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Enigmatic Night
A Five Star restaurant that you have to call like Two Month's in advance in order to get a reservation. Very pricey, the best Italian Cuisine for miles.

The Owner is a middle aged Italian Man who likes to serve beautiful or bello people... he and his wife met in a resaurant similar to the one he now owns.

Very romantic man... believes in love and happiness.

So expect the royal treatment if you're on a date.

4/1/2007 #1
Enigmatic Night
Trent held the door open for Catsy, Kari and Kipp, before walking over to the receptionist who greeted him warmly, he stood with an arm casually placed on CAtsy's lower back. Kipp stood with KAri behind them, casting little looks to the side at KAri, his cheeks tinged a little pink.

"Tsk tsk, Mr Daniels you know you have to make a reservation." The girl said with a smile, knowing full well that Calegro would let them in anyway. Despite seeing his date, she couldn't help but take visual advantage of him anyway. Subtley she looked him up and down, it's not fair... nobody told me he was officially dating again!

"Come on Anna, a table for four." Trent said a charming smile softening his face.

"It's packed tonight Trent." She said disappointedly, however as she was about to say something else a balding olive skinned man dressed in an armani suit with the sleeves rolled up for fear of ruining his cuffs, came rushing out.

"Trent! Dove sei stato in questi giorni?" He asked excitedly, "Long time no see my boy!" He clasped the younger man's hand before patting him on the back.

"I've been around Mr Gio-" Trent began a grin on his face.

"Calegro, son, that's my name.." HE trailed off catching sight of Catsy, "Well who is this lovely lady?" He asked, his brown eyes shining.

4/3/2007 #2
Catsy blushed embarrassedly at the compliment, "Oh my... aren;t you one with words," she laughed, looking at Trent then at the male, "My name is Catsy." she extended her hand to shake his with a bright smile, "I work for him."

Kari looked at Catsy, who did she think she was fooling... didn't she realize wat it meant when a guy had thier hand that low... it meant ownership, that girl is mine, no one else can have them. She was not just an employee as she had spoken of, speaking of employee.... she looked at Kipp whom seemed a bit calmer than he was earlier but still nervous. He kept on rambling on about whatever he caught sight of to try and start a conversation... she giggled, he was so nervous he couldn't make sense of things.

Her forest green eyes glinted with enjoyment... he was veyr entertaining and she didn't find people to be that most of the time. She heard of the owner here, she smiled. "Its so great that everyone here is in love..." She remarked, not meaning half of anything she said, "only a place as wonderful as this could allow everyone's love and romance to grow and flourish and maybe cause people to actually marry." She spoke whilst speaking in Italian.

She hoped the man would pay attention to her words and instantly, she reacher for Kipp's hand and spoke in english again, "Right, Kipp?"

4/5/2007 #3
Enigmatic Night
Trent was a little thrown by Catsy's words. Then by Kari's, he smiled at her fluent italian. Was the girl a prodigee or something?

He turned back to Calegro to see what he thought about the girl's use of the language but found him staring at Catsy.

"Surely you jest? My dear..." Calegro knew attraction when he saw and felt it, right now it was radiating from these two. But what is the slight hesitation they hold, surely Trent was no longer seeing the blonde-haired she-devil who was never happy with her orders...Or maybe it was this Catsy's trepidation, but what may the beautiful one's troubles be? Calegro thought sadly, his jolly face hiding his concern.

Oh, please don't push her. Trent thought, letting his arm casually fall to his side, he smiled as charmingly as he normally would.

"She isn't jerking your chain Calegro. She really does work at the Cafe." Trent said cheerfully, masking his confusion. "Now how's about a seat? And where's that beautiful wife of yours?" The best way to distract Calegro was to get him started on Callisto. He chatted about his wife the whole time he showed them to their seats.

