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Danielle Thamasa
She smirked. "Most likely."
10/14/2007 #61
"Cheers to that." Tyler frowned suddenly. "I didn't, ah, try to hurt you while I was drugged, did I? I'm only half lycan, but I can still...My matabolism is usually too high for things to affect me long, but...did I do anything?"
10/14/2007 #62
Danielle Thamasa
"Nothing that did anything but give me an adrenaline rush." She chuckled. "I don't mind it when weres launch themselves at me; I'm fast enough to avoid them...though I do have to admit; you are pretty fast."
10/14/2007 #63
He groaned, hiding his face in his hands. "Sorry. I should have better discipline than that." Of course, it could have been the fact that she was an attractive supernatural female and he hadn't been trying to HURT her...His face turned slightly red. Maybe he should have stayed in the territory for another year...
10/14/2007 #64
Danielle Thamasa
"You didn't hurt me. Don't worry about it. Besides, I'm a fast healer," she responded quickly, noticing that his face was turning red.
10/14/2007 #65
"Good to know," he said, his voice slightly muffled by his hands.
10/14/2007 #66
Danielle Thamasa
"Hey, you alright?" she asked, looking at him.
10/14/2007 #67
His hands flopped to his sides, his face only slightly pink. "Peachy," he glanced at her and looked away quickly. "It's just embarassing to loose control, even if it was drug induced."
10/14/2007 #68
Danielle Thamasa
"Everyone does it. It's nothing to be embarrassed about."

((You have a lot of spelling really are the worst English major

10/14/2007 #69
((Bite me--it's late and I have a headache. I'm about ready to call it a night, how about you?))

He glared at her out of the corner of his eye. "Can you easily kill people in fox form?"

10/14/2007 #70
Danielle Thamasa
"Depends on the person and how ticked I am. Why?"

((Just about ready. I do have a 9am class, you know))

10/14/2007 #71
"It was kinda redundant. If I loose control I could kill just about anybody and not even know it when I wake up. I kinda doubt that would happen to you."

((Okay, let's call it a night))

10/14/2007 #72
Danielle Thamasa
"Not really. I've been privately training myself my whole life. I love my fox form more than my human one."

((Okay, see you in a few))

10/14/2007 #73
He gazed upward again as he said softly, "I was born in my other form."
10/15/2007 #74
Danielle Thamasa
"Well, that's interesting."
10/15/2007 #75
"So how did you keep from being discovered all those years?"
10/15/2007 #76
Danielle Thamasa
"By working alone and constantly looking over my shoulder."
10/15/2007 #77
"Sounds irritating," he commented. "Hope all this drama doesn't mean I have to start that."
10/15/2007 #78
Danielle Thamasa
"You shouldn't have to. I mean, no one knows anything about you...and I'm going to make sure it stays that way."
10/15/2007 #79
Startled, Tyler looks back over at her, rolling to face her better and see if she realy ment that. "Thanks."
10/15/2007 #80
Danielle Thamasa
"What was that look for?" she asked. "And, you're welcome."
10/15/2007 #81
Smiling, he just shakes his head, looking away from her. Figures this would happen to him.
10/15/2007 #82
Danielle Thamasa
"What?" she asked, looking at him.
10/15/2007 #83
"It's nothing," he says.
10/15/2007 #84
Danielle Thamasa
"Yeah, right. Come on Callaghan, just talk to me. Please."

She looked over in his direction, her light gray eyes piercing through him.

10/15/2007 #85
"Blah blah, blee blee blue...yak yak, talk talk," he says, thinking.
10/15/2007 #86
Danielle Thamasa
"Seriously, just tell me. I'm really not in the mood for games right now."

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to force the memories flooding her brain back so she didn't have to think about them. It was the past; it was over. She needed to put it behind her and move on.

10/15/2007 #87
"Just... things never go smooth, you know?"
10/15/2007 #88
Danielle Thamasa
She sighed. "That's just the way life is."
10/15/2007 #89
"Kinda sucks," he replied, reaching up and fiddling with a feather hanging off one of his dreamcatchers.
10/15/2007 #90
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