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Danielle Thamasa
She looked up at him. "Getting out my wallet," she answered.
3/23/2008 #61
He blinked at her once more. "Jo, why would you need your-" He shook his head. "You don't need to get your wallet Jo, I'm paying."
3/23/2008 #62
Danielle Thamasa
"I...uh...are you sure?"
3/23/2008 #63
Matt nodded his head, "Yeah, I'm sure."
3/23/2008 #64
Danielle Thamasa
"Okay," she replied putting her purse down.
3/23/2008 #65
The tab was brought and Matt paid. Once he got his credit card back, he slid it back into his wallet and got up. "Ready?"
3/23/2008 #66
Danielle Thamasa
Jo stood up, looking at Matt. "Yeah, I'm ready."
3/23/2008 #67
He smiled at her and took her hand, leading her out of the restaurant.
3/23/2008 #68
Danielle Thamasa
Jo smiled, happily walking out of the restaurant with Matt.
3/23/2008 #69
((To 43C!!!))
3/23/2008 #70
Danielle Thamasa
((YAY! To 43C))
3/23/2008 #71
Danielle Thamasa

((From 48A))

They all got out of the car and headed into the restaurant.

4/6/2008 #72

Matt wrapped an arm around Jo's waist and tugged her into his side as they waited to be seated.

4/6/2008 #73
Danielle Thamasa

Mitch gave them a look but seeing that Jo was happy he said nothing. "How long have you known my granddaughter?" he asked.

4/6/2008 #74

"Uhm..." Matt thought back. "About 7 months now, I think?"

4/6/2008 #75
Danielle Thamasa

Jo nodded. "Seven months."

"And what are you in school for?" Ellen asked.

4/6/2008 #76

"Music, ma'am."

4/6/2008 #77
Danielle Thamasa

Ellen smiled and nodded. "That's a nice program. Now are you Instrumental or Vocal?"

4/6/2008 #78

"I do both. I play a couple of instruments and I've had some voice training."

4/6/2008 #79
Danielle Thamasa

Ellen nodded. "That's wonderful. We'll have to hear you play sometime."

Mitch looked at Jo. "You still singing?"

Jo smiled. "Yeah...and writing too."


4/6/2008 #80

Matt gave a small smile, "Sure, I would love to."

He grinned at Jo.

"Your granddaughter has an amazing voice."

4/6/2008 #81
Danielle Thamasa

"Lovely," Ellen commented.

Mitch looked at Matt and nodded. "That she does. She's an excellent musician."

4/6/2008 #82

He nodded his head. "I know. She spends a lot of time in the Music Hall when she's not writing."

4/6/2008 #83
Danielle Thamasa

"I won't have to anymore," Jo said. "I have everything I need in my room."

She paused for a few moments then looked at them, wondering if she should tell them about the performance she was going to be doing during the school's next long weekend.

4/6/2008 #84

"That's good. One less place where I have to go to try and find you," Matt smiled at her.

4/6/2008 #85
Danielle Thamasa

"I'm not that hard to find," she countered. "I'm either at the Music Hall, my dorm, the park, Trent's, or the beach."

4/6/2008 #86

"That's quite a few places for me to be walking around," He replied. "Considering they're all in opposite directions of each other."

4/6/2008 #87
Danielle Thamasa

Jo chuckled. "That's why they invented cell phones."

4/6/2008 #88

"I rarely use my cell phone, I don't like having a high bill each month."

4/6/2008 #89
Danielle Thamasa

"Switch to a different cell phone provider," Jo answered.

Then the hostess came and took them to their seats.

4/6/2008 #90
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