, are we going back to the dorms or do you have something else in mind?"
3/23/2008 #55
"Do you want to come back to my dorm and just relax for a bit? We could go somewhere else if you would like..."
3/23/2008 #56
Danielle Thamasa
"Your dorm sounds fine," she answered, not ready to end the night just yet.
3/23/2008 #57
He smiled at her, "Okay."

He waved back the waiter and asked for the check.

3/23/2008 #58
Danielle Thamasa
Jo grabbed her purse and started digging around in it. Since she hadn't really been on a date, she thought she had to pay for her food, which of course sometimes happened even when on a date.
3/23/2008 #59
Matt blinked.

"Jo..." He spoke slowly. "What are you doing?"

3/23/2008 #60
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