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Ayane Mcsponge

There's an A, for 43, and B is boring. So now we have Dorm 43 C.


People in dorm:








2/4/2007 . Edited by ScrazyMuffin, 10/9/2008 #1
Ayane Mcsponge
After the bowl-finding episode in the kitchen, Kiah entered her dorm. It was quaint, containing nothing out of the ordinary. It smelt new. Selecting a bed, she put her bags upon it, removing an inscense burner and Jasmine sticks, searching for her lighter. She gave up searching and checked for company, lighting it on her own accord, and making a mental note to buy a new lighter as soon as. She was glad to be alone, if only for a short time, she could gather her feelings, collect her scattered self from wherever it had dismantled itself. Her hair now retied with chop-sticks keeping it in place, she could finally concentrate. The room smelled of home now. Whatever that was. Kiah put her bags under the bed, taking special care with the weighted Keyboard and artistic equipment. She stood, staring at the bed and flopped onto it, legs straight, like a discarded barbie doll that nobody wanted to play with. After a while, she relaxed and removed her rucksack, taking out the various pouches and settling them on the bed, her iPod turned on, playing the most relaxing tunes she could muster, and laying out cards in an automatic manner.
2/4/2007 #2
Catsy wlaked into the dorm, hearing calm music from Kelina's i-pod while she was on her cell-phone speaking softly to whomever she was speaking to and almost worriedly. She had heard that her ex had went to this school but she was sure that they wouldn't see eachother here... and if they did... there wouldn't be any complications. Hopefully... She brashed her long red ear behind her ear and smiled slightly as she smalled the smell of a new dorm and calmly said, "hello... is anybody here?"
2/4/2007 #3
Ayane Mcsponge
Kiah heard footsteps ascending down the corridor. The hairs on her neck pricked up, reflex. She'd been staring at her tarot cards-particulary "the lovers"-for an obscenely long time. By the time she looked up, a girl was in the doorway, asking if there was anyone here. Kiah's initial reaction was to play dumb, be a mute. But realised this wouldn't be the most sociable action and found herself shakily replying. "Erm, Hey, over here..." Her voice broken slightly, it had been a while since she'd really spoken to anyone new.
2/4/2007 #4
Catsy smiled sweetly but stopped upon coming close by Ayane... what was this... she could feel energy coming off form her. Fear was showin in her heart but her face showed none of how of how she felt nor the strangeness that she felt the energy from her dormmate. Luckily, her cat ears didn't stick out upon feeling the energy radiate from teh girl, "Hi, I'm catsy Wildfire, and you are?"
2/4/2007 #5
Ayane Mcsponge
"Oh. Erm, my name is..." 'I have a name right?' "Kiah, my name is Kiah, it's great to meet you, Catsy" She stiffens, staring at Catsy, not sure whether or not to trust her... 'What if she asks about my last name?' Kiah thinks, her mind whirling with thoughts, the what if's taking over, she shudders with cold, and shakes herself calm. "Stop being paranoid" She breathed. "Oh, god, did I just say that out loud? I'm sorry, I, I guess I'm just nervous, y'know new place, new school, all that...So you're staying in this dorm?"
2/4/2007 #6
Catys stifled a laugh at the girl's shyness... she remembered when she was thats shy, not that she was much better now... but the girl reminded her of herself... though that made her suspicious bt it alos comforted her to be around somebody who reminded her of herself. "Don't worry, Kiah-san, I'm sure things will be nice her for you and I... though I'm still trying to convince myself of that." She giggled as she placed her stuff in the closet, making sure to leave half of it for the other girl, "If you want to lose any sort of shyness... just meet my -ex, Ken Sun... he'll force it out of you." She said half smiling, half saddened by her words.
2/4/2007 #7
Ayane Mcsponge
Kiah took a sidways glance at this oddly confident girl. Well, she wasn't normal-confident, but in a way that likened her to an animal, like a cat. Alot of this girl was cat-like, but she had a confidence that was strong without being bigheaded. As if this was something she tried hard at. Maybe this Catsy could be trusted, maybe. She was pretty, and seemed quite happy and bubbly. But that didn't make her a good person. Definatly not. She seemed to be hiding something too, but that didn't matter to Kiah, they were in the same boat there. The name Ken Sun rung a bell, probably one of those guy's she'd met after a few vodkas, she was good at that, getting chatty and flirty after alcohol-it was embarrassing. Kiah heard herself make a noise of disgust and felt her face blush red at the memories. Shaking herself into reality once more she gathered her voice. "Where have I heard that name before? Ken Sun... Where do you come from?"
