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Kelina and Liliana
As Sapphire helped Liliana down the hallway, Liliana giggled. She wasn't much of a helpful drunk. She poked Sapphire in the butt one time and then when they finally made it into Liliana's room, she wiggled. She didn't want to walk, she was starting to feel slightly sick.
3/16/2007 #211
Enigmatic Night
"Detour," She said, leading Liliana away from her room but into the bathroom. She almost laughed at the girl's antics, however it wouldn't be funny if she threw up on her. As Liliana began to squirm in Saph's grasp she tightened her hold, "No... you will not be throwing up around here... the smell is putrid."
3/16/2007 #212
Kelina and Liliana
She allowed Sapphire to bring her. When they made it to the bathroom, she sat on the floor, hugging the porcelin toilet and resting her head on the side of the seat. "You have a pretty eyeball." She said to Sapphire, right before she barfed in the bowl she was covetting at the moment.
3/16/2007 #213
Enigmatic Night
"Thanks." She said wryly at Liliana's comment. Sapphire brushed her hair out of her face as Liliana threw up what looked to be the days contents of her stomach. As the heaving turned dry, Sapphire pulled her back from the toilet bowl. Producing a wet cloth she placed it on Liliana's forehead. "How's that?" She asked quietly.
3/16/2007 . Edited 3/16/2007 #214
Kelina and Liliana
She was still drunk as a skunk as Sapphire pulled her back up. She closed her eyes when the bathroom started to spin. The wet cloth helped alittle. "Can I die now?" She said, somewhat coherent, resting her head on Sapphire's shoulder.
3/16/2007 #215
Enigmatic Night
"Maybe later." She replied. "Come on, the best thing to do is to sleep it off." She guided Liliana to her room, letting the drunken girl lean on her as she opened Lil's door she was relieved to find that no one was getting busy in the room.
3/16/2007 #216
Kelina and Liliana
When Sapphire helped Liliana into her room, Liliana collapsed in a heap on her bed. She laid on her stomach and her feet dangling off the side of bed. She still had on her normal clothes but that wasn't a big deal.
3/16/2007 #217
Enigmatic Night
Saph shook her shoulder, receiving a groan in response Sapphire gathered that it wouldn't be long before she was comepletely out. Throwing a blanket over her she made her way towards the door, not bothering to turn on the lights. Casting a look at the sleeping girl, she turned the lock on the door from the inside. There were a lot of guys that wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of a hot drunken sleeping chick. She stuck her head in once more, just to make sure that there was no one else in the room.
3/16/2007 #218
Kelina and Liliana
No sooner when Sapphire left, did she pass out. Her garbage can was next to her bed which was a great thing.
3/16/2007 #219
Enigmatic Night
'Well that was a mission.' She thought as she made her way back into the party. Grabbing a drink she decided that it was time to dance, grabbing the nearest guy she began dancing a little raunchily, not really caring if he had come with another girl.
3/16/2007 #220
Kelina and Liliana
((Ok since the party was my idea, I decided. Everyone, just finish the thought you were going for then its gonna be the next morning.))
3/16/2007 #221
The Ferrett
"I think it's time to go now," Quinn says some time later.
3/16/2007 #222
Haji walked in, feeling the tension that had thicken through the room. Electricity and fire seemed to spark through the room as glares threw daggers across the room. Ken's green eyes showed the same great power that it always shown, the power of will and of purity yet so much than that. "You heard me b*t*h!" Hikaru yelled out, pointing his finger at Ken, his light brown eyes seeming to shoot fire at Ken as if by staring he could kill him. Haji's anger flared up within his heart though his face didn't show of his emotions. Ken tensed. This was a party full of "normals", he didn't need to start anything that he couldn't control especially after the fight he had just had earlier. He clenched his fist as his biceps tightened, he could easily knock the smaller boy out without a second of thinking bt his mind seemed to go out of control. "Calm down, Ken." Haji voiced while coming from behind Ken, holding his fist in his hand. "There is a much, much more reasonable way to handle this--" He smiled, his hazel eyes seeming to find some enjoyment, finally. "Yeah-- don't want to get beat up in front of your girl and boyfriend..." Hikaru laughed and then found himself stopping, unexpectedly... with a punch to his gut... from the one and only Haji. Haji smiled calmly and roughly picked the boy up and put him on the couch. Haji laughed slightly, "I said there was a more reasonable way to handle it... I never said I'll do the more reasonable way."