Her hand felt warm in the confines of his, Kipp grinned like an idiot. He had no idea what Kari had just been saying, but he'd agree with her if she asked him to jump off the bridge right now. "Yeah, totally."

As he followed Trent's example of pulling out the chair for his female companion he blushed a deep scarlet as Kari's arm brushed against his again. 'Pull yourself together! You're acting as if this is your first ever date!' Kipp thought to himself.

4/5/2007 #4
Kari smiled serenely as she looked over at Catsy and frowned inwardly at her friend. "Trent, will you excuse Catsy and I, we have to talk and brushen up, please?" She asked, once again, speaking in Italian then looking at Catsy with an obvious distaste at the moment for the older girl.

"Kipp, I'll be back..." The glamour girl got up from her seat, grabbed Catsy by her arm gently while tugging her along to come with her to the bathroom. "Catsy, we definitely have to talk... about you and your love life... speaking of Trent and your ex." She whispered while making it seem as if she said a joke to her by giggling and adding in stuff like 'Wasn't that crazy...' to keep any suspiscion from being raised and was good at doing it.

Catsy looked at her disappointedly and went on with the act until they got to the bathroom. You'd be surprised how far the bathroom was in that place!

4/5/2007 #5
Enigmatic Night
Kipp watched the girls leave with a mix of awe and utter happiness on his face. He turned to Trent.

"Trent... have you ever been in love?" He asked, his boyish voice eager.

Trent looked at Kipp with a sad smile, "Sure kid."

"Oh right, touchy subject. Sorry." Kipp watched Trent admiringly, since he started working at the cafe he sort of looked up to him, who wouldn't want to be like him? He'd rebelled aainst his family, and yet he was still wealthy enough to do as he pleased. If Kipp tried to rebel against his dad, he'd have no roof over his head.

"It's ok Kipp, how are you coping?" Trent asked politely.

"That's why I asked, I think I'm in love." Kipp said honestly, earning him a bark of laughter from the blond italian.

"Kipp, you're.." chuckle chuckle, " might want to give it a bit of time before calling it love." His advice was sound, but what did he know? He heard that Trent had been heartbroken so badly that he- Kipp didn't finish his thought automatically hating himself for thinking it.

"I guess so." He said a wry smile on his face. They waited for the waiter, talking about nothing important.

4/5/2007 #6
"Catsy, why the heck would you say that to that guy about Trent?" Kari yelled out though it was quietly spoken.

"Say what?" Catsy responded, pretending not know what she was speaking about, believing that it was easier that way. She knew she shouldn't have said what she said but... a part of her was afraid to speak the truth, a part of her that she thought that she was over had come upon her soul once again.

Kari looked at her, her glamour leaving her with the sudden rough look she was giving, a look that didn't fit her well. She was always so sophisticated but for some reason, this made her have a sudden change... she couldn't stand Catsy lying. She cared for him deeply that Kari knew well, otherwise she wouldn't have went on the date with Trent or anywhere for that matter. "You're not still in love with Ken, are you?" She asked, sympathetically. "He's not Ken, honey."

He's not Ken, thats what Kari said as if what she said made any difference. She looked in the mirror, finding every imperfection or every reason that she hated being who she was as she had done so many time. Catsy frowned, "I know that." She said quietly.

"Then why--- allow what Ken did to hurt you so bad?"

Ken had hurt her, no, no, he had scarred her. She had never cared about anyone until he came along; she loved him... that was true, and whether she still felt that way... well, she wasn't sure. She wasn't acting that way because of him... no, not her! He would not affect the way she lved her life, no.. she was not going to allow him to be the reason for any of her actions. "It never hurted me because I never loved him... I care for Trent but I don't want some hidden past love to come between me and him and again I'll be left in the rain, crying..." She mumbled.

Kari looked at her and hugged her, "Catsy, you can't assume he'll leave you like Ken did... give him a chance, please so that we could back in the restaurant."

