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Danielle Thamasa
"J***," she commented. Then she lifted her head and bit his neck, but not with enough force to break the skin.
10/24/2007 #301
"Woah!" he cried, jerking back and looking at her, a little shocked. Then he grinned. "Kinky."
10/24/2007 #302
Danielle Thamasa
"Oh, come on. You don't expect me to just lie down and give up, do you? I'll fight back as long as I can," she stated. "Don't think that bite means anything other than an attempt to get you off of me." Then again, she really didn't mind being in this position, especially since she had already decided to skip her classes anyway. Why would an expert hunter want to go to an archery class or a biology class?
10/24/2007 #303
He raised his eyebrows; he could think of a few other ways to keep her mouth occupied, but only one that would not get him shot. He rolled off her. "So...breakfast?"
10/24/2007 #304
Danielle Thamasa
"Yeah," she grumbled. "Just as soon as I crack my back into place. It really doesn't feel good to have guns shoved into the lower lumbar region."
10/24/2007 #305
He paused, wondering if she had intended for that to sound as dirty as it did. Shaking his head, grinning slightly, he headed into the adjoining bathroom.
10/24/2007 #306
Danielle Thamasa
Natalie watched him walk into the bathroom and shook her head. He infuriated her but at the same time she was enjoying it. After he closed the door, she looked behind her to make sure there wasn't anything on the floor and gracefully bent back into a backbend, managing to succeed in cracking her back.
10/24/2007 . Edited 10/24/2007 #307
Tyler came out a few minutes later, squeaky clean and minty freash. He crossed his arms, watching her pull herself into knots. Okay, she could do THAT and her ex wanted to kill her. Freakin insanity. "Ready, Bendy Girl?"
10/24/2007 #308
Danielle Thamasa
She smiled then pushed off the ground with her feet so she was performing a handstand. Then she shoved off the ground and twisted around so she landed on her feet. "Sure, let's go."
10/24/2007 #309
"Where to?" he asked, gazing down in surprise at her guns, then slightly below her guns. "Hope no one decides to frisk you."
10/24/2007 #310
Danielle Thamasa
"They could try but I don't think they would get very far," she replied. "We can go anywhere, a cafe, to the store and buy our own food, or to the always available school cafeteria."
10/24/2007 #311
He wrinkled his nose at the last. "Why don't we just grab some egg sandwitches or something and have a picnic?" he asked, only half joking. He wanted desparetly to be OUTSIDE!
10/24/2007 #312
Danielle Thamasa
"Okay," she responded. "I like it, where to outside?"
10/24/2007 #313
"Dunno...not in a tree; too high. Let's just walk around, shall we?"
10/24/2007 #314
Danielle Thamasa
"Let's go then."
10/24/2007 #315
(i am not actaully here mind you.. i just wish to continue my RPING :[ )

* a text message or phone call will be sent to the p-erson that wishes to engage it in this dorm, as someone is asking for help with an unconcios guy in the Forest.

10/26/2007 #316
((Wait what? Are you staying in this dorm? Buddy, I kinda need you to tell me so I can write you up. Please and thanks.))
10/26/2007 #317
[Lol. Serrah can pick it up if you'd like!!! She'd be crazy enough to go try and help!]
10/26/2007 #318
((im trying to introduce myself into the dorm.... had no other idea how to do it while still keeping the continuity of a story*))
10/26/2007 #319
((Just have him haul his stuff in like everybody else did. Read a few of the first-page posts if you want examples.))
10/26/2007 #320
((hes kinda stranded in the woods right now :X))
10/26/2007 #321
((Have him follow Natalie back...if she'll let him. Maybe you can offer to carry the "crow" for her XD ))
10/26/2007 #322
((wherever that person be))
10/26/2007 #323
((To which person are you alluding?))
10/26/2007 #324
Danielle Thamasa
Natalie led Krodan to dorm 48A. "All right, here's your dorm. If you need anything just ask someone." Then she turned, carrying Fala back to dorm 44B.

((cont. in 44B))

10/27/2007 #325
Krodan walked into the dorm complex, and looked around. Basic. 4-5 people seemed to live around this one,...

He sat for a moment wondering as to where to put his things (his bagm his only possession), as he was always shy, he jsut never wanted to admit some weakness like that... he didnt want to get yelled at or caught in a confrontation....

he sat down on hte first random chaiur he found.

"what to do what to do " he thought....

10/27/2007 #326
Rae sighed in relief as she finally made it home. Riley had woken up during the ride home and was--of course--now wide awake.


10/27/2007 #327
Serrah had just finished dressing when she heard movement outside. Missing shoes with her hair still hanging around her shoulders, she peeked out her doorway and noticed, first, a man just sitting in a chair and a woman just entering with her child. Serrah smiled and addressed them both at the same time.

"Hello." she said simply, coming more fully out of her room.

10/28/2007 #328
Rae smiled tiredly and Riley bounced up and down, smiling widely.
10/28/2007 #329
"I'm Serrah." she introduced herself, looking to the woman and the baby.
10/28/2007 #330
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