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A large club created by Charlie Christani a year ago. Of course new, has a large bar at the north side, the stage at the west, the dance area at the south and the entrance would be at the east. The club has a large variety of music and can book even the most popular artists. The name of the club is 'Fire and Ice' since Charlie and his girlfriend made it together, and the two were usually described as 'Fire and Ice' thus the name of the club.

The bartender is a good friend of Charlie Christani. His name is Ricky Sprite, a twenty seven year old GOD (by looks). Many girls try to hook up with him as he has very charming looks and personality, but they never get the chance. He is quiet and sensitive.

8/24/2008 . Edited 8/26/2008 #1

Yawning, Rikai walked into the full club that had a large variety of people dancing, and few drinking. On stage was Panic! at the Disco. He ignored the dancing and music and just walked to the bar, asking for a rumcola. He of course had no interest in anything special, so the bartender, Ricky, gave him his drink. Obviously realising Rikai would not answer his questions even if he asked them, he turned to his other costumers.

8/26/2008 #2

"Hi I'm DelAra" said a young woman. "You don't look like your having fun." she said to Rikai. She was dressed in thight jeans and a strapless top. Being new in this whole area she was desprate for some communication or new friends there. She had entered this club alone hoping there would be a nice person there willing to grant her some happy time.

8/28/2008 #3

(Alright, nasimrochester, when you're roleplaying with one character - stick to one thread only, don't RP in multiple threads and if you've switched threads, indicate where you are going please!))

8/28/2008 #4

"Is there something wrong with that?" He asked boringly.

8/28/2008 #5

"Well no, there is not, but I thought maybe you would want some company. You see I'm really alone and had just had a rotten day, but if you preffer to be alone it's ok" she smiled but it did not reach her eyes.

8/28/2008 #6

Rikai shrugged and asked for a stellar artois beer.

"Three." He murmured.

8/28/2008 #7

"Three?" she asked him. "Are you with any one here?" She had thought he was alone but if he was busy... oh well she hoped he would not mind an extra company.

8/28/2008 #8

"No." He replied dully.

8/28/2008 #9

"oh well have you had a bad day, too? Or does the music disturb you?" she didn't know why but unintentionally was trying to get a good time out of this dull evening and wanted to make him enjoy it too.

8/28/2008 #10

((Rikai isn't a guy who necessarily enjoys things...he's raised like that.))

"No, I'm perfectly fine." He answered boringly.

8/28/2008 #11

"Do you want to ... um... dance or just talk or do you wat me to go and mind my own bussuness?" DelAra asked. She was wondering if she was bugging him and should go. 'I hope not, I haven't had a real conversation with a single person today' she thought.

((DelAra likes to please and is sometimes nervous to annoy people especially new ones.))

8/28/2008 #12

Rikai ignored her and began drinking.

8/28/2008 #13

((Rikai is walking on my nerves! ;D))

"hey, did you hear what I said?" she asked good-naturedly

8/28/2008 #14

((THat's his character...))

He looked up.


8/28/2008 #15

"Are you listening to me or am I being a niunsance?" She asked still smiling.

8/28/2008 . Edited 8/28/2008 #16

"Who are you?" He asked, annoyed.

8/28/2008 #17

((Oh she did it, she annoyed him! ;) ))

"I did introduce myself! I'm DelAra, a lonely girl who wants to speak to someone. You haven't told me your name, though!" she said. She was a little hurt but was an expert in hiding that little fact. She had done it a lot and could do it again and again. But it did hurt, all the same.

8/28/2008 #18

"Whatever..." He muttered, ignoring her once again and taking a drink of his beer.

8/28/2008 #19

"What do you mean whatever? What's your name?" She asked, trying to be patient but he was starting to annoy her a bit, too, by his 'I don't give a damn attitude'.

((hey I have to go. It's nearly 1 am here and my mum is bugging me to go to bed. But I'll be more than happy to continue tomorrow. Is it alright with you?))

8/28/2008 #20

((No prob.))

He ignored her again and finished his beer.

"Why do you need to know?" Rikai asked.

8/28/2008 #21

She stared at him. If he had just told her to leave and mind her own bussiness she would have but now she was determined to get him to talk to her. She didn't even know why.

"I don't need to know but I would be glad to know to whom I'm talking."

8/28/2008 #22

"Well he doesn't really give a damn what you want." He muttered emotionless.

8/29/2008 #23

"Why?" she asked. This guy was rude and she'll be damned before leaving him without either teaching him a lesson or annoy him to no end! she thought to herself.

8/29/2008 #24

"Because he doesn't!" He snapped at her angrily. Rikai glared at her, left money for the bartender and immediately left. "Damn her!"

8/29/2008 #25

(( at first I thought it's a mistake but you did it again! Does he refer to himself as third person?))

"Pscho!" she muttered once he had left. "I wonder how these nasty people make friends, or perhaps they don't!" With that she looked around the club to see if there is any other choice than going back home.

8/29/2008 #26

((He refers in third person because he thinks that Rikai is another person who doesn't bother talking to them.))

((To whatever Dorm))

8/29/2008 #27

Is 'whatever' a dorm or did you just get rid of me? :)

8/29/2008 #28

((No, Rikai is just leaving in search of a dorm.))

8/29/2008 #29

((From the Mall))

Cupid flies into the club, waiting for Blair.

8/31/2008 #30
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