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It's a very nice kitchen. XD It comes with all the basic necessities. A fridge with food, drinks, a dishwasher, plates and a table.

((Forgot to add this in!)

4/23/2007 #1
Enigmatic Night
Deacon made a bee-line for the kitchen. Grabbing the bottle of Jack Daniels, the nice flight attendant had slipped him, and some ice he sat at the table.

As he poured himself long shots he almost laughed, "So much for never wallowing in self pity again." He murmured before taking two shots in a row. He grabbed out his wallet where he kept a the last ever picture of them all together, before Kara left. Kara was wearing his shirt because they'd thrown her in Mac's pool fully clothed. She'd shooed off all of their girlfriends saying that they were *her* boys.. and they could stand on the side while *she* got a picture with her 'boys'. The girls hated her. Right now... he felt like HE hated her.

'I bet Serena thinks I'm a real jack*ss' He thought to himself, not bothering with the shot glass as his aim became affected by the alcohol, he took a swig. He continued to drink in the dark, by himself.

4/28/2007 #2
A light switched on.

"Deacon? Deacon, what in the hell are you doing?"

Richie stood at the door, looking shocked at his dormmate.

He and Serena had come back to the dorm and had decided to watch movies to wind down.

Serena was picking out a movie, (absentmindedly, Richie had noticed, but he didn't ask what she was thinking about) so Richie went to go grab snacks to chow on.

Any thoughts of a movie had been wiped out of Richie's mind when he took in Deacon's bloodshot eyes.

He was drunk.

4/28/2007 . Edited 4/28/2007 #3
Enigmatic Night
Deaacon's eyes had to adjust to the lighting, he blinked at Richie... his eyes narrowing before a bright feverish smile replaced his scowl.

"I'm re-aquainting myself with a REAL old friend, Richie (which sounded a bit more like Rishie) meet Jack. Jack? Rishie." He took another swig of the half empty bottle. A laugh, if you could call it that, escaped his throat; the sound emitted was harsh, cold and bone-chilling.

"Now can you turn the light back off, while I talk to Jack..?" Deacon was a sociable drunk at parties or when having a good time, but when he drank by himself (which was usually to numb a feeling that god forbid he feel, because Deacon was too "solid" to have feelings other than lust and pride... the author being sarcastic here) he was bitter and sarcastic.

However his brain was a bit sloshed by now and his tongue loose, "You know.. I once loved her in more than a sister way.." He was talking more to himself, "but what do I know about love? I'm supposed to only care about a girl in the sack.." The rest was incoherent.. he smiled blankly at the other guy, trying not to think about Richie's sister.

"You're a good guy, man... I'm really shorry about, shtuff."

4/28/2007 #4
Richie's eyes widened. So he WAS right about Deacon having old feelings for Kara.

Well this complicated things a bit.

Deacon continued to rant something incoherent and Richie frowned.

'Damn this bitter drunk,' He wanted to wring his neck and tell him there were worse things in the world.

But he took a deep breath and spoke up.

"Man, you are drunk out of your mind." He stretched his hand out. "Give me the bottle. Right now."

4/28/2007 . Edited 4/28/2007 #5
Enigmatic Night
"I don't think I want to part with Jack right now... we are TALKING." Deacon muttered. Thoughts of Kara things unsaid and undone were replaced by guilt...

"I bought him the alcohol you know.. cuz the legal drinking age back home is 18.. none of this 21 bullsh*t. So he drank and he cried and when he wen tto sleep I didn't think much of it.. because I WAS supervising him.. but he didn't wake up.. and he'd.."

Deacon's drunk mind slipped as he choked on his words, "he'd vomitted and it got stuck in his throat, he'd nearly as- as.." he thought about what the doctor had said.. his inebriated mind taking it's time to come to the word, "asphyxiated to death."

He took another swig, "So I don't want to remember sitting by his bedside as he blamed Kara for something I could have prevented." He raised the bottle in salutation to Richie.