2/6/2007 #8
Catsy was surprised to hear someone wasn't sure where they heard that name... but didn't care, nonetheless. For many girls, he was the dream guy... perfect-seeming in many instances and very protective of his girlfriends and females whom he was close to. "Hmm... Ken Sun, where have you heard his name, his name seems to be on every commercial... he's a seventeen time grammy winner, two time oscar winner, and the boy happens to go to this school... which is why half the staff's mind has gone crazy and haven't cared where they paired students." Catsy said flatly. Her ciolet colred eyes along with its starnge mixture of colors looked around and wondered about this place and teh strange energy she felt from this girl... she had to be a creature of majic. Catsy looked at her closer and noticed the blush on her face and immediately recognized that face, the embarrased blush. It was her same blush after meeting the flirtacious boy... the same looks most girls got when speaking of him. "You met him, haven't you?"
2/6/2007 #9
Ayane Mcsponge
Famous?!?!?!?! If this was the guy she thought he was, he was a liar. This girl was more intelligant than Kiah had first thought, and she felt embarrassed for assuming otherwise. Words were lost to her, if she said yes and was wrong, she'd seem foolish, or creepy. If she said no then she'd seem a liar. Lying wasn't Kiah's style. She didn't want Catsy to think she liked him either, for what she could remember he was a little too...Pampered for her liking, he hadn't been through enough to know much about her world, either that or he was a bigger liar, and a better actor apparently, than she'd known. Besides, a kiss or two, or was it three? is nothing in this world. Kiah knew that all too well, the physical side of a relationship does not garuntee emotional links, mental connections, or commitment. Realising she'd been thinking for a while, she replied as best she could to Catsy's 'question' "I'm not sure, to be honest..."
2/8/2007 #10
((let's just say that all this happens before Catsy goes to Trent's Club)) Kiah had been thinking for a while, while she was doing that... cfatsy sat on an office chair near the desk by the tv and began to do her own thinking. Catsy smiled. Yes, this girl met him... heck, Ken ay have thought that by not introducing himself as a star, he may have had even more of a chance with her... boy, that boy could be a liar. He was a seducting liar and deep green eyes that lures every girl into wanting him whether he was good for them or not. That boy could never hide his pampared-ness though... that was his life, living the life of a billionaire. he was too rich for his own good and none of his family ever suffered financial loss. However, though, people felt like Ken hadn't went through much in his lifetime, they were completely wrong... he went through every sort fo thing... but hid everythign inside very well. Knowing him, he could be smiling and suffering depression. "All I need to know is if you met a guy with luring green eyes, tanned skin, and flirtacious personality... then we'll know if it's Ken." She laughed, "look him up... you'll see that he is very well-known everywhere, escept Australia, strangely."
2/10/2007 #11
It was official: Darius was lost. He had wandered the school for two hours now, trying to find his dorm (he hadn't considered asking for directions). Heavy metal music was blasting in his ears...until his MP3's battery ran out. He sighed and removed his headphones, allowing them to dangle on his neck; he would have to charge the battery later, when he found his dorm...IF he finds his dorm. After another half-hour of wandering aimlessly, Darius saw a dorm door...43 C. A wave of relief crashed into him. However, before he reached for the doorknob, he heard voices...two female voices. He knew he was going to be sharing a dorm, but he never expected with two girls. Now he was REALLY hoping they didn't ask him about what was under his coat...and what if, after all this time of wandering, he had the wrong dorm? He soon steeled himself and knocked on the door.
2/10/2007 #12
Catsy turned to the knocking of the door, strange, more strange powers coming from the other side of the door. Was this the other dormmate? She walked to the door, looked through the peephole and saw a male standing out there wearing a large coat. A boy? Oh yes, the school wasn't thinking straight with having a celebertity at thier school. Still unsure to open the dorr, she openned it and smiled a friendly smile. "Hello, sir. Are you our new dormmate," she asked, her hand on the locket that she was wearing as she waited for his answer.
2/11/2007 #13
Darius saw a young woman with long red hair looking at him. She had smiled a friendly smile and asked him if he was their new dormmate. He returned her smile with a bright smile of his own. "I guess I am," he replied in his light yet crisp Irish accent as he stepped through the door. "Oh, and no need to call me 'sir'. Call me Darius. And to whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to?"
