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Kylie looked up, trying to hide a smile. Chivalry was always hot. "Fine, I'll cover next time though ok?"

2/25/2009 #1,171

"Are you sure?" he asked with a smirk.

2/25/2009 #1,172

"Well I'd feel bad otherwise."

2/25/2009 #1,173
disused account

u missed my post.

2/25/2009 #1,174

"I don't see why" he said running a hand thrugh his hair.

2/25/2009 #1,175

Kylie shrugged, "Wouldn't you?"


She nodded weakly.

2/25/2009 #1,176
disused account

(I'm bad at small talk can we speec this up? XD

2/25/2009 #1,177

"True" he said with a thoughtful face. "If you put it like that, then you can pay next time. If it makes you not feel bad"

2/25/2009 #1,178

Kylie grinned, "Awesome. So what do you wanna do next? Head back home or go somewhere else?"


Jordan finished eating and put her spoon down, quietly watching Todd.


2/25/2009 #1,179
disused account

"Well that's my life story," he chuckled.

2/25/2009 #1,180

"Does it seem to late to go somewhere else?" he asked.

2/25/2009 #1,181

"Clubbing?" Kylie asked eagerly.


"The story of your life?"

2/25/2009 #1,182
disused account

(I'm acting like he told her just about everything.)

2/25/2009 #1,183

[[Like what?]]

2/25/2009 #1,184
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(What he wanted to do when he grew up, what home is like, his hopes, dreams, blah, blah..)

2/25/2009 #1,185


Jordan smiled, she knew she wasn't anywhere near in love with Todd, but she did like him.

2/25/2009 #1,186
disused account

(How do we fix dat miss jordon? hmm? *pokes*

"What about you?"

2/25/2009 #1,187

He gave a grin. "Correct. You've just won a new sports car" he said standing up.

2/25/2009 #1,188

[[Give her some time thats all I think]]

Jordan shrugged, "Nothing to special. I'm just the middle child of three, both my older and younger sisters were the brains of the family. Me, not so much."


Kylie grinned, "Remi wasn't really the clubbing type so I had to ask first."

2/25/2009 #1,189
disused account

"Not true."

2/25/2009 #1,190

"He didn't seem like it" Stephen muttered . "Shall we go then?"

2/25/2009 #1,191

"How would you know Todd?"


"Yep! Sounds great."

2/25/2009 #1,192
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"Cuz you are very smart, I see that in you. I see lots of good things in u."

2/26/2009 #1,193

[you post first]

2/26/2009 #1,194

"I don't have book smarts," Jordan clarified, "I do average."

2/26/2009 #1,195
disused account

"Oh booksmarts isn't everything. You have great head on your shoulders and really can reach out to people."

2/26/2009 #1,196

Jordan smiled, "You really think so?"

2/26/2009 #1,197
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"Anyone who talks to you for 5 minutes can see that."

2/26/2009 #1,198

Jordan's eyes lit up. She didn't get compliments often, and she could tell that Todd's were very much heartfelt.

2/26/2009 #1,199
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He touched her hand.

2/26/2009 #1,200
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