Catsy nodded while looking back in the mirror, hating what she saw as she had always hated it. "Let's go..." She heard Kari say while fixing Cat's hair and then washing her hands and walking out the bathroom.


"Hiya Trent and Kipp!" Kari said while walking over to them.

4/5/2007 #7
Enigmatic Night
Trent smiled warmingly, "Hey, thought you guys got lost." His amber eyes met Catsy's briefly, remembering what Kipp had asked him before he looked away. Standing up to pull out her chair he sighed as he thought about Kipp's innocent questions. A flash of blonde hair, a pair of blue eyes, he shook his head disgustedly.

Love, it was an interesting concept. One that always left the weak in the dust, he had vowed never to fall for a pretty face again... but then again it was partly his fault.. what had happened. Shaking himself out of the daze he sat back down next to Catsy.

He wasn't going to question her about what she'd said, wasn't going to intrude or anything because if she didn't like him that way, then he'd have to deal. Maybe he'd been receiving mixed signals, perhaps it would be best for the cafe. (It wouldn't be the first time he put the cafe's interets ahead of his own)

He wasn't the type of guy to push anyone into something they weren't sure they wanted, nor was he the type of guy to mope about it either.

Keeping his his infamous smile plastered on to his face he looked around the table.

"I don't about you guys, but I'm pretty hungry."

4/5/2007 #8
Catsy looked at Trent and thought about what Kari had said; she was right, he was nothing like Ken. She smiled softly and made sure to make sure that her emotion be known to everyone and mostly to him about him. She sat next to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek ad wrapping her arms around his shoulders and then whispered into his ears, "Sorry about what I hadn't said earlier..." Her eyes showed deep passion as she looked at him, "Even if I don't say it, you should know I care deeply for you."

"I'm hungry, too." The green eyed girl called out innocently as she looked over to Kipp, "You?"

4/5/2007 #9
Enigmatic Night
He felt her lips against his cheek and her arms around his shoulders. Could girls be anymore confusing?

Turning his head he met her gaze, forgetting for a second that they weren't alone, "You don't have to pretend Cat." He whispered kindly. "I don't mind being your boytoy." He grinned at her, letting her know that he was joking.

Kissing her cheek gently, he looked up at the waiter who waited patiently for their orders.

Kipp looked at Kari, "I'm hungry if you are."

"I'll have whatever the chef recommends." Trent said cheerfully. Looking over at Kari he grinned, somehow knowing the younger girl was somewhat responsible for Catsy's sudden display of affection. "Should I thank you? Or pretend to be oblivious?" He asked in italian.

4/5/2007 #10
Kari smiled innocently and spoke as if she had no clue to what he was speaking of, "Thank me for what... pretend nothing ever happened... it was simply making Catsy see clearly." The green eyed genius responded in Italian, looking at Kipp every once in-a-while to make him think she was speaking about him.

Catsy was still blushing from Trent's joke, too busy to notice or listen to thier conversation. Kari smiled at the waiter and said, "What do you recommend for small girls like me... who want to keep thier small figure without not eating?" She joked.

4/5/2007 #11
Enigmatic Night
"Luigi. I'll be attending to these customer's personally. You can move on to the Don's." Calegro came rushing forward, his face beaming. 'Dammit, there goes flirting with hot customer's' the waiter thought as he moved on to the old couple beside them.

"Order what you may, us italian's love our womem happy and plump, over skinny and crabby any day. Right my boy?!" Calegro smiled conspiratorially, before a dark haired woman about his age walked over. Despite her age, she was still very much a beauty, or at least yu could tell she would have been a knock-out in her younger days. Her curvaceous body moved languidly, despite having bore six healthy children.

"Calegro, what are you doing out.. Trent!" She hurried over to pinch Trent's cheeks. "Oh, you grow more handsome everyday. Mmmm... oh what is this? Are you on a date?" Trent sighed, maybe The Waterfront was a bad idea. At this rate they were never going to get any peace.