3/17/2007 #223
After much persuasion, Catsy found herself walking into the part with Trent and seeing the much happened drama that had unfolded. "Haji..." She whispered and then saw him give her an innocent smile as if he had done nothing. "Uh.... Hi, who is this?" He said, finally able to get the shock of seeing her and her seeing what had just happened out of his head.
3/17/2007 #224
Enigmatic Night
"Soon..." Kara said, as the fight broke out.. "But I want to hang out just a little longer." Pulling Quinn towards the drinks table she grabbed two drinks and handed one to him. "Let's watch out for more action..drama baby!" She laughed, her green eyes dancing. *** Trent stood beside Catsy, regarding the place a little wearily, there was obvious trouble. Smiling at the guy who spoke to Catsy, he extended his arm, "Trent, and you are?" He asked chramingly. He spotted quite a few people he knew, and quite a few customers... he wondered how many would be dragging themselves into the cafe tomorrow. Judging by the rate people were drinking, he 'guesstimated' that there would be quite a few. *** Sapphire stopped dancing with the guy in time to see a flash of familiar blond hair, Trent? Since when does he act his age? He never parties. The guy was attempting to kiss his way across her neck when she stepped away, "Your girlfriend is showing." She laughed as the girl standing next to them lunged at her, sidestepping her easily she made her way to Trent who was standing beside a petite red-head. Flicking her dark hair, she wrapped an arm around Trent's neck. "Fancy meeting you here." She said loudly, her sultry voice teasing. She smiled at the beautiful people around, wondering what sort of reactions she could pull.
3/17/2007 . Edited 3/17/2007 #225
Haji looked at Sapphire for a moment after seeing her reaction of seeing Trent in a good glance to try to figure something about the two without any hints being given. He looked at both thier faces... there was no such lust in thier eyes or desires uforbidden in thier soul, there was a similarity to one another by features... obviously, they were family and she was acting like Mis'o'chi and like her, to see the reactions from people around around her, more than likely trying to get Catsy to react. Haji smirked, if she desired Catsy to react in a jealous way... she had another thing coming... that girl held the best mask one could find, it was unpenetrable. Catsy's strangely colored eyes showed none of the fire of a potentially jealous rather a rainbow of mixed emotions and joy. " 'Bonjour Sapphire, Catsy said looking at the young beauty, "your cousin told me all about you... nice to meet you in person."
3/17/2007 #226
Enigmatic Night
Sapphire laughed, the sound sweet yet bitter at the same time. "Did he now?" She smirked. "What are you doing at a party Trent? Finally beginning to act your age?" She smirked, flashing the hazel-eyed male infront of them a sexy smile before Trent answered. "Sapphire when did you get here?" Trent asked, not bothering to question Catsy's statement, he'd ask her about it later. "More importantly.. what are you doing here?" He regarded his younger cousin with a look of concern, Saph was his blood...true...but she was also trouble. "Awww.. aren't you glad to see me?" She pouted, her bottom lip jutting out sensually. For the first time she noticed that Angela wasn't around... odd. That girl had left home to be with him, where was she? "More importantly, where is Angela..?" She was about to say something completely awful, but judging by the way Trent's arm was around the red-head, Saph decided against it.. turning to her she smiled, "Who is this exquisite little creature that you failed to inform me of?" Retracting herself from Trent, she stood regarding the other girl, with her hand poised on her hip.
3/17/2007 . Edited 3/17/2007 #227
Terrance Riverdarb
Andy slipped out of the bathroom and buckled his pants, bumping into two separate walls as he made his way back to the main room, laughing stupidly each time. He was surprised to see the new rush of people inside. There were hot blondes everywhere. He glanced around for a familiar face, and found only Sapphire talking to a guy who had his arm around some redhead. Not his usual sober self, he grabbed a another drink and decided to intrude. He walked over her andplaced his arm on her shoulder, whispering "Hello" in her ears.
3/17/2007 . Edited 3/17/2007 #228
Kelina and Liliana
((And this sucks. Ok hell. Kelina is coming in.)) Kelina stepped into the party and looked around. People were acting crazy and doing stupid stuff. She wore a mini skirt and a tank top. She headed over to the bar before she saw Andy, the guy who had come into her dorm. But then again, he was hanging over some girl. Oh well. She looked around for some other guy, looking for anything. ((Oh and do I have a big sign that says "Dont interact with me"? Or something?))
3/17/2007 . Edited 3/17/2007 #229
Ayane Mcsponge
((OOC-Ack! I go away for a day & everything happens! Lets just say Kiah was mingling silently this whole time...)) Kiah watched all the drunks and beautiful women mingle and drink. People insisting they were sober, tipsy or 'just a bit merry' Kiah wasn't the sort to drink, not anymore. She didn't know anybody here, except for Bailey and Haji and they'd disappeared, Kiah felt like she didn't belong. Everyone was laughing, having fun and there she was, in a corner, alone. sighing, she put an empty plastic cup on the table next to her and headed for the door.
