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Kelina and Liliana
She eeped loudly and pushed him on his back, tickling him. "Nope."
3/21/2007 #361
Kelina and Liliana
brb for a few hours. like 2 hours. please post though)
3/21/2007 #362
Terrance Riverdarb
((I'll be in bed, I actually have to go to school tomorrow and Friday or I may be dropped from my course...damn evil people!!!))

"Hey." He said, holding her arms together. For a moment, he just glanced into her eyes. He couldn't help but think about how he wouldn't be able to stand losing her. And then he remembered what Blake said. What if he was right? "I gotta go." He said, getting up from the couch and speed walking out the door.

3/21/2007 #363
Kelina and Liliana
He held her and gazed into her eyes. She felt her heart do flip flops, feeling that feeling when you care for someone. She was alittle shocked when he bailed. She got up and followed him to the door. "Whats wrong?" She called out to him.
3/21/2007 #364
Terrance Riverdarb
Andy swung and and faked a smile, while walking backwards. "Nothing...I just have something to do--I forgot. See you tomorrow." He lied.
3/21/2007 #365
Kelina and Liliana
She could see through his lie. She grabbed his hand. "Andy, stop lying to me."
3/21/2007 #366
Terrance Riverdarb
Andy stopped. "There's nothing wrong. I just need to think about something. She you tomorrow." He pulled away his hand and turned away, walking down the hall, waving to her as he cut the corner.
3/21/2007 #367
Kelina and Liliana
She frowned when he pulled his hand away. Maybe she had scared him off. She looked down and sniffled, leaving the door open. She sat down on one of the chairs in the main room, curling up in it. (I decided to stay)
3/21/2007 #368
Terrance Riverdarb
((Oh...but I'm going to bed in a couple minutes...))
3/21/2007 #369
Kelina and Liliana
3/21/2007 #370
Kelina and Liliana
She wiped her eyes when she thought about it. She hoped she didn't upset him. She rested her head on her knees and closed her eyes.
3/21/2007 #371
Bailey walked into the room with an eyebrow raised.

She had seen Andy speed walking down the hall and she didn't like the expression he had on his face. It was stressed out and worried.

"Chickee?" She called out as she stepped into the main room. "Are you alright?"

3/21/2007 #372
Kelina and Liliana
She wiped her eyes and looked up. "Oh hey Bailey, I'm ok." She looked down. "Im worried."
3/21/2007 #373
Bailey sat down beside her.

"Yeah, I saw him walking down the hallway. He looked a bit worried."

3/21/2007 #374
Kelina and Liliana
"He's not telling me something. Im so worried." She looked over at Bailey. "What should I do?"
3/21/2007 #375
Bailey sighed.

"I guess everyone's got secrets around here," She answered, staring off into space. "I have a feeling, this is a little more deeper than anything he wants you to get into."

She looked over Kelina. "For now, don't worry about it. Just keep an eye out and try to be supportive."

3/21/2007 #376
Kelina and Liliana
"Don't worry? I care about the guy, its not possible." She sighed.
3/21/2007 #377
"I know you're worried about him." Bailey shrugged. "But unless he tells you, there's nothing you can do."
3/21/2007 #378
Kelina and Liliana
"Yeah, I know. So enough about me, how are you?"
3/21/2007 #379
"Oh,I'm fine," Bailey chirped, taking a bite into her apple. "Just a bit tired from last night is all."

Bailey sighed dramatically. "No good prospects. My love life is dead and my ex won't stop calling me."

3/21/2007 #380
Kelina and Liliana
She pat Bailey's shoulder. "Im sorry. Ya know, I'm kinda hungry. Wanna go crash the kitchen? I seem to remember there is chocolate cheesecake in the fridge." ((Its Saturday night in this rp))
3/21/2007 #381
"Nah, it's fine." Bailey giggled and lifted up her phone. "Here, listen."

She held up her LG Cherry and let the messages play.

"Baby? Baby, it's me, pick up the phone..." BEEP!

"Sweetie? Look, I am so sorry and I love you..." BEEP!

"Would you please pick up your phone? I understand, I've learned my lesson. I promise, I love you, come back-" BEEP.

Bailey smirked. "You'd think he would've got it after the 26th hang up. Let's go get cheesecake!"

3/21/2007 #382
Kelina and Liliana
She cheered. "Cheesecake rules!" She hopped up and headed for the kitchen, debating on if she should gorge herself in cookies as well. XD

(43A's Kitchen. Which pwns all kitchens)

3/21/2007 #383
"Yusssss!!!" Bailey cheered. "I'm going to get fat and enjoy every pound I gain!"
3/21/2007 #384
Bailey stepped into the main room and flopped down on the couch.

Closing her eyes, she curled into a ball.

3/23/2007 #385
Haji came home three hours later, walking somewhat in a limp though one could only tell if they watched him carefully. His hazel eyes avoided the room's surrounding and the person who walked into the room. He quickly walked into his room and unwrapped the cloth he had on his ribcage, blood covered all over the sheet.

He coughed for a moment and walked to the bathroom and spat blood out from his mouth.

3/23/2007 #386
Bailey jolted awake when she heard someone come in.


She stood up and wrinkled her eyebrows.

There was a light coming from the bathroom and cautiously, she walked to it.

"Kelina? Haji?" She slowly opened the door.


3/23/2007 #387
"Bailey?!" He said, his voice hoarse, "its not what it looks like... I'm fine, I swear."
3/23/2007 #388
It's not what it looks like?!" She said incredulously. "Haji you're bleeding!"

Stepping closer, she ran her eyes over his ribs and his face.

"Oh my God...Baby, who did this to you?" She whispered.

3/23/2007 #389
'Haji, you can't always depend on yourself.' Haji remembered Ken always telling him and his eyes used to be so caring.

'I don't need anyone to help...' He would always reply with arrogance, his tone tense and mean. His eyes would become so strangled with anger though his soul would be glad to hear those kind words from him.

Bailey was starting to remind him of Ken, always caring... caring too much. There was no need to worry about him, not now, his parents nor most his family cared so why did a few people choose to care for his existence... heck, even he didn't care anymore about his protection or the love of others so why should anyone else. "Nobody did this..." He shakily spoke. "Besides, why pretend to care or even try when nobody else has ever cared and I can take care of myself."

3/23/2007 #390
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