4/28/2007 #6
Richie's eyes widened. He...He was talking about Tiny, he supposed.

Poor kid. He was blaming himself for an accident.

"Deacon, you-you didn't know," Richie tried to comfort him. "It's not your fault- but...look, just give me the bottle."

Argh, that's it, he was going to get Serena. He was no good at comforting people in this situation.

"SERENA!" He hollered out of the kitchen.


Serena sat up when she heard her name being called.

Richie yelled her name again and she stood up, heading towards the kitchen, where Richie was still in the doorway.

"What? Richie, what's wrong?" She asked worriedly.

"It's Deacon..." He muttered. "He's drunk out of his mind and he's not giving up the bottle. He's talking about...their friend Tiny."

Serena quickly pushed aside Richie, and stepped into the kitchen.

"Deacon?" Her wide eyes stared at him. "What are you DOING?"

Richie watched his sister approach the drunken male cautiously. He kept his guard, he didn't know what would happen, if Deacon got pissed off.

4/28/2007 . Edited 4/28/2007 #7
Enigmatic Night
Deacon covered his ears as Richie yelled out for Serena. "Ow.."

Right about now he wasn't too fond of loud noises, then... "Deacon? What are you DOING?" He winced, that was LOUD.

"I'm sitting at a table." He smiled dazedly at Serena, wow she's really pretty.. he thought... he cocked his head to the side, and angry looking.

4/28/2007 #8
"Deacon, give me that bottle RIGHT NOW." Serena ordered, sticking her hand out. "This isn't going to help you!"

Her eyebrows furrowed and she bit her lip in concentration as she stared him down.

Richie winced at his sister's tone and willed for Deacon to just hand over the Jack Daniels.

4/28/2007 #9
Enigmatic Night
"Why?" He asked innocently.

He looked from Serena to the bottle, from the bottle to Serena. "Can't I just finish my conversation with him?"

4/28/2007 #10
"Give it to me right now!" She shrilled at him, her eyes darkening.

Richie winced again.

"Deacon, please, just put down the bottle," Richie tried to reason with him. "This isn't going to solve anything."

4/28/2007 . Edited 4/28/2007 #11
Enigmatic Night
Deacon put the bottle down, "See? Wanna see me pick it up?" His eyes were feverish, his head cluttered... the alcohol was the only thing that cleared it.
4/28/2007 #12
"No," Richie and Serena said together.

She took another step forward.

"Come on, let us take you back to the dorm," She had softened once he had put down the bottle and she got a better look at his bloodshot eyes.

She placed her hand over his.

"Please, Deacon, you're scaring me." She whispered.

4/28/2007 #13
Enigmatic Night
He looked down at her hand over his. "I don't want to scare you." He responded. "But... I don't want to feel anything right now..." He blinked, "Jack's the only one that can help me."

He looked up at Richie, then to Serena before him, "You guys are great... a bloke like me doesn't deserve mates like yous."

4/28/2007 #14
"Deacon..." Serena gripped onto his hand. "Please, I'm begging you, just come. I WANT you to come with ME."

Her blue eyes clashed against his.

Richie discreetly walked up and took the Jack Daniels away from the table and poured the rest of it down the sink. He chose to stay silent to what Serena had said, knowing she was just trying to help.

4/28/2007 #15
Enigmatic Night
He tried to stare her down, but the intensity won him over. "Alright, alright.." He went to grab the bottle to hand it over, but it was empty. Thinking he'd finished it before they could take it from him, he smiled. "You can HAVE it." He stood up unsteadily.

"I don't know why you guys care, I nearly killed someone." He muttered, discarding Richie's earlier words of it being an accident. It was what everyone said to him, didn't take the guilt away.

4/28/2007 #16
Serena breathed a sigh of relief.

"Richie, help me get him back to the room."