"Uh.. well.." Trent glanced around, Kipp was busy blushing at Kari's words that weren't meant for him.

"Oh I'm so excited! It's about time you had some fun, I haven't seen you around since..." She trailed off catching sight of Catsy, "Hello 'what will you all be having?" She quickly changed the subject, her italian accent pleasantly adapting.

"Callisto, I was.." Calegro smiled at his wife's stare. "Of course dear, I'll be over there." He walked away muttering about who wore the pants and whatnot in italian.

Trent had to hold back his laughter, it was good to see that they were very much in love, no matter what the trials... they were still together. Made him think of his own parents, his mood darkened ever so slightly, before trying to mask it with a smile.

"You know what? I know what I'll get you, oh but first anyone vegetarian?" Callisto asked.

4/6/2007 #12
"I can become one if its good and it'll keep my figure." Kari yelled out to Catsy's annoyance.

"Kari, please, stop yelling out... that is not classy." Catsy said softly, looking at her menu, "unless, of course, Kipp, the great and wonderful Kipp, happened to be a vegetarian." Kari pouted from Catsy's reproof from the other side of the table.

Kari pointed at Kipp, "I'll get whatever he's going to get." She smiled dimly.

catsy had forgotten that the young woman had asked of what she would be having and smiled, "Oh I'll have... umm, what do you suggest?"

4/6/2007 #13
Enigmatic Night
Callisto laughed warmingly, "Piccolino, you don't need to try to keep your figure. You're young, your figure comes naturally." Turning to Catsy she thought a while, "Suggestions.. us italians love lamb. Lamb Chops Calabrian Style? Costolette alla Calabrese.. delish. We did this all backwards. Happens whenever Trent comes in. Oh... we must catch up soon.. " She bumped the palm of her hand on her forehead chastisingly. Handing them menus she laughed, "I'll come back with something, complimantary of the chef."

Calegro came back with drinks, "Since Callisto has taken charge of your food I get to serve your drinks. Sono stato degradato, in my own restaurant." He mumbled with a smile. Earning him the evil eye from his wife.

"Um I'll have whatever you just said," Kipp said, not looking at the menu. "Kari, you don't have to have lamb chops if you don't want it." He said quickly, incase she stuck to her word and didn't really want lamb chops.

Trent laughed, "I don't think I'll be coming back again if you guys keep going out of your way for me Zia Cally."

"It's our pleaure nipote." As Callisto turned to listen to Kari,

Trent used the opporunity to lean towards Catsy, "Hey, you ok?" He whispered into her ear, completely intoxicated with her presence.

4/6/2007 . Edited 4/9/2007 #14
The Ferrett
Quinn and Kara walk into the resteraunt on a resonably slow day. He walks up to the ((head dude, ok so I'm not big with resteraunts)) and talks to him. A few minutes later they are being led to a table.

"So did I do well?"

4/6/2007 #15
Enigmatic Night
Kara laughed, "I think the receptionist dude that you spoke to was gay." She whispered, her green eyes sparkling playfully. The green dress hugged her figure snuggly, complimenting her curves.

Sitting down on the chair being held out for she grinned. "Hehe, but I can see why he'd hit on you. If I weren't completely secure in myself I'd be worried."

4/6/2007 #16
The Ferrett
((That is so not funny.))

"Why do we always get into these conversations? I love you, and I love how we bounce. Now lets just enjoy this."

4/6/2007 #17
Enigmatic Night
((Au contraire, it was indeed 'chuckle-worthy'.))

"Love is a funny thing." She replied, "Because it's so easy to get lost..." She trailed off before smiling innocently, "What conversations are you talking about?"