3/17/2007 #230
After Haji had beat her to hitting the guy and set him on the couch she leaned over and gave him a punch to the jaw sending him into unconiousness. "Come on Ken, lets go back to our dorm." she said taking a hold on his hand liking the way their hands fit perfectly together.
3/17/2007 #231
Kelina and Liliana
She checked out the party scene before being bored. She took a shot of hard lemonade and went to find Bailey.
3/17/2007 #232
Enigmatic Night
Before Trent could answer her question Sapphire felt an arm on her shoulder, and a "Hello" whispered into her ear. About to unkindly dismiss whoever it was, she turned... coming face to face with what appeared to be a slightly drunk Andy. "Hello yourself." She acknowledged, wondering what he wanted. Oddly enough she didn't shake him off knowing that it was probably another one of his games. *** Trent's amber eyes widened slightly at the newcomer, he didn't want to say anything, because he didn't want to jump to any conclusions, so decided to just observe. "Sapphire, you're forgetting introductions yourself." He said curtly, it was unusual for him to sound clipped, but he wanted to know what she was playing at. Making it a point to warn, whoever it was, later. He set his gaze on Sapphire an unamused expression playing at his face making the green in his eyes stand out.
3/17/2007 #233
Terrance Riverdarb
"Sapphire, you're forgetting introductions yourself." "What's he talking about?" Andy asked in a drawl, but before she could anser, he stuck a finger out at the guy who asked. "You look funny." He giggled stupidly, and then drew his face close to Sapphire's, the tips of their noses touching, and lingered for a couple seconds. "Later." He turned and walked off, eyes dead set on one of those hot blondes.
3/17/2007 #234
Enigmatic Night
Sapphire laughed as Andy sauntered off, "He said you look funny, cuz." She watched him walk off towards a group of blondes that had showed up... any other girl would have been pissed, Saph was merely amused. Her eyes widened with morbid pleasure as she recognised one of the blondes... "Trent... correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that Angela?" She said, pointing out the blonde, blue-eyed beauty in the red dress. "Hide me." Trent said, his face a mix of horror and annoyance. God when will he be free of her? He thought. His mind turned to the dark haired guy, he was drunk... but it was obvious he knew the 'Game' as Saph put it, which meant no caution needed to be issued. "I can do one better than that... Angela and I have a lot to catch up on. Because you won't explain to me, I reckon she will." She spun on her heel, but not before casting Catsy one last glance, "Nice to meet you." She purred before she too walked towards the group of blondes. "Sapphire!" Trent called out, but Saph wiggled her fingers in the air, her hips swaying side to side with the music. She wanted to know what happened, when they left town the two were inseperable. ((Won't be replying till after work))
3/17/2007 #235
Bailey was currently feeling a bit lost. She thought she had seen Haji and Kiah but now she wasn't sure. Weaving through the crowds, she growled as one drunk tried to grope her. "Move it before I put a shot up your a**," She hissed at him. 'Damn, freaking annoying no good excuses for men who can't even hold their freaking liqour! Gawd, you'd think it was some tough stuff or something..." She continued ranting in her mind until she bumped into a blonde in a red dress. "Oh, my bad!" She started to apologize. ((Bailey stirs trouble, yay or nay? XP))
3/17/2007 #236
Kelina and Liliana
Her boredom was cured when she saw Andy was free. She rolled her eyes when she saw him move over to any chick he could find. She had no idea what it was about her which repelled men. She hung by the drinks table, looking around for an available guy.
3/17/2007 #237
((Meh...Nay for now XD)) As Bailey apologized to the blonde in red, she looked over to the table where the drinks were. "Oh!" Bailey grinned when she saw Kelina. "Uhm, yeah. Sorry, chickee, BYEEE!" Bailey darted through the crowds quickly to go talk to her friend. Hell, she could do with another drink anyway. "Hey there, chickee, how's it?" She greeted her.
3/17/2007 #238
Kelina and Liliana
Kelina looked annoyed when Bailey approached her. "Its fine I guess. Im thinking of blowing this party. Seems kinda lame." She was quite annoyed. She picked up a big bottle of beer and downed a good portion of it.
3/17/2007 #239
"It was pretty cute before all the randoms came," Bailey shrugged and picked up a beer for herself. "Did you just get here?"
3/17/2007 #240
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