2/11/2007 #14
Oh, so the male was kind... and Irish... she smiled sweetly once again, "My name is Catsy Wildfire," She said, her french like accent coming out though she spent the last couple of years in Japan. "It's quite nice to meet you, sir, I mean Darius." She laughed, blushing embarrassedly at her calling hi the name he said not to call him. She looked at the clock and decided that it was time for her to go but she'd surely be back to talk to them later. "Excuse moi, I must be going... I'll be back later... maybe, I'll cook dinner."
2/11/2007 #15
Darius noticed Catsy's face turning red, but just smiled. "All right. I'll talk to you then," he said as he allowed Catsy to step by him.
2/11/2007 #16
Kelina and Liliana
She laughed loudly as they burst into the dorm, almost falling over. "Hey everyone!" She called out.
2/11/2007 #17
Catsy quickly turned as she saw the two burst two into the room... were her eyes decieving her, "Haji... you're going to the same the college as Ken?" She asked though she didn't wait to hear the answer. Strange... Haji never usually acted that way, eh was always so... sophisticated. "Hi ma'am... I must be going though." Haji watched Catsy walk away and his expression never changed. "'Ullo everyone... we just wanted to meet our associates."
2/11/2007 #18
Kelina and Liliana
She raised an eyebrow at how stiff Haji was. "Hi, my name is Kelina."
2/11/2007 #19
Ayane Mcsponge
Kiah had been sat, watching this scene unfold. She felt queasy, too much information at one time, and a burst of claustraphobia coming over her the moment she heard more voices. Wondering how many people were in the school, how much of a disaster this was, MIXED dorms?!?!? She'd not had much experirience with men, that she could remember, her friends getting her drunk every night solidly for two months didn't count. If you could call them friends, they were only trying to help, this Kiah knew, but really... There was a wave of fatigue upon her and she felt faint. Gripping hold of reality, she burst out of the dorm and made for the Kitchen...
2/12/2007 #20
"Um. Okay... lets' go... they don't like you very much." Haji said, looking at his watch, "let's go to my cousin's dorm!"
2/15/2007 #21
Kelina and Liliana
wow ive never not been liked." Sighs. "What dorm?"
2/15/2007 #22
Haji thought to himself about what the dorm room was called... "I believed it was... 42A"
2/15/2007 #23
Kelina and Liliana
"okay lets go." She begins to walk to 42 A.
2/15/2007 #24
((I replied in 42A))
2/15/2007 #25
Catsy walked back in the dorm a couple hours later with food all around her, ingredients of all kinds seeming to be as heavy as the world at the moment btu she was not going to ask for help. She stopped for a moment and realized that Kiah wasn't in the room anymore btu Darius, she wondered why... was it the amount of people, the sheer shyness that caused her to leave the dorm for a moment. "Darius, where did Kiah go?" She asked, sympathetically while looking like she was going to fall over from the amount of bags that she got for the dorm. She stopped and realizaton came upon her... it was only him and her in the room now... she hated being alone with guys.
2/15/2007 . Edited 2/15/2007 #26
"Kiah?" he asked, a curious look in his eyes. Then he raised both eyebrows in realization. "Oh, you mean the other girl who shares this dorm? She bolted out of here for some strange reason. I don't know where she went." Then, it came at him like a sledge hammer: it was just him and Catsy in this dorm. He always felt uncomfortable when alone with a girl. He then noticed she was carrying a LOT of bags. "You need any help with those?" he asked kindly.
2/15/2007 . Edited 2/15/2007 #27
Catsy cheeks turned as red as an apple as she replied that she needn't no help but then fell backwards and couldn't get back up form the heaviness. 'Umm, I guess so." She laughed lightly form embarrassment. She pushed the bags off her body and jumped back up to her feet whle putting the groceries up and smiled slightly, "Umm, well, I got stuff for dinner... what do you want to eat?"
2/15/2007 #28
Dorian chuckled softly as he helped out Catsy by taking half of the bags. "Well, whatever you feel like cooking up. I like just about everything...except brussel sprouts. I hate brussel sprouts. But I like trying other people's cooking."
2/15/2007 #29
Catsy smiled a pretty smile and hrriedly went to the other room to go change into some cooking clothing, not wanting to mess up the clothing that she was wearing. She came back in wearing older looking clothing that still fit her well and a thing that said... 'kiss the pweety chwef!' and Tweety Bird in the background. She washed her hands and came into deep though. "Uh what do you think about a seafood dinner or an asian cuisine... I always make big dinners." She said simply while she had finger to chin in thought.
2/16/2007 #30
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