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Danielle Thamasa
"Yeah, you can say that again," she answered, turning away from him. Despite attempting to push the thoughts to the back of her mind, she couldn't stop thinking about why she was the way she was...and why she was going to protect Tyler from the Hunters of the Academy.
10/15/2007 #91
He threw a stray bead at the back of her head. "Cheer up; life sucks! Be happy!"
10/15/2007 #92
Danielle Thamasa
She growled and picked up the bead, throwing it back at him. "Why should I be happy if life sucks? You know practically nothing about me. You don't know what my life has been like or what I've gone through. It's hard to cheer up when I think of everything I've been through."
10/15/2007 #93
His smile didn't waver. "But isn't nice to think that somewhere, someone is having a shittier time of it than you are?" He was teasing her; she was too menencoly.

((Yes, I know my spelling sucks roomie. You can smother me in my sleep tonight if it bugs you too much.))

10/15/2007 #94
Danielle Thamasa
"No, it's not. Life shouldn't be this painful, so full of loss," she stated.

((No...I won't smother you. I kinda like having you around...Oh, by the way, I'm over halfway finished with my paper))

10/15/2007 #95
"Why not? With people mucking around trying to ruin it for everyone else to further their own ends? Loss makes us appreciate the few good times we have...and seek them out. Unless you're one of those people who love pain; then I guess you got it made."

((Mosle tov))

10/15/2007 #96
Danielle Thamasa
She said nothing in response. She couldn't stop thinking about Lex and how he had looked when he found himself the target of her guns.
10/15/2007 #97
((Sleepy, coming back. Added myself to a Fantasy RP, tell you about it later))
10/15/2007 #98
Serrah gave up waiting, frowning as she saw Tylers door was now shut. He must have purposefully snuck past. She shrugged and went into her room- This is why I'm nasty, people just don't like me so I'm horrid to them in return, she reasoned with herself. She turned on her stereo, blaring it loud and stripped off her sweaty clothes, going into the shower. She smiled as she could hear the music through the half-closed door and hoped it was disturbing her rude room mates.
10/16/2007 #99
Danielle Thamasa
Natalie looked at Tyler, all the while trying to hold in the memories and feelings that were being pushed to the surface. "I think your dorm mate is a little upset with us. Did you think she wasn't going to notice that we snuck in here?"
10/16/2007 . Edited 10/16/2007 #100
Phoebe Powers
Jo unlocked the door to her dorm room and slowly walked in, unsure of what it would be like here. She was still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that she was leaving her grandparents home. She carried her backpack and her other bags in the room and began looking for a empty space to put her stuff. She found a room and began making her bed, all the while wondering what her dorm mates would be like and what would happen here at college.
10/16/2007 #101
Finally switching off the blaring music, Serrah got dressed... again and unpacked her laptop. She put it on her desk, booting it up and signing on. She pouted as she found she had no emails from home or any of her friedns then shut it down again, too itchy to be moving to sit at a computer.

She stood up and stretched and went out into the common room. Apparently another dorm mate had moved in. Biting her lip, Serrah knocked on the door, hoping someone nice would answer... though she knew her chances were slim.

10/16/2007 #102
Phoebe Powers
Jo heard a knock on the door and quickly threw the rest of her things into the closet. Then she walked over to the door and opened it to find a girl standing there. Jo assumed that she was one of her new dorm mates.
10/16/2007 #103
"Hi, I'm Serrah." she said with a smile, "I fugred I'd come over and welcome you here seeing as we'll be dorm mates and all." she said, shoving her hands into her pockets a little uncertainly. Trying this whole 'being nice all the time'-thing was... strange.
10/16/2007 #104
Phoebe Powers
"Thanks. I'm Joelle...but you can just call me Jo." She turned and walked away from the door. "Would you like to come in?"
10/16/2007 #105
Serrah shrugged,

"Sure." she replied, stepping into the other girl's room, "So, where are you from, Jo?" she asked to start a conversation.

10/16/2007 #106
Phoebe Powers
"Ohio," Jo answered. "You?"
10/16/2007 #107
[Sorry, my internet connection is alittle screwy so I might drop out randomly. Lol.]

"Originally Ireland though I just moved here from Sydney australia." she said smiling, thinking once again how quirky her background was; An Irish cross Italian Australian. Very odd.

10/16/2007 #108
Phoebe Powers
((It's all good. I understand completely))

"Wow. Well, that would explain your accent. So, do you know any of the other dorm mates?"

10/16/2007 #109
Serrah grinned, shrugging,

"It is a bit wierd but you'll get used to it... or it'll change again." she said, regarding her accent, "So far I've met Tyler, who's hiding in his room now but there's another couple of people- one is in their room, who i haven't met yet and I think the other is still out."

10/16/2007 #110
Phoebe Powers
Jo tried to hide her shock but failed. "We're living with a guy?" she asked, now unsure about being here.
10/16/2007 #111
"... yeah. Why? Is... something wrong?" she asked, worried for the other girl.
10/16/2007 #112
Phoebe Powers
"I...uh...I just didn't think that the dorms would be co-ed." How could she explain her past and how she felt about men? Then again, maybe Serrah could be a confidant, someone she could trust.
10/16/2007 #113
"Oh, it's all right, Jo" Serrah said with a kind smile, "If he tries anything on you I'll kick his a**, okay?" she promised, grinning, "Are you sure you're okay, though?"
10/16/2007 #114
Phoebe Powers
"It's just I haven't had the greatest experiences with men. I'll get over it...eventually, or at least I hope I will."
10/16/2007 #115
"Oh... I'm sorry." Serrah said uncertainly, "For whatever happened, I'm sorry." she repeated, "You know... any time you want to talk..." she shrugged, "I've got an open ear if you need it." she offered.
10/16/2007 #116
Phoebe Powers
"Thanks. happened a long time ago. My father...uh...he died when I was eight."
10/16/2007 #117
"Oh, I'm sorry. That must have been hard for you."
10/16/2007 #118
Phoebe Powers
"Actually it wasn't. What was hard was when my mom was charged with murdering him." Jo took a deep breath and looked at Serrah. "He wasn't a good man. He liked to torture my mom and beat her up."

She shuddered as she thought of the night before his death. "Right before he died he snuck into my bedroom and locked my door so my mom couldn't get in. She killed him to protect me."

10/16/2007 #119
Serrah's eyes were wide as she listened then, oddly for her, she walked over and gave the other girl a hug... just because she looked like she needed it.

"I'm so sorry, Jo." she said softly, stepping back. "I can't believe someone would do that to their daughter, not to mention your mother."

10/16/2007 #120
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