4/7/2007 #18
The Ferrett
"the ones where some guy is checking me out."
4/8/2007 #19
Enigmatic Night
"But you're cute when you become indignant. How can I resist?"
4/9/2007 #20
"I'll get it." She frowned, "I don't need to stay that small... I guess I can get some-"

"Meat on your bones?' Catsy said thoughtlessly, "yeah, you might need some meat!" Catsy laughed, enjoying her little comment, making Kari feel annoyed and ready to knock her friend out. "Oh and I want your spagetti with extra sauce," She said, remembering that Italians typically didn't put a lot of sauce on thier food though it costs more to add more thier special sauce to thier food.

Catsy smiled sweetly, looking into his eyes with ecstacy, "I'm perfect... as long as I'm with you."

4/9/2007 #21
Enigmatic Night
Trent leaned closer, his lips almost touching hers when Kipp spilled his drink on himself and a little on Kari.

"Oh my god so sorry!" Trent moved back, to look at the raddish looking Kipp. Letting out a small chuckle he handed Kipp and Kari some serviettes.

Kipp's face was beetroot red as he tried to dab at KAri's lap, hoping she wasn't angry.

"I'll tell my wife.." Calegro said cheerfully before walking off to find Callisto. Sending over waiters with more napkins, "Table six, the brown haired boy, very clumsy.. just make sure they're happy."

4/9/2007 #22
"It's okay! It's okay!" Kari exclaimed, her facial features still very calm and her eyes showing she wasn't mad at all. though Catsy made it worse by laughing to herself in the background, losing all the classiness she ver had. "Kipp, don't be so embarrassed, everybody makes mistakes..." She said, trying to calm him then spilling more on herself.

Catsy had to laugh some more at the two.

4/9/2007 #23
Enigmatic Night
Trent chuckled some more, he looked sideways at Catsy, liking how the laughter softened her features.

"Ok, do you two wanna go clean up or something?" Trent asked kindly, knowing that Kipp would look like he wet himself.

It was hillarious, but he tried to keep his laughing to a minimum, Kipp so wanted the date with Kari to go well.. Trent knew that his laughing would ensure the kid's nervousness to multiply and his self esteem to diminish.

4/9/2007 #24
"Be quiet Catsy... its not funny." Kari said sternly but then thought about the situation and giggled, herself. "I mean, its not that funny." She corrected herself, her cheeks red.

Catsy laughed had been quiet been when Kari said that, there came an outburst of laughter from her, "You two are soo cute!"

4/9/2007 #25
Enigmatic Night
Kipp smiled a flushed smile, his boyish good looks making him appear as naive as he was.

"Yeah I think I need to go wash up or something, the grape juice is uh getting sticky." He stood up, and looked at Kari, "Do you need to go to the bathroom? I mean the girl's not the guy's cuz.. I mean you're not a guy. You're too pretty, I mean.. you're a girl." He finished lamely.

Trent sent him a look of encouragement, come on kid the girl likes ya. Or at least she appeared to.

4/9/2007 #26
"Im too pretty?" She said, acknowledging him, questioning his words. "Yes, I do need to go but I don't think it'll do no good seeing what color it is."
4/9/2007 #27
Enigmatic Night
"Come on, you can where my jacket.." He took the dark blue jacket that hung from the back of his chair and and handed it to her. For the first time that night he did something boldly, he extended out his arm without being prompted to. "I'll even walk you to the bathroom so that no one can kidnap you." He said innocently. "I meant.. I didn't mean it in a bad way.. I.." He looked from Trent to Catsy embarrassedly, how do you muck up this badly on a date?
4/9/2007 #28
The Ferrett
He smiles then kisses her. "Easily."
4/9/2007 #29
Enigmatic Night
Pulling away she smirked, "Wanna see resistance?" She leaned closer again, her lips not quite touching his before pulling away again. Poking her tongue out at him she turned to the waiter. Before he could say anything she smiled, "Pasta. Whatever fancy name you have for it, just pasta for me." The waiter smiled, disappointed that she was here on a date.

The waiter turned to Quinn, "Signore?"

4/9/2007 #30
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