She wrapped one arm around his waist and Richie went to the other side to throw Deacon's arm over his shoulder and they helped him to walk back to the dorm.

"I don't know why you guys care, I nearly killed someone."

"No, you didn't, it was an accident," Richie insisted again as he tried to keep Deacon steady.

4/28/2007 #17
Enigmatic Night
"Whatever." He muttered bitterly. "If I were to tell Kara I was there while Tiny was choking in his sleep, she'd kill me." He wrapped an arm around Serena, not knowing that he was squeezing her a little too tightly.

His other arm over Richie's shoulder, "Rishie's..." he smiled at him. "You're a funny guy."

4/28/2007 . Edited 4/28/2007 #18
((continued in 44B))
4/28/2007 #19
Serena skipped into the kitchen with a grin on her face.

"They are so cute!" She squealed. "So clueless, but she needs to come back more! Isn't she adorable Deacon? Perfect for my baby brother."

She jumped up onto the counter and grinned happily at Deacon.

"Richie needs a girl," She said informatively.

4/30/2007 #20
Enigmatic Night
"Hmmm. You know I was enjoying watching her squirm before you made me leave. It was hilarious." He mused to himself, "Richie's obliviousness was kinda funny too."

He looked over at her on the counter, as he leaned on the fridge, "You aren't going to force anything on them are you?" He asked with his eyebrow raised inquisitively.

4/30/2007 #21
"Oh, you're evil," she teased. "No, I'm not going to force anything onto them...I still need to assess this girl and see if I like her."

Then she mockingly purred at him, "Besides...I only force myself on you, dear."

She giggled before hopping down from the counter and turning to the cupboards. She wasn't joking when she said she was going to cook. Her stomach was crying out "FEEED ME!" and if she didn't eat soon, she was not going to be a happy girl.

4/30/2007 #22
Enigmatic Night
"Aren't you just the predator." He mused, as he opened the fridge to get out something to eat.

"She seemed a little.. deer-like behind the glasses.. her eyes were huge as we walked out." He walked over to grab himself a bowl, "I think she was a little scared.. and you left her alone with the big bad Richie. I'm evil aye?"

4/30/2007 #23
"Well, he was screaming at me last time she saw us," Serena replied sardonically as she pulled out a bag of flour, a bowl and a spoon, setting them on the table. "I would be surprised if she wasn't a bit nervous."

She bent down to search through the bottom cupboards before pulling out a pan and setting it on top of the stove.

"And yes, you are evil. You've put a spell on me to make me lust for you!" She stuck her tongue out at him and grinned before sticking her head in the cupboards again.

4/30/2007 . Edited 4/30/2007 #24
Enigmatic Night
"Lust I can do... spells? Too perplexing for me." He walked past with his bowl pausing to tickle her.

"If anyone's a spellcaster it's you.. you're a temptress.. a seductress..." He growled as he attacked her sides with his hands.

4/30/2007 #25
Serena squealed with laughter.

"I am no spellcaster!" She protested, throwing her head back in laughter. " How am I a seduct-gah! No!*giggles* Let-me-Agh-stop!"

She weakly pushed at his hands, "Dea-*more laughter*con, stop!"

4/30/2007 #26
Enigmatic Night
"Hmm I don't think so.. unless you call me extremely irresistibly sexy." He smirked as he continued to tickle her.
4/30/2007 #27
"Stop-tickling me...and I'll say-any-thing!" Serena wheezed, her sides hurting from the tickling abuse she was enduring.
4/30/2007 #28
Enigmatic Night
"Say it.." He drawled, close to her ear. "Muahahahahahahaha" He grinned, as she squirmed.
4/30/2007 #29
"Deacon is-*choked laughter*-ex-tremely-haha,irresistibly-*squeals*sexy!" She squirmed some more and smacked at his hands. "Enough! Hahaha, owww..ha ha!" She giggled weakly.
4/30/2007